Speech delay

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babin123 2019-05-09 23:02:49


  • my daughter is 6 years old. She has artism (mild) . She can not speck properly . She can say only Maa baba dada Tata haa. Can you suggest me what can I do to make her verbal???

rpadp 2019-06-21 12:14:21


Screen her with a Speech Therapist and he can recommend the right path for your daughter

Vik1985 2019-09-22 20:56:29


Hi Babin How Dr. Evaluate mild moderate or severe? My daughter also have symptoms not sure which specialist Dr I should consult. Kindly advise

DrDiptanshuChNeuro 2019-11-07 10:51:30


Your child needs to be evaluated properly and other developmental delays need to be detected and their causes identified. Hearing assessement as well as psychometric evaluation needs to be done. Based on the findings, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, occupational therapy etc. need to be done. It would be a good idea to see a pediatric neurologist first and to proceed as per the guidance offered.


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