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kolkata 2011-01-05 17:37:06


HI all,

I am very shortly relocating to Kolkata. I would be very interested in any information regarding admission to schools there. My daughter will be 7+ this April. The schools I am interested in are : Loretto House, Modern High school,Delhi Public school (Ruby Park). Any other school worth mentioning do feel free to let me know.

Thanks in advance.

indrachat13 2011-03-13 09:03:02


Indus Valley World school


Dwijj 2011-05-10 14:07:15


I would suggest you to try in Garden High School also.


SDS 2011-07-21 11:10:39



I am planning to move to Kolkata in two months. Can you please share some good schools preferebly south kolkata ?



kolkata 2011-07-21 13:50:23


HEY Deb,

Try the schools i mentioned above. The admissions are held at different times for different schools,so it's a complete mess. I tried this year but did not succeed and had to come back to the UK. There are some schools like Birla and Our Lady queen of the Missions but you will have to go and meet with the Principal (if she wants to) and then drop an application and wait for them to call. Believe me they never it's basically up to you to be as persistant as you can be. DPS application has to be dropped at their administrative office in Park Street and if they see fit they issue a  form.I did try Garden high but they were full and would not consider...BTW how old is your ward?



skp2011 2011-11-08 13:04:23



I am planning to relocate in Kolkata next year, as a first step I need to admit my son (age 4+, currently studing in LKG ) in a reputed school there. Friends I need your suggestions/ feedback, as I am out of Kol for last 11 years. Going through informations from net & from few relatives out there shortlisted few school: DPS, Ruby Park; Indus Valley WS; Garden High & Young Horizon. Initially planned about DPS, Newtown & DPS, Megacity also, but discarded the idea due to distance our place is near Peerless Hospital .  As admission procedure is going to begin from mid of Nov in most of the schools, I contacted with those schools & surprsingly...South Point admsn prcdr is already over for nxt academic year, but asked to contact again in Dec..if there is vacancy...hard luck. Garden High informed also that no vacancy in their UKG...till not received reply frm Young keeping my finger crossed for DPS Ruby park But I am little worried regarding the standard of DPS or Indus Valley...which is just within a Km from my apartment. My main concern is having a good cosmopolitan nature in the school & good academic + co-curricular environment... Frnds , please give me some information abouut all those schhols.. I am counting on your wise feedback...

p.s: someone suggested Future Foundation, naktala also..but can't get much information regarding that institution..please throw some light







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