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dinmun 2010-06-18 10:59:49


Hello parents .. i need help , my son goes to one of the most reputed schools, we pay huge fees for their "play way" meathods .I have no issues with anything else .. but his class teacher is a rude ,unfriendly lady , she talks in a bitter language .. threatens kids and is a snob. Have spoken to the principal ... and she shunned us saying .."I will look into the matter" . I still listen kids talking abt her ways .... and they r not pleasent .

Whats can i do ?? the school management dosent seem to pay any heed to our complaint . I have not heard very positive feedback from the parents of last years batch too . The school in general is fine .. but this particular laldy is a problem .Help me .. suggest me .. share your views . plesss. 

ash13 2010-06-18 14:12:26


Hi Dinmun,

Its really v unfortunate that the teacher is a snob! Why dont you try talking to the teacher personally?Just tell her politely that her behaviour is not fair and it will have a negative impact on the children.May be this will be of some help.Be polite in ur language and explain things to her.Just let her know that threatening children will do no good.Hopefully she will mend her ways.All the best!


dinmun 2010-06-21 11:53:46


 hey ash .. thanx a ton fr ur reply ...i dont know how talking to her wud help .. i mean i dont want to sound prejudiced .. but this lady has a sad reputation ... i have heard it from many parents who'v suffered past 2-3 years . Also the cause of concern is my sensetive kid .. he is shaken even when some one else in the class gets the brunt .U see , i really need the management to look into the matter .Hope they work out something . 


smileandgrow 2011-07-07 19:14:36


If many parents feel the same thing - I know this will be hard to do - write a letter, ask them to sign it and then show it to the principal

Will this teacher teach your child next year - if not then explain to him that their good teachers and bad teachers and next year you will have a better one.  Hope so!

I would also hate to have a teacher like this.  They should not teach.  Having a certificate in teaching does not mean that particular teacher is good.  I know - have taught.



orion22 2011-11-02 20:38:21


hieee i am  relocating to kolkata from hydrabad....my daughter is currently in a good international school and i am very worried abt finding a good school in kolkata.can u plz tell us which school yr child is going to ...so that we can be cautious abt it .it would be of great help.u can also write to my inbox if u do not want to reveal the name here .As parents it is a very helpless situation if u do yr best to put them in the best of schools and then u have to face such situations.A teacher who is not good to the students does not deserve to be in such a profession....and this should not be tolerated by the management at all.....


SapientMaven 2012-04-23 15:35:46


Can we have the name of the school so that others are helped? My son and we as parents are suffereing from the same problem... we are thinking of going to human rights commission.


aanchal 2012-04-24 10:09:00


like smileandgrow suggested, the best way to complain is to form a group and meet the principal..if you complain alone, and the principal doesnt do anything then the teacher might vent out more on your child.

if the teacher is not trained to teach (no B.Ed, no montessori training, no teacher training), then you can even complain in national consumer forum or child protection NGOs, as then the agencies can take action against the teacher on solid grounds of being an untrained employee.plain complaints of being a harsh teacher will not suffice to take any action, if management doesnt cooperate.

a single unpleasant experience with the teacher might be enough to damage the child forever..its not at all good to be with a punitive, harsh and sarcastic teacher..if nothing helps, change his school. better to lose money than his self-confidence forever.


SapientMaven 2012-04-24 15:25:23


Aanchal, thanks for the pointing things out in greater detail. We will have to check up with the school diary and find if the teachers has the required qualification.

Apart from NGOs, will filing a case in local thana (in which the school is located) be of any help? How can I book the notorious teacher, so that other teachers take a lesson from it?

Currently my child has been beaten up so badly, that he refuses to go school. I am having a hard time trying to find another school.



aanchal 2012-04-24 16:47:34


corporal punishment is banned by law. no teacher can hit any child. you may complain about it. but like i said, make your grounds solid, else you child might be in bigger trouble if he continues in that school. google on policies on corporal punishment and you will find many links to agencies where you can complain



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