Need your tips: Copying from board & In Attention Issue

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AmmuBlr 2011-07-25 08:30:13


 Dear All,

My daughter is 9+ yrs old , studying in 4th class. She is a on CBSE curriculum, usually A grader. She undmerstands concepts well and her congnitive skills are above average. She has shown signs of inattention since 3 yrs, loosing her belonings and note completing her notes in the school & many of her work completed by my help.

  • One issue creeping bigger is her not completing her notes. The teacher says during the tests she writes really fast. 
  • She looses stuff in school, even i do not find her note book before the day of the exam.
  • We spend tons of time in getting someone's notes from school and spend the entire evening copying the notes. Secondly she cuts downs her playtime to catch up her regular studies. T

I am assessing her in Spastic and they have informally told me that it could be an attention concern.

I am sure we have special educators and other parents are seen/going thorough similar issues. I need more tips to help her and to balance her life. 






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