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Gpillai 2011-12-03 19:19:26



I have been training my 3year old girl to identify the basic colours (jus 4 colours - red, blue, green and yellow) I have doing it almost for one month still shes not getting it. I go for work and has only little to spend with her but my mother is a retired KG trained teacher shes also training but still my kid is not telling us or when asked to pick the specified colour is not doing.

Can any one help in any other method in teaching (currently we are using big coloured beads and wooden blocks to tell the colour)?

she has got good memory + i dont think she has got colour blindness bcoz i am teaching only 4 basic colours

Thanks and Regards

ramya83 2011-12-03 21:26:29


Even i had the same problem with my daughter. She was even able to say shapes but unable to tell 4 basic colours. Then i gave her water colours and chart. it can be messy but actually it worked. draw big pictures related to the 4 basic colours(apple or strawberry for red, sun, mango,banana for yellow, leaf for green and fish tank for blue). first they may colour wrongly. u make take her to fruit shop to teach her colours. after 2 months she had a great improvement. now she is able to tell all the colours.

(this method worked for me and it doesnt mean its the only way u can teach since each child is different and take their own time to learn)


Pari25 2011-12-03 22:56:41



This is the age when children are introduced to colours and  different children pick it up at different paces (as mentioned by ramya83 also). Don't worry too much about it. Sometimes, children would know the colours but may not say it when you ask them to.

I suggest you give this lesson a break for some days. Put the beads and blocks away. After some days,try playing this fun game with your child. Collect different objects of the colours red, yellow, blue and green and place them on a table. Then sit in one place, close your eyes and ask your child to bring you an object of the colour that you ask for from the table. Tell your child enthusiastically, "Could you bring me something that is red in colour?" If she gets the correct object, show your excitement for having got the colour of your choice and say thank you. In case she gets the wrong one, don't make it a big deal. Casually correct her saying, " This is yellow. Could you bring me a red object?" You can also reverse roles after a while. Let her sit in one place and ask you to get objects of particular colours. Playing this game will ensure that she has fun while learning about colours indirectly :) Make sure it remains a game that is fun to play.  Some children will resist learning if they realise they are being tested. 

When direct teaching does not work, we will have to get innovative! So, try this out and also think of other interesting approaches that would suit your child. All the best. 


Gpillai 2011-12-04 00:31:18


hi Ramya,

thanks for the idea i am trying cryons and asking her to shade certain fruits and vegetables shes not interested in that too.

anyway as Pari said let me give her a break and start after a month :-)

Thanks once again








Gpillai 2011-12-04 00:53:37


Hi Pari,

Already i am teaching it like a game only i am asking her to pick blue if its correct i will clap and i will ask her to tell a colour i will pick that colour when its again her turn shes not seeing that bead and jus tell some colour and smile at me - first i thought shes making fun of me but now i think shes not interest or as u said didnt like the way of testing it.

Bcoz usually she replies to her grandparents and father to anything and doesnt reply to my questions/talk (think she treats me as her playmate) one way its good other way i find difficult to control her - anger and adamantness and mischiefs (infront of others shes very quite and shy but actually shes very adamant and stabborn) she loves pet if u come to my house she wont even come near u if u say u have a dog in ur house thats all the next moment she will talk to u as if she knows u for ages . even in school her teacher says shes very silent and obeys the instruction. when playing alone she teachs her doll all rhymes and stories taught in school and by her grandma.

shes now in Pre KG i am trying to put her in some good CBSE school next year and they may ask about colours and shapes in interview thats why i started to teach her and got bit worried too

anyway i will take ur suggestion let me give a break for this.

Thank you so much for ur detailed reply


Pari25 2011-12-04 10:40:34


 HI Gpillai,

You are welcome :)

Don't worry. Just like adults, children are all different by nature. Some are quiet, some talkative, some flexible, some adamant and so on. Often, they adapt and open up with time. In the meantime, we as adults can always see what works best for the child and work with her accordingly- for academic, social as well as emotional development.  So, if one approach does not work, don't give up, keep trying something new all the time and you will do great. 

I understand that you are worried about the school interview, but when we look at the larger picture of life, this interview is just one milestone in her life.In all probability, she will do well in the interview :)  So, just keep doing the best for your child in all spheres of development, keeping her overall success in mind, and that will be more than enough. Cheers :) 


mizzs 2011-12-04 17:24:05



Your child is only 3...identification of colors is an emerging skill at this age. Besides, she has her entire childhood set aside for direct instruction..why start so young?


Swati83 2011-12-26 10:30:13



Try to teach her colors in day to day activities. Such as ask her in which color glass u want milk, which color choclate u want,(GEMS) , wat's color of ur T -shirt today , wat's color of your doll's dress.

Same method is applicable with shapes also. I have used ata to teach my son,  I have planned in such a way that for 1 Day I have make a circle from ata and told him that its circle shape, and then next 1 week explained him wat all other things are in circle shape such as SUN, Moon,Bowl , his boll.

Me too is working so doesnt get much time , but  whenevr I spend time in kitchin, i try to teach him different things such what I m preparing today, pickup onlion from there, pick RED TOMATO from fridge. This way he learn the colors and veg both at a time.

This method worked for me, I hope it works for u also.


Gpillai 2011-12-26 10:59:05


thanks for the idea swati,

she has not problem in identifying objects and now shapes also ok

only with colours she is not telling (that too i hope she knows) but

bit adamant to tell the same especially when i ask.

as recommendated by other friends i have stopped asking colours for quite some time and lets see after some days :-)


spsbhardwaj 2011-12-26 22:20:05


 hi Gipillai,

i would like to share my experience wid u .when i ws trying to teach colors to my sonhe did nt show any interest for 3-4 days.then i bought him a button board where he hs to color d pics by using diff,colors. he did this activity daily for 20 days during this time i did nt try to teach him d colors after this he started identifying all d basic colors n after 10 days he started me telling d names of colors also.u can try this  or give some time to ur kid....



 Former member 2012-02-22 16:59:19



teaching her color in this way will be more effective for red say red apple.for blue say blue sky.for yellow say yellow banana.for green say green guava or green leaf.then later go for asking her to  tell which coloris this with all other things like balls,chairs,cups,dress . if you have a red dress .the dresscolor is red this till she identifies for few weeks or days then later stop telling apple or banana  say red 'yellow for those colors. surely she will catch it.



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