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1515 2018-02-28 18:57:14


Hi ma' son diagnosed with mild autism and normal IQ...has poor eye contact and speech has started few months back after 4-5mnths therapy.. language delay is still persisting... improving day by day...learns faster..but can't sit still without activity..loves to see fans but not always..he doesn't remain staring..I'm worried about his schooling...he studies in Montessori school...3yrs1mnth age...suggest me some school..and intervention clinic...he doesn't have much of sensory issues.. doesn't chew properly and can't split.. otherwise no issues..where you have admitted your son?

ABB2018 2018-03-08 16:55:28


Dear All,

My self ABBiswas from Kolkata having 5 years mild Autistic daughter.

We are following Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy for last 1 Year. She is improving day bay day but still her talking power is not coming may be she is not able to understand the dialogue as we thought as a Parent. We are not able to admit her in School. We have given an interview in a well known  inclusion school in Kolkata where they said my child is not fitted in that environment though she is continuing in a good Montessori school.

We had been to NIMHANS where they referred speech therapy & OT but I am doing the same in Kolkata but not getting result. 

My wife left her job 1 year back for my daughter and also do the therapy & OT at home so that she could improve but we are not getting the desired result.

Also not getting the service  of a good pediatrician in Kolkata who can look after my daughter as my current child specialist clearly said that he will not look after the autistic child.

As a father I am requesting all of you with my folded hand kindly help & suggest.



Pr84 2018-03-08 21:16:29


@ABBiswas, please contact Autism society of west bengal, they will help you out in this. And I will always say that comprehension n behavior are more important than speech...don't give up on speech it will come.

KolCB 2018-03-08 23:56:45


@ABBiswas: Where do you live and how far you can afford to take your child for school or therapy? Which consultants are you currently visiting and who referred them to you? What is the current speech and cognitive capability of your child? Why did not you engage a Special Educator till now? Does your Speech Therapist only work on cards or force memorizing/repeating words/sentences? Does your Occupational Therapist give a whole lot of activities or work few selective activities at a time (Kindly mention details)? Was there a formal "Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT)" held (17 sub-tests and require 3 hours) and report given to you at NIMHANS or they just wrote prescription to do OT by impression looking at child? There could be something very wrong with your child if she is on wrong hands and wrong directions and wrong impressions. Believe me or not, 95% therapists are either money-machines or extreme over-confident with inflexible self-beliefs. They continue experimenting mundane strategies even after seeing that it is not working and ask parent to wait more and more but pay religiously! Apparently, Montessori school is okay (provided it is authentic Montessori Board affiliated) and probably better than inclusive schools till class IV for mild autism children. For Pediatricians - You can go to any "Development Pediatrician" like Prof. Dr. Nandita Chatterjee, Dr. Monidipa Banerjee, Dr. Mary Anthony Acharya etc. (Avoid Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya). To know SIPT that uniquely identifies exactly where is the exact neuro-developmental problem (To be repeated every year/two):

sanjub22 2018-03-13 11:23:03


@KolCB ..... you are excellent as usual on your precise response . I do agree of avoiding Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya as my personal experience was horrible and we were so concerned like every other parent of an Autistic child that I couldn't even bother to look anywhere else and trusted blindly on the setup in Apollo and on Dr. Bhattacharya and this combination has almost made me bankrupted though I wont deny that my son hasn't improved but against a premium cost. And the most disturbing part is, this entire setup will start ignoring you gradually even if your kid is improving and need more care because their intention is to make money by concentrating more on new patents under ASD whose parent hardly knows anything on Autism.

That said , @KolCB , would request for a suggestion. My son is 5 yrs 7 months old now. Diagnosed with moderate to high Global Development Delay ( measured by Dr. Bhattacharya with CARS-2)  on 2014 and is undergoing various therapies since then and exhibited satisfactory improvement though he still has to cover a long way  He speaks a lot nowadays though not in a structured manner always, likes to deal with other kids socially  and like to attend social gathering though cant always distinguish an unknown person and started speaking in his own language with them like he does with his elder sister. Doesn't exhibit any unusual behavior like hand flapping or screaming in fear  at home or at outside. He likes to write and draw a lot and very comfortable in typing in MS Word. He can count numbers and can speak out rhymes if he is in good mood.

The negative part on his behavior is he is extremely restless and got very angry if  being forced hard for anything and his expression of anger is like a matured adult which might be the primary concern for me for the time being. Sometimes he tries to hit hard while in anger and push suddenly which is extremely fatal especially for my aged parent. Though he never did this with anybody outside his family members and I never heard such complain from school. 

For the time being he is doing OT under  Zahir Abbas and Speech under Mainak Santra and cooperate with them mostly in various kind of activities .

But I do not have any Doctor associated with him for the time being. After I left Apollo and Dr. Bhattacharya on May 2016, I intermittently visited Dr. Praveen Kumar and later with Dr. J N Ram for his ADHD behavior and my son is having Risperidone since last one year ( 1mg/day ) . But we are not associated with any development pediatrician as of now . So can you please suggest me whether I should also be attached with such a pediatrician and if yes , kindly suggest a name. Also please suggest me if I need to have some more therapies/education under this circumstances.

Apology for the long post but though to provide you a background before requesting for the suggestion.

Pr84 2018-03-13 22:12:26


@sanjub22 I just have one question why your son is given GDD diagnosis , he is writing n talking n social.....I think you should go for one more could be pddnos

sanjub22 2018-03-14 20:13:58


@Pr84 ...... KolCB is as precise and accurate as ever in addressing the PDD NOS scenario. In fact I was about to respond in a similar fashion but obviously not in a manner like KolCB did.  And probably its not important to me now which category my son belongs to as I now know his requirements, demands, expression , sociability to a greater extent and trying my best to support him going beyond to my capability level. I am sure all of us are doing the same as well. I too feel tired and distressed sometimes and despair for more help and guidance and then this wonderful forum, brilliantly guided by KolCB ( No offense to other members ) , has made me rejuvenate to start pushing hard once again .

