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Pr84 2018-03-25 04:05:54


@KolCB is right also if possible u can ask for cotreatment together means speech n occupational therapist work together....

ABB2018 2018-03-27 20:00:27


Thanks KOLCB for your wonderful support

ABB2018 2018-04-17 17:49:49


Dear All,

We are doing Speech  Therapy & OT for my daughter for 1 year but not getting any desired result. 

@KOLCB is there any ayurvedic treatment for Autism at Kolkata?



KolCB 2018-04-18 00:32:38


@ABB2018 - You can consult preferably both or one:

Dr. Achintya Mitra

BAMS, MD (Ayurveda)

Research Officer & H.O.D. (Hospital Division)

National Research Institute of Ayurvedic Drug Development (NRIAADD)

Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS)

4, CN Block, Minerva Road, Sector V, Kolkata 700091 (Near RS Software)

Hours: 10-12:30 AM | Phone: 033 2367-3808/3881

Dr. C. M. Pradyumna

BAMS (Gold Medalist), MD (Ayurvedic Pharmacology)

Director, Prasida Ayurveda Clinic (Private Chamber)

Adya Shakti, CK 128, Sector II, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700091

Phone: 4061-1976

Ayurveda doctors are expected to prescribe you food habits control, digestive track cleaning enzymes (Bramhi Ghee, Sarswat Ghee, Mahakalyanaka Ghee etc.), massage oil externally in head or body or feet (e.g. Almond Oil, Sesame Oil etc), Use Essential Oils (Vetiver, Cedarwood, Lavender etc.) during bath and bed-pillows, and supplement syrups consist of Ayurveda herbs like bramhi, aswagandha, shankhapuspi, gotu kola, thalapothichil, shirodhara, abhyangam, ksheeradhara, etc. which improves brain function, speech and hyperactivity. Anything prescribed beyond this or some panchakarma etc. - kindly validate the reason, course time, cost, and expected benefits well from the doctor.


ABB2018 2018-04-19 19:37:07


Kolcb thank you for your wonderful support. I am eager to meet you.If you don't mind kindly share your no at my mail. My I'd is Regards, Abbiswas

KolSym 2018-04-20 08:22:37


Hi all, My son is 4 yrs 8months old and diagnosed with probable high function ASD with CAR-2 result 27 and IQ 88. We did the test under supervision of Dr. Nandita Chatterjee at Uddbhas. Now, he is undergoing speech therapy under Kakoli Kar at Uddbhas in North Kolkata. Also, he is undergoing OT under Sourav Ranjan at Uddbhas. Since his nursery class at school, he has overcomed many problems e.g. ecolalia, hitting other friends, apathy to write etc. However, till now even after one year in school, his sitting habit did not grow up properly. He has to visit the school special educator for the same, although he is not slow learner. Sometimes, he is sitting with his head down on desk or picking up dirts from the class floor. So, as per teacher, it is not manageable at class room with other children and he has to be with special educator for study. Anyone please suggest me how to arrest such issues.

Sanchita20 2018-04-21 11:42:20


OT SI Workshop News:
Dr. Manish Sammnani is one of the most renowned pediatric occupational therapist and sensory integration specialist in India with 19 years of practicing experience. He is a master of occupational therapy (MOT) and certified sensory integration therapist from the famous university of southern california (UCLA, USA) and certified consultant accredited by the neuro-developmental treatment association (NDTA, USA). He has been post graduation lecturer at leading OT colleges of NCR zones, mentors various child development centers across the SAARC countries, and attached to his private clinic SOCH and Max hospital (Gurgaon). This program is a arranged by the Association of Parents of Persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder (APPA), Kolkata and open for registration till 30 April 2018.  
Uploaded image


KolCB 2018-04-21 19:08:20


@KolSym  You cannot expect 100% sitting habit from an ASD toddler!! Speech therapy and special education are one-to-one personal interventions only. They make the kid feel privileged (attention grabbing) with respect to their teacher. Later, they may feel crazy in the general classroom without getting same personal attention and lot of surrounding distractions.

Group Therapy: You can give attributed group therapy on "social skills and classroom orientation" conducted by reputed therapy centres. The group therapy is only meaningful to start when there has been some progress level achieved through one-to-one intervention. They will address the lack of participation concerns (not able to frame questions to express his interest and needs, long time sitting mandate, and lack of self-tolerance against external distractions).  

