My 2.3 yrs son does not talk or follow us

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itsavi76 2011-07-06 16:12:32


Hello Dear Members ,

Let me introduce myself. I am Avishek a father of a 2.3 yr old son staying in Pune in Viman Nagar. I have joined parent tree to share concerns and tips while I go on in thi exciting journey of raising a child. I come forward for help and advice regarding a problem which I am sure is not unique to many parents. Basically I and my wife have observed for ome time that our child is not responding to our calls / directions . He does not try to repeat any of our words . Ocaassionally he speaks a few words like Ma and Baba but nothing else. He does not say basic things like Tata and Bye . Only when he is scolded loudly does he respond by crying. Initially we thought maybe he has some hearing problems , but he is quick to follow music on TV . He comes running from far when he hears his favorite music .His tantrums are also increasing day by day . But even when he throws tantrums he does with sounds . This is causing a lot of oncern for us as at this stage we think he should at least start some basic recognizable sounds. We have also put him in a Nursery class where he is not following the teachers or communicating with them staying outside the class . Are there any child psychologists / Speech therapists that we should consult  for our child ? Any recommendations welcome please.



deepalip 2011-07-06 22:20:17


Hello Avishek,

My son is 2yr he too dont speak much.. He only like to speak the word which easy to say by him. I have asked my parent and teacher abt it.. They all say that they will speak later no need to worry.. Most of his school friend are not speaking.Dont be so tense abt it.. Regarding tantrum my child do the same... It need a lot of patience.. Best is to divert him or ignore or leave the place for a moment when he start behaving bad..  so we can get time to cool ourself and can behave positive with him. Once they will feel that mom or dad is not reacting to my behave he will stop doing slowly.

Really its very difficult to handle them..



aanchal 2011-07-07 10:25:26


avishek: your child is showing some compounded issues..if your child is not saying more than 2-3 words at the age of 2.3, its not a minor speech delay..i agree with deepalip that many kids at the age of 2 speak very few words (in fact, speech delay has been increasing in children of this generation due to many reasons)..all kids throw tantrums too..but in the case of your child, the problem is compounded by his inability to imitate actions and simple words like tata bye if you look at it, little bit of speech delay or tantrums are not a point of clinical concern when viewed in isolation..but when so many issues are present together, then it becomes a point of slight worry..i will suggest you to get him evaluated once. if the doc gives a clean chit and rules out any physical/cognitive delays, then you can work on his behavior and speech at case of any clinical diagnosis, you may need to send him for remedial sessions to an appropriate therapist for some time.


 Former member 2011-07-07 11:05:31



i completely agree with aanchal. there are many child who speak late and have no other issues associated with their development, but children woth speech difficulty if associated with hyperactivity, inattentiveness and other delay are the alarming signs that need immediate attention. if u can find any early interventionst around ur city would b the best, but any specific specilist like speech therapist or play therapist would work.

Early interventionist are the holistic people who manages the child overall, means taking care of his speech, fine motor, gross motor and cognitive areas.

all the best


itsavi76 2011-07-07 16:14:20


aanchal and ashukedia I think you are right. Instead of worrying ourselves , we will take our child to a developmental paediatrician in Pune. I am researching doctors on the net. both of us have not revealed our concern to our parents as they feel we are being impatient with our child. I know very well that things might turn absolutely allright after a few months god willing. But consulting someone experienced in child development has no harm and might help us raise our child better and understand his needs better.I have thought about Dr MIchelle Vas in Pune . In case you guys are from Pune or know about any child development specialists in Pune of repute , please suggest



aanchal 2011-07-07 17:36:32 idea about pune


NJ 2011-07-07 17:49:01



This is a problem you should not ignore.. But you are fortunate to have spotted it early so that early intervention has high chances for recovery. Speech delay with lack of understanding and no response to name are BIG RED SIGNS that something is not ok and you need to intervene quickly. I do not know about centers in Pune, but if you need you can send me a message in Inbox and I can introduce you to a person from Pune who can guide you on speech therapy and occupational therapy centers in Pune. Alternatively you can join this support group - 

and the members here from Pune can help you. Typically you need to go to a pediatric neurologist or a pediatric psychiatrist. From what I have experienced and heard, developmental pediatricians are often very inequipped to deal with the problem,, they can also misguide you.. So even if you consult a developmental ped, get a second opinion from a neurologist/psychiatrist ped.


itsavi76 2011-07-08 17:22:28



Many thanks for your advice. I will not delay and am looking for a pediatric psychiatrist . I have given the request for joining the group. In case any of your contacts in Pune do refer some good paediatric psychiatrist to you , please inform me . My number is 9970152760. I will get my son evaluated . As he is still very small, hopefully through some effort we can try for improvement and more importantly we want to get some tips on how we can improve his development.

I am as of now awaiting approval by the group owner.



 Former member 2011-07-08 17:57:35


If mumbai is not too far to go for intial assessment please go to udaan center for autism. I have heard first hand and seen their presentation, they are really good. You can google them up. As NJ mentioned early intervention is the key, I am only a parent, only professional can guide you better, don't get too much occupied with the labels, just provide as much interventions as possible.


 Former member 2011-07-08 17:59:38


India developmental disabilities is really good group which I am also part of. People from all over the world, post there, most of the posts are from indian people living in sunnyvale or the bay area. Also I would suggest joining FaceBook group autism in india.


NJ 2011-07-08 18:26:47


spaceand time,

Yeah, they are a good group of members with very valuable information, but I feel sometimes the messages take a long time to get posted as they are moderated and some of the messages are never posted. I dont know about spams etc, but I dont think that too much moderation is necessary. I am a member of some other groups also (autism related but not indian members mostly) which are not heavily moderated and they all work fine. Messages get posted in no time and responses are received in no time.


 Former member 2011-07-09 15:13:48


NJ you make up a good point, I am connected as a friend to the founder of the india disabilities forum in yahoo groups, I would really ask her to change the rules. I totally agree most of the time messages are not posted, also it is better if they open a facebook page instead of using yahoo groups.


Hinanki 2012-05-28 11:44:57


 Hi Itsavi76,

Its been almost a year since u posted this discussion so am curious as to wat is the progress with ur son in terms of communication. 

My son is 13 months old and he is quite similar to how u described ur son and i'm worried abt his speaking as well.

Let me know wat course action u took on this matter.


rosita 2012-05-28 22:49:46


 Hi friends, If you feel that things need to fasten, try homeopathy it works, Spandan is a non-profitable organization at Ghatkopar-E- .They do a great job in evaluating and post assessment thrapy. Don't worry,just move and do it fast. 



mit28 2015-09-16 16:43:57


hello Avishek,
I saw your post here. I know its been 4 years, but my son is also showing same symptoms as you had mentioned in your post.
Can you share your contact details so that we can discuss.



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