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Sanchita20 2018-01-23 13:15:09


@KolCB Thank you !!!!!!. any idea on dance therapy?? do you recommend anyone?

arundhati85 2018-01-23 14:51:13


@KolCB Thank you so much for such detailed insight as always!!

@Paromita1810 Yes...Zahir has been a blessing to most of us parents and I mostly follow him blindly without much questions asked.

@Pr84 It's really an inspiration for most of us to stay motivated hearing stories of success like yours, would really want to hear more if you don't have much of problem :) 

hapless 2018-01-23 16:18:09


@KolCB thank you so much for your insights. very helpful, as always.

sumibakshi 2018-01-23 19:09:12



sumibakshi 2018-01-23 19:40:57


@Kolcb ok Sir.Whats ur son and wife name?

paromita1810 2018-01-23 22:40:56


We went to Mary Anthony Acharya today. She's a developmental paediatrician and is extremely nice and professional at the same time. She gave us a detailed analysis of my sons behaviour and unlike other paediatricians told us to revisit after a few months so she could compare his behaviour now and later. She practises at Genesis hospital near Ruby. Another invaluable suggestion by Zahir Abbas.

paromita1810 2018-01-23 22:42:23


KOLCB and Arundhati, she said my sons vomiting is due to a blocked nose. Was immensely relieved needless to say.

hapless 2018-01-28 10:41:11


does anybody have any inputs about Tulipian school? It was highly recommended by a mother of a kid on the spectrum. She said her son has improved within 3 months of joining the school. We met the Principal. She says they have target based learning and we will see a change in 6 months. I am confused now. Tulipians is in Dover Lane, Gariahat which is very far from where we stay. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

paromita1810 2018-01-28 17:34:25 son is going to start his new session in Tulipians from's a good school and was highly recommended by Zahir Abbas whom I have immense faith in...& yes the lady in charge said that there would be noticeable change in my son within a year. She's a confident lady and I was quite inspired by her as she's a special educator herself. Its far from my place too but I'm willing to take the trouble if my son benefits from it...It's difficult to find a school that specifically deals with children like ours so we were more than willing to go for it.

hapless 2018-01-28 20:35:56


Thanks paromita1810. I'm also considering starting with Tulipians from this March. Actually you're right, it is so difficult to find a school that listens patiently to our queries and anxieties. Your input has been of great help. Thanks again.

paromita1810 2018-01-28 23:00:26


Ur most welcome..I have benefited greatly with inputs from this group and am always happy to help.

KolCB 2018-01-29 22:20:12


Play is an important therapy to develop Language, Social and other short-coming typically observed in our children. Here is a nice post on how you should move your child step by step towards more meaningful play: 

Sanchita20 2018-02-08 15:00:02


I am looking for good psychiatrist doctor in kolkata for medicine administration. can anyone please help? please share any experience on medicine with side effects noticed for autism and hyperactivity.


sanjub22 2018-02-09 14:32:19


Hi Sanchita ,

Let me share my experience as that might be specific to your question . So to begin with , my son was diagnosed with moderate to high in Global Development Delay on May 2014 at the age of 1 year and 10 months . His ATEC Score was in 70s and forgot the CARS 2 score. Let me put the long journey in bullet points o perceive things quickly .

  • From 2014 May to 2016Jun :-  Under Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya in Apollo Gleneagles Kolkata . As par his prescription, my son underwent various therapies like Occupational , Game and Physio Therapy in Apollo only . We also got him admitted in local Kid Zee from 2014 Aug itself.
  • From 2015 Nov onward my son ( then 3.4 yrs )  started improving  in several other areas like proper eye contact, social association with other kids and started speaking single words of around 10 to 15. But developed Hyperactivity at the same time.
  • On Feb 2016 , Dr. Bhattacharya has prescribed him Sizodon .5 mg ( twice daily )  to calm him down a bit which worked to some extent and the report from the school has been getting better as he started sitting with other boys in bench . No side effect has been found so far.
  • From 2016 July onwards we have changed the Doctor to Dr. Praveen Kumar in Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata because of two reason specifically . 1. We couldnt afford the ultra expensive treatment of Dr. Bhattacharya  2. Sizodone seemed to stop working as hyperactivity of my son has increased and Dr. Bhattacharya was planning to provide something more serious schedule X drugs like Addwise. By then we already heard a lot of negative feedback from other parents on Addwise and was in no mood to have him that drug . Btw he started speaking more than 50 words at that point of time with few one liner sentences. ( Few Therapies were still on with Dr. Bhattacharya's team only with lesser frequency )
  • On Sep 2016 , Dr. Praveen Kumar prescribed him Inspiral 5 mg once a day along with Sizodone 1.5 mg/ day . but unfortunately this did a sudden damage of a slow but steady progress of my son and he has become extremely sensitive and super hyperactive. He almost stopped eating, sleeping , started soiling his bed again etc etc . We were extremely horrified and stopped providing him all the medicine including the medicine and by the God's grace , my son ha almost back on track after few days of stopping Inspiral . But unfortunately the problem with Hyperactivity getting increased day by day with his other positive developments. Therapies are still going on ( OT in Apollo with Prshanta Gayen and Generic Development Therapy with Bidisha Sen in INK )  and we started Speech Therapy with Dr. Mainak Santra in Speechplus Salt Lake. It was recommended by Dr. Praveen Kumar only .
  • Being compelled and handicapped by the situation, on Aug 2017 ( Age of my son was 5 yrs 1 month ) , we now went to Dr . Jai Ranjan Ram  in his chamber near Bhawanipore and he provided us a lot of positive input and advised us to concentrate on only Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy that too twice a month rather than chasing a lot of others because that is probably creating the confusion in his mind resulting a restlessness. He also prescribed Arcamin .25 twice daily along with Sizodone 1 / day . Apart from a little dizziness, that too mostly in night , I do not see any side effect but the overall result is superb this time . He is more calm now , showing his eagerness towards learning new things and with the excellent guidance by Mr. Santra he started speaking a lot of meaningful setences and doing 'bokbok' all the time though every time he is not that grammatically correct always. (  Please note , Mr. Mainak Santra never used cards while doing speech therapy with my son) . ATEC score of my son has come down to 41 now from 76 on May 2014.
  • Last but not the least , I am extremely grateful to this wonderful forum and indebted to KolCB, Arundhati Madam and to lot of others to have their extremely valuable suggestion . I recently engaged my son to Zahir Abbas as suggested by Arundhati Ma'am and he is indeed a great positive person to work with. By the way ,as par the advise of Dr. Ram , I am still continuing with Kid Zee as the environment is familiar and comfortable with him. Not too worried about getting an admission to a better school for the time being as I have shorter target to fulfill and India is a country of "jugaar". There is hardly  any  "Inclusiveness" in the so called schools so wanted to explore the opportunity to have him more matured before trying to a mainstream one. Indeed an endless journey it is but I still believe there must be a logical ending of it if we push hard cooperatively. 
So the Doctors  I have visited

  • Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya  -- Apollo Gleneagles
  • Dr. Praveen Kumar -- INK
  • Dr. J R Ram ( I go to his Bhawanipor chamber but he is also available in Apollo Gleneagles ) 
Therapists we have gone through ( Aug 2014 to Sep 2017 ) stopped going now )

  • Prashanta Gayen  ( OT )  -- Apollo Gleneagles
  • Sunita Agwarwal ( Vision ) -- Apollo Gleneagles
  • Purba Srimani  ( Game )  -- Apollo Gleneagles
  • Jewel Chakraborty  ( Physio) -- Apollo Gleneagles
  • Bidisha Saha ( Developmental Therapy )  -- INK  ( Jan 2017 to Oct 2017 )
Presently Continuing with
  •  Mainak Santra  ( Speech Therapy  )  --  Speechplus  -- Oct 2017 till date
  •  Zahir Abbas  ( Physical and Development Therapy ) -- started from 15th Jan 2018 only  and continuing .

Please feel free to ask me any question if I can even contribute a minute droplet from my experience .


paromita1810 2018-02-09 17:38:23 is Mainak as a speech therapist? Zahir Abbas was recommending him highly...does he practise in Speechplus near Navina cinema?

sanjub22 2018-02-09 18:53:21


@Paromita .... situation varies case to case but fortunately mine clicked with him . Not only he has made my son to speak multiple sentences at a time ( back to back and coherent but few to start with ) he also developed a very good relationship with him. My son trusts him like anything which is paying a broader dividend to all of us as a family.

I usually go to Salt Lake Speech plus for the therapy but probably yes , he also has chambers near Navina . Please call Amit Rajak
+91 97487 78344 for the appointment and more details. Mr. Rajak usually handles all the appointment of  Mr. Santra .

Pkmonu715 2018-02-09 22:31:13


Hi Thanks for the brief explanation.. Is sizidon 1 drop is ok to give for 2.2 years old kid to focus and concentration. Currenlty following biomedical approach from a developmental pediatrics.

KolCB 2018-02-10 15:11:50


Sizodon (Risperidone) is useful for irritation, aggregation, temper tantrum, mood swing, and self-injurious behaviour. It is less likely to support attention and hyperactivity. SIZODON IS MEDICALLY NOT ADVISED BELOW 5 YEARS. The excerpt is in the below link by a Doctor of Drug Council (MIMS):

However, Sizodon Liquid is a milder form and 1 drop may be almost nothing. I am wondering if you are observing any benefit? Under Indian Medical Practice Act (1956), Indian doctor are allowed to prescribe medication beyond normal age advised limits but adjusted doses for a case by case approach where they feel "effect first and then any side-effect". They take an Insurance to cover any future dispute and write some disclaimers in the prescription "Please contact nearest hospital for any emergency" and "Dose and Side Effects of the medicines have been properly explained". 

Dr. J. R. Ram had prescribed Sizodon Liquid to my son at 3.5+ years. He said to use this only on absolutely emergency, starting with 3 drops min up to 15 drops max, and do not continue beyond 15 days! Meantime, intensify adjacent OT etc. therapies to cool off the child and even child may pull off from school/studies for few days. I had administrated it once but did not get any noticeable improvement. But, Sizodon has two positive drug effects which helped my kid. The first one is Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis (Runny nose) was almost cured. Secondly, he was going through a Speech Plato (A phrase of slow progress after an accelerated progress) and Sizodon pulled it out. The biggest side effect is weight gain, BP (heart rate change), kidney damage - which probably not very applicable for short-term usage. 

Bin1980 2018-02-15 16:06:18


Can someone please give me Zahir Abas Therapist contact number. Also where is his center ?

hapless 2018-02-15 17:14:53


I go to Bikalpa, it is near Diamond Plaza, Nagerbazar. Please contact Mr Abbas for more details. He has chambers in South Calcutta too. ph no.+91 96143 26402

Pr84 2018-02-15 21:54:10


I don't know whether you consider it ok.....please try ABA instead of medicines. ABA has got several variations now in US experts are not following traditional ABA but naturalistic ABA or PRT which is pivotel response treatment which is more pro child


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