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Virtual Maths Problem Solving Course (3.5 months)
What does it entail?

Problem solving is an essential skill set for the future. The course is designed to help facilitate this opportunity for children and adults. It is restricted to mathematical problems, even though problem solving has a wider goal.The problems are set in situations that students are familiar with€"which will help them see the relevance of maths in their everyday lives. They are created to stimulate discussion and can be used by students as springboards for investigation.The aim is to empower the student to become a better problem solver in school that will help her/him become a creative solution finder in the future across a wide variety of situations.
How will it work?

This is a fully online course where each student is guided through a weekly assignment and provided with tasks to complete, which are then assessed by the instructor and returned with feedback.The weekly assignments will be tailored to individual learning needs so that each student, regardless of her/his age or ability can be engaged and challenged with her/his learning.Instructor-student interaction€ There will be an initial video call (30 mins) for the instructor and student to get familiar with each other€ Following the call, the instructor will send a customised assignment (5 problems) to the student, thatwill need to be completed and submitted over the next 5 days€ The instructor will share feedback on the work completed and also post the next assignment over thefollowing 2 days€ Assignments will be sent every week through the duration of the course and students will be expectedto complete and submit work weekly and on time€ Students will have the option to communicate with the instructor on a need basis through email and/orscheduled phone calls€ There will be two scheduled video calls each month (30 min each) for the instructor to providefeedback to the student  All students require regular and reliable access to a computer/device and the internet.
How much will it cost?

Free of charge trial for first two weeks. Upon confirmation, Rs. 2250/- per month for the next 3 months. EligibilityThis course is for anyone interested in developing a mindset for Maths and using it as a way of thinking. 
About the instructor
Soumya Dasgupta studied Mathematics and Statistics at IIT Kanpur and Finance for Senior Executives at Harvard Business School. He is passionate about Mathematics education specifically via the use of recreational mathematics.
Contact: mobile: +91 629 048 0248; email:


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