Model Classroom: You can also create a school like" infrastructure at a corner place of your home. Make a ADHD cut-out chair with locking-desk by a carpenter. Make a "Wait" card where child will place his fingers and to be used as penalty. Fix a small white-board at wall facing the desk and use markers to write in big fonts. Kid should learn to copy from the white-board. Slowly, you can teach typical classroom commands like raise your hands, come in, get out, sit down, stand up, look at me etc. Initially ask other family members also sit and mimic as "students" to encourage the child or put soft toys as fellow students of your class. Also simulate the starting, periods (intervals), and end by alarm in mobile or whistle. Before the start and end, just put off the light for 2-3 minutes and habituate the child to wait in dark. Once light is put back, immediately start lessons. This is very important to build patience when teacher is not around or switchover of periods at real scenario. To start with, the periods should be small-time (10 min) and increase gradually. After each interval free the kid to relax or give some games or food whatever he likes. Encourage him to take out and put back books and copies from bags (organizational skill). You bring more variation and fun in this programme to make it more interesting and personalized!!  The next step of this game is how to introduce tolerance for peer distractions and environment disturbances which significantly bother a ASD child in classroom to sit calm and make them restless. Will write that later. 

Social Story/Visuals: Buy two big mount-papers and hang them somewhere near the white-board. Write "Good" in one and "Bad" in another in large font. Each mount paper should have two vertical section: Activities and Reward/Penalty. The "Good" mount-paper should have good activities defined in the upper section (first) and corresponding rewards in bottom section (last). Conversely, "Bad" mount-paper should define "penalties" in upper section (first) and "bad" activities in bottom section (last). This is because "Good" is best taught by "Cause-Effect (future mode)" model while "Bad" is best taught by "Why-Because (past mode)" model. Google search/download/print and paste visual images for "Good" and "Bad" activities that you kid typically do and mention reinforcements (reward/penalties). Further personalize two mount-boards with two persons/characters (with photo) to say "X is good, he does these, and get these, wow!" and define in parallel "Y is bad, these worsts always happen to him, because he had done these bad activities before". Use only pictures, avoid cartoon and instead use real pictures as ASD kids struggle to understand cartoons implicit meanings.


Sukanta101 2018-04-24 16:36:51


Thanks all in this group. I went through all the thread and got many useful information. Can anyone in the group suggest any cbse school in and around barasat or barrackpore which have good special educators? I am searching for my 5.4 yrs old child who was diagnosed with autism, went through early interventions, have developed speech now, however have minor issues like social communication with peers. He is quite capable academically. At present he is reading in a ICSE school in lkg, however we are facing little bit of issues in school. Thinking it would be appropriate to move him to a cbse school which have some sort of inclusive education policy with support from special educators. I know as per cbse board law they are bound to have spl educators but very few school actually implement that. Would be grateful to you if you can provide some sort of information in this regard. Thanks

Amikotharii 2018-04-26 10:29:48


Hi Arundhati, 

Please share details of the Therapist you counsult for your kid. i read there has been good development. 


arundhati85 2018-04-26 12:42:10


Hi @ AmikothariiYes there has been remarkable development of late of my kid. He is into mainstream school and enjoying....I see him getting confident every day. I'm still continuing his Occupational therapy with Zahir Abbas and I'm consulting Mainak Santra of Speech Plus for his language development since past month. Previously I used to take him to Santanu Mukherjee for his Language Therapies. Addition to it, my child has swimming as extra curriculam at school and I've enrolled him for Karate classes, which helped him follow instructions, copying others, and being discipline. Also the sitting habit has grown and he is getting less hyper as his communication is developing.
I also follow @KolCB suggestions blindly which helped me to support my child.

Amikotharii 2018-04-26 14:30:01


Thank U 


KolSym 2018-04-26 15:41:05


Thank you very much. I will follow the same.

sanjub22 2018-05-06 17:25:52


Hi @Arundhati .... where did you get your son admitted . I usually has adopted a 'Go Slow' mode and didnt put a lot of attention towards a mainstream school ( with a little inclusive support )  as of now  and my son still is a local Kid Zee goer since last 3 years. But in recent days, I can see few good improvements on him and think its time to push him for the next level and I need a proper schooling for that.

Boisterousness still remains the major problem for him coupled with non stop bokbok. He hardly spoke a year back and now he doesn't understand where to stop on a proper conversation and what is the proper relevancy and context .

So kindly suggest me a school including the one where your son is studying now . I currently do reside near Nabanna, Howrah so South and Central Kolkata will be a better choice to commute but if a school demands I have the opportunity to shift in New Town and can access schools in that area including those in Salt Lake. Kindly suggest .

Anybody else can provide your kind advise/suggestion as well .



