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baabi 2022-02-15 19:29:42


can anyone suggest good sensory integration therapist in North Kolkata

170786 2022-03-10 08:48:19


I also need it for my son Plz help

KolCB 2022-03-10 10:47:13


@170786, For OT/SIT, you can check Subhendu Moulick (Sodepur - 8293520830/7980101321/8420080981) or Santosh Sethi (Dunlop/Barrackpore - 7980643775).

For Sports, Agility Training, Mountaineering, Special-Olympics/Sports Events etc. Training, You can contact "Bikalpa Bikash Welfare Society (Belghoroia)" at +91 62902 52576 or Visit: 

UziUzi 2022-03-19 19:52:48


please tell me where you took therapies for mild autism and hyperactivity

Shushruti 2022-04-14 09:39:44


Can anyone suggest me some hobby classes or good therapy center for hyperactivity.

24jeet 2022-04-18 16:01:38


  My 2.3 yr son is showing red flags for autism. We have consulted pediatric neurologist according to whom he has borderline autism. This result is based on observation and no assessment has done yet. We have visited Dr. Anjan Bhattacharya's chamber but he did not even observe my child and insisted to join his parental program which is not possible for us as of now. Therefore please suggest me a good developmental pediatrician in Kolkata where the assessment of my son can be done. Some are suggesting that proper assessment cannot be done before the age of 3 years.  is it true?
I am a silent follower of this group since last two months and want to thank specially @KolCB and @arundhati 85 along with other members for their valuable suggestions as I have gone through  in the earlier posts. 
Hoping for best suggestion for my present query also.


neha1090 2022-04-19 13:24:15


Hello Members,

First of all thanks to all the concerned people for creating this great forum . I am sure this forum might have helped many . I am also sure that I too will reap the benefits for my kid. I had taken my currently 2 yrs 8 months old son to Dr. Somnath Mukherjee (referred by someone) at Speech Plus Prince Anwar shad road , last week on suspicious behavious of autism. Based on his & his assistant's observations (no assessment) he concluded , there could be a case of mild Autism. He has suggested 3 months therapy ( every 15 days) and then assess for cased of Autism , ADHD or ASD etc. I have not yet concluded if I am going to see Dr. Somnath for this therapy.

I would like to draw attention of all the learned souls & benfitted members such as @kolcb and @arundhati85 and other valued members to help me with the way forward on this journey. 

My kid shows  following behaviours :

1. He is vocal . He tries to speak ( seems like a 3-4 words sentence) in last 2-3 months but we can't understand anything. 
2. He often conveys some thoughts through 1-2 words clearly such as TV remote , AC remote , water ( whnever he feels thirsty) , Lizard (whenever he sees them on the wall) , milk , papa office e.t.c.
3. He sometimes tries to repeat some sentences / phrase at home which is used in his pre school ( Kangaroo kids , New Alipore) which we can somehow able to understand. Recently with practice he has memorized two rhymes ( almost 70 % clarity ).
4. We taught him " What is your name ? and he answers "My name is Ayansh" . When we ask "What is papa's or mamma's name ? . He starts with " My name is ....." 
5. We taught him concept of good night at bedtime saying good night Ayansh and most of the times he repeats the same "good night Ayansh".
6. Whenever he says A, B,C,D.....when we ask next letter after a particluar letter , he repeats the word "Next" instead of saying the next letter.
7. Sometimes ( occassionally) he enjoys spinning his body standing. 
8. He is very very aggressive at home. If we forbid him or scold him from doing something . He doesn't give in rather becomes very aggressive and throws himself at the floor showing his anger.
9. As per our observation and school feedback , he doesn't hit anybody , doesn't engage is any fight with other kids at school . He remains a mute spectator to such events.  
10. We taught him 15 days back, concept of hand shake & recently upon our instruction he shakes hand with 1-2 kids at school.
11. His eye contact is much better and clear now ( eye to eye ) as compared to 4-5 months back towards a stranger.  
12. He understands our instructions and follows them such as "Keep the bag at its place ( in hindi) , or keep anything at its place which he knows very well where to keep them.
13. There is no two-way dialogue/conversation built up with him as we don't understand what he says and he doesn't understand what we have said to him. 
 14. We take him to a nearby park almost 5 days a week . In last 1 month , he has improved a lot where there is kids rush to queu for a particular ride. Earlier he used to get afraid and stay away from those kids. Now he participates with me standing nearby.
15. His  pre-nursery report card says he is good at most of the things except " Language skills , Socilaizing skills".

Kindly suggest should I start this 3 months therapy with Dr. Somnath or visit more therapists such as Dr. Zahir Abbas , Dr. Santanu Mukherjee or Dr. Mainak to understand more on this thing. 

I will be obliged for your kind help on this.




neha1090 2022-04-19 17:31:43


Thanks @KolCB for your prompt response. I am aware of all the three doctors working together at Apollo and they started their own after that. I understand they have separated now. No idea about Mainak. I wanted to expedite the therapy exercise for following reasons :

1. I went through this entire forum and found good recommendations for Mainak , Zahir Abbas & Santanu but couldn't find anything for Somnath and which made me a bit apprehensive about him.
2. Upon my visit to Somnath , I sensed a little bit of self marketing such as ( I head the department at Apollo ) , quick conclusion of borderline autism case and then convincing us that he will make our kid talk within 3 months ( while we were leaving the clinic). I sensed a little desperate attempt to acquire customer. I might be wrong in my perception based assesment here.
3. I understand in these cases time is a critical parameter. I don't want to be in a situation in future when I regret saying I didn't act proactively.

Therefore , we decided to look for more opinions and that is how we stumbled upon this wonderful forum with helpful souls  and the above popular Dr. names. While going through the forum I found your responses very helpful along with @arundhati85 positive approach.

Do you still suggest to go with Somnath ? I am just looking for opinions as we don't have any other source to get the right recommendations.



UziUzi 2022-04-19 23:39:56


Please visit unmish at New Alipore. Its the good centre

24jeet 2022-04-20 00:38:15


Thank you very much@KolCB for your valuable suggestion.I will definitely follow it and get back with my experience.

1810 2022-04-20 11:22:29


@neha1090: Somnath is an expert in self marketing and promoting Speech Plus. When my son was diagnosed with mild asd at 3.5years, we went to speech plus. He was as you rightly assessed quick in diagnosing mild asd and lots of false promises. Subsequent trips to speech plus only made my son more restless( long waiting time despite booking appointments beforehand). Mainak Santra does not give appointments more than once in 1.5months. Somnath suggested Abhishek Mukherjee for speech. He charges a bomb per session and there wasn't much improvement either. I went to Mainak Santra for speech therapy for quite sometime before Covid struck. He's good but unavailable and suggests that you take another appointment with Abhishek as he cannot give regular appointments. My son's speech hasn't improved much after subsequent visits there so I stopped going there altogether.

neha1090 2022-04-20 13:04:07


Hi @1810 ,

I went to Speech