KolCB 2018-03-14 23:32:40


@sanjub22: I am really humbled with your self-confidence! Yes - the day we can stop "Labeling" our children and forget scores/ratings, we would probably be giving them more self-respect that they fundamentally deserve as human being, think unbiased what they can (probably excel) and cannot (need support), and adopt right plans ahead.

With great humility, I would just like to quote three inspiring statements for parents by legendary women Merry Barua who first brought the term "autism" in INDIA and founded Action for Autism (AFA) - India's first (1991) and till date premier-most Autism Intervention Center. She is the one who fought endlessly to let Govt. sign "The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016" to include ASD:

  • One, that autism is not a problem. Disability is not a problem. If I see autism as a problem and my son as a problem, I cannot expect neighbours, schools, recreational spaces, stewardesses, etc to see him as anything but a problem. And I ensure my son grows up believing he is a problem.
  • Two, when people stare at my son and ask questions they are not being mean. They are just curious. Curiosity is good! It provides a great opportunity to create awareness.
  • Three, being unconditional in my acceptance of the child and his autism, whether I am a parent or a professional. Unconditional acceptance. Unconditional love.
I was also touched to read the preface of the famous book "The Verbal Behavior Approach" by another Mary Lynch Barbera (USA) where she dedicates the book to her autistic son: "To Lucas who has taught me how to love unconditionally, to hope but not to expect, and to appreciate the small steps along the way."

pheonix 2018-03-15 08:57:26


@KolCB : I silently consumed all the posts on this forum and got benefited from the valuable feedback and suggestions. I did not thank people as often as I should have, but the last line in your post ( the quote from Mary L Barbara's book) made my day. I thank you and everyone else for being so helpful, brave and motivating. After my son's diagnosis I stopped believing in God, but I still consider myself blessed to get so much help and support through your messages in this forum.  

ABB2018 2018-03-16 15:34:14


@ PR84

I have contacted Autism Society of WB but experience is horrible

ABB2018 2018-03-16 18:36:58


@ KolCB

I am taking Speech Therapy from Kuntal Sarkar at Speech Plus, OT from Shruti & Jahir Abbas.Special Education from Ms Chaitali Mukherjee. Also getting fruitful suggestion from Mr Jahir Abbas.

Mr.Jahir Abbas suggested  to consult Dr.Mary Anthony Acharya. Will do ASAP.

My experience is Dr. Anjan Bhattacharaya is horrible. He is a big businessman not a Doctor..

I have heard about Bio Medical support kindly suggest.



Pr84 2018-03-16 22:21:01


@ABB2018 if you are looking for DAN doctor for biomedical.....there is one good doctor in Gangaram hospital delhi Dr Deepak can also consult him via skype.....but please donot go for other things like chelation, neuro stimulation, stem cell these are all hoax and dangerous

Pr84 2018-03-16 23:49:01


I would suggest to go for IGG intolerance Test and IGE allergy test as the DAN doctors most of the time recommends gfcf diet along with supplements but if your child is not allergic or intolerant then no need to deprive her of these things. Also focus on nonverbal cognitive skills....the more u use brain the more it will cognitive games with her....if she is musically inclined you can put her in some music class or dance class.....Piano is a very good activity as it uses both sides of brain. Donot stress yourself...connect with the people...make a group....You can also contact Autism society of West Bengal....they will definitely help you in everything

Pr84 2018-03-16 23:59:22


I am sorry I didn't read your previous reply....there is a very good site there u will get all information about DAN doctors , therapy centres n inclusive schools....also there is a FB group HAPAC ....there also u can ask anything...speech is huge but it is definitely not everything ....not being able to speak doesn't mean that your child is not understanding its just that her body is not coordinating with her mind but with time, therapies n ur support it will improve and I am sure she will surprise you one day...

ABB2018 2018-03-17 22:36:49


@Pr84 thank you for the sugesstion. 

ABB2018 2018-03-17 22:37:47


@KOLCB kindly give suggestion of my querries 

Pr84 2018-03-18 02:25:53


@ABB2018 there is another DAN in hyderabad Dr Kanaklatha .....I have heard good reviews of her....Dr Arun Mukharjee Delhi and Dr Santa Venkat Mumbai ....they use biomedical protocols......but more than anything its only therapies that provide fruitful results

Pr84 2018-03-19 03:58:36


@KolCB what is a cutout chair you earlier mentioned it available online?

ABB2018 2018-03-19 19:17:42


@ KolCB

Thanks a lot for the input.

Will getintouch with you near future.

Pr84 2018-03-20 04:47:55 this is an extremely good video....hope you all fond ot useful

Pr84 2018-03-20 05:33:03


@ABB2018 try to teach 'help', 'more' and yes/no concepts....there is a very good yes/no app on android and apple 'Mason'. initially try that. try one simple exercise at home daily pick any rhyme....sing that rhyme in front of her with actions and try to make her imitate may take a week or month but do it regularly. imitation and receptive language is more important than pronouncing.

saigtl 2018-03-22 16:02:45


@Pr84 thanks for posting a video link. Its really useful.

This thread having very much information and learning for parents.
Thanks to all.

ABB2018 2018-03-23 15:00:14


kolCB and Pr84

kindly advise me for speech therapy.

I am currently doing with Kuntal Sarkar @ speech plus



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