1ary 2018-05-12 02:04:26


I m too taking my kid to speech plus but not getting satisfactory result . Their teachings are limited.

arundhati85 2018-05-14 15:23:33


Hi Sanjay @sanjub22 
My son goes to DPS Joka. He was assessed by the school counselor before admission and the principal explained me the pros and the cons of admitting my son to her school. From the very first day I somehow felt that, every staff of this school, starting from an attendant to the admin staffs to the teachers and the principal herself, are extremely empathetic to parents like us and always willing to extend help. I, with a lot of phobia, anxiety and prayers in mind went ahead with the admission and during these 6 months between the admission and begining of classes, just made the therapies more rigourous. My son not only improved, but his hyperactivity is in control too. He sits in the class for the entire 3 and half hours (with and without purpose) He can now regualte his emotions to some extent and can convey his needs 100%. Though he can comprehend question, yet he does not ask questions usually. Starting to understand sequences of incidents / stories. Developing memories. Passing on messages. Initiating small conversations. But he has way to go in terms of language development, probably he still is about 8-9 month behind his age.
After attending the first parent teacher's meeting at school, I'm feeling all the more relieved. They now have two counselors at the school ever ready to provide suggestions based on one on one observations of your child. Class teachers are amazing and goes out that extra mile to help your child knowing his needs and takes great care. One incident where a small wound was there in my child's hand, did not go unnoticed from her eyes and she provided immediate first aid along with a note to me.
The counselors on the other hand, wants us to update them on a regular basis so that they can start practising those therapies on him at school too for better results. 
I couldn't have found a better school for my child. As I stay in Behala, though the proximity being 15 kms, I have an option of bus service from my door step. This is a good options if you stay at South Kolkata. Even their bus service for junior school is very well managed with attendants and helpers.
The schools which you can try apart from this are :

1. South City International School
2. Appejay School (Both Park Street and Salt lake)
3. Birla High School for Boys
4. La Martiniere for Boys
5. Newtown School 
6. Akshar School
7. Julien Day Mission School

Hope this helps you and if I find more, would keep you updated.


sanjub22 2018-05-15 12:10:03


Hi Arundhati ,

If I am not mistaken and rely on my memory to some extent , you once said that "You do not believe that something has actually happened to your son and its just  a bad phase which will fade away with constant push and time " . Probably I cant make you understand how that tremendous powerful thinking had changed our perception as a parent who by then had lost almost all hope on their son after 3 years of grueling struggle most of which had got marred  by the evil setup in Apollo Glenegals by a certain Anjan Bhattacharya ( an salesman in Apollo rather than a Doctor ) . So we really got rejuvenated by your words and make ourselves started thinking in the same way , stopped thinking on a full and final outcome and keep pushing harder . So that plan coupled with the introduction of Zahir Abbas and Mainak Santra  produced few miracle from the beginning of 2017 and now we are in a much better shape though some unknown miles still to cover .

Then  came this last post from yours which again inculcates a new hope and planning for the next level . Appejay School was in my plan already but I didn't really know Newtown School or even La Martiniere also have some inclusive facility to offer. I will definitely do some more analysis and will keep this forum updated .

Regarding DPS Joka , I wouldn't have provide a second thought if that is within a commutable distance for my son , but after having your views on them , I really admire their approach being so helpful. So God bless them and I am pretty sure they will definitely impart a lot of positiveness to your family pretty soon .

Till then , Thank you so much for your invaluable guidance and spirit of fight . The post is definitely one of the most important one to many parents in this group .



sanjub22 2018-05-15 13:05:23


Hi @ 1ary

Please get in touch with Speech Plus and take speech therapy from Mainak Santra . Please call Amit Rajak at +91 97487 78344 for appointment and location . My son is doing therapy with him for almost a year now and got some significant progress. Mr. Santra basically train and formulate plans to parent also which you need to follow vigorously at home to make this system works effectively . So I guess, you should try him once.


KolCB 2018-05-15 18:23:27


Mainak Santra has unique strategies for language development but getting his appointment is very difficult. For many cases, he delegates parents to his associates Abhishek/Kaberi etc. for frequent classes while he reviews the candidate after every 1-2 month. Can anyone provide more information and their experience on this model? Is his associates are equally effective? Do they also change programs (tasks)? Or they only practice what Mainak has given and verify whether task is achieved and then delegate to Mainak for next program?


1ary 2018-05-16 00:57:23


Hello kolCB My son is 2.10 months has autism I m taking my son to speech plus when I admitted him in speech is I heard a lot abt mainaq sir but he is always full that's why they gave me Kaveri for ot and chaitali for special education. Kaveri ma'am is trying a lot giving lot of activity mainly with cards and with real object and also gave some tongue twisting exercise but my son is not able to do all the exercise but now he sometimes speaks in extreme conditions like if he is very hungry or thirsty.. or want something. And my son hates to go to chaitali ma'am because she always makes him cry, force him to do activities frankly I also do not like her teaching pattern as after coming from chaitali ma'am he continues his crying till home with breaks and whenever I sit to make him do chaitali ma'am's activity he gets scared and run away, after 2 or 3 days when he forgets then he will do that too with lot of pampering.

paromita1810 2018-05-16 07:56:02


Hi @1ary Was going through your messages and read the one on Chaitali. I had also taken my son for special education to Chaitali. She uses a lot of force to make children sit down and obey her. My son was a lot more hyperactive in the past and refused to sit down and listen to is normally the case with ASD children. One day as he was not listening to her she slapped him on the cheek..we were stunned ..but before we could say anything she said that it was only to make him listen to her and gave us some nonsensical explanation how she would do the same if it was her kid. Again after a few days when he didn't listen to her she suggested some treatment wherein medicines would be given and then suggested ot to quieten him. That was the end of our association with her. And about speech we were referred to Abhishek Chakraborty who is an expert in giving cards and encouraging rote memory.

paromita1810 2018-05-16 07:58:42


My son has joined Tulips from March and has not required a special educator after that. The kind of care and individual attention they give him is simply admirable. I am forever grateful to Jahir Abbas for suggesting this school. Its in Dover lane gariahat.

arundhati85 2018-05-16 09:14:02


Thanks once again for your usual extremely informative post. As per your suggestions, I'm now consulting Mainak Santra and yes, his unique approach has pulled my child out of the speech plateau. He generally gives me an appointment every 15 days or 1 month, which is pretty okay for us. He will be introducing me to his colleague Abhishek this Thursday, after which I'll see Mr. Santra every month and and Abhishek every 15 days. Would keep you updated regarding the techniques used.



1ary 2018-05-16 11:10:53


Thanks paromita a lot I don't how did u controlled Ur self when she slapped Ur son her license to work should be ciesed. I am also planning to put him in tulip and got excited by Ur views in tulip and other members from this lovely forum.

arundhati85 2018-05-16 12:50:08


KolCB, yes he has stated the same to me. I've an appointment with both Abhishek and him this week. I'm so happy with my son's progress with him. Moreover, my child responds to him naturally and the best part of him is explaining every detail to us. He has asked me to stimulate autitory memory, keep providing my child with as much informations as I can, and stress on his comprehension. According to him, if we work on the comprehension, expression would follow. 

 sanjub22, thanks for your kind words. Good to know that it helped you. I still stick to my statement that, I want to believe that my son would be fine one day. At no cost I want to change the way he is, yes nothing about him....I just want to help him in the areas where he falls weak. His diagnosis doesn't matters to me anymore, the guidance and the assessment once in a while, that I'm following the right track to provide the necessary help, does. Every child has their own pace, they will pick up things as per their own timing, we as parents should support consistently without giving up hope!

KolCB 2018-05-16 16:38:00



As your child is now 2.10 years, I suggest you switch to Santanu Mukherjee (98367-71676) for the next 6 months. He will definitely improve then and ready for next level of "Language Therapy" when you should come back to Somnath Mukherjee or Mainak Santra at Speech Plus. FYI - Somnath used to be head at Apollo where Mainak and Santanu were his immediate assistants. This trio formed Speech Plus later coming out of Apollo but Santanu eventually left. The appearance, voice pitch/tone and personality of the therapist is important to create impact. The tall, handsome, attractive and sympathetic voice of Santanu creates a universal reliable "Kaku" avatar to most children and they improve very fast with him during age of 2.5-3.8 years! I have been benefited by him and seen many people so.    
Secondly, try for some natural therapy supplements for detoxification and brain function improvement as they are more probable to work at this early age. You can do Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Diet, Bio-medical - wherever you have belief but with genuine people only. Do not undergo any allopathy medicines like Sizodon, Addwize, Inspiral etc. Try swimming/cycling (exercise) and drawing/coloring (introvert) and later admit to Karate/Yoga (group instructions). Take him to open-space with clear air for fresh oxygen intake at parks or early morning walk. Speech therapy is good when (1) You walk and talk together (2) He is in slow linear swing at home/park. 
Thirdly (optional), learn basics of VBA. You can take couple of sitting habits and behavior management classes from Autism Society of West Bengal (ASWB). No need to continue long once your child reaches co-operation. In addition to that buy the following book to practice behavior Management, Mand, Tact at home by yourself in parallel to SLP therapy. 
Sitting Habit Video: [Eventually I was also trained by her]

VBA Book:
Behavior Control:

SLP vs VBA (How to develop speech step by step):


sang18 2018-05-17 00:24:58


Hello Members... I€™m new in the group. My son attends speech class at Speech Plus. He used to attend special ed with Chaitali Mukherjee. I just read a news today in today€™s €œei samay€ newspaper, and while googling, came across this group which mentions her name. The news is that she has been arrested because she hit a 2.5yrs old child. The child€™s mom came running when hearing his cry and found his head was bleeding. They filed a FIR against her and she has been arrested. The father of the child apparently slapped Chaitali after the incident.

I am thankful that I found this wonderful site although in a strange way. Signed up and thought of warning parents out there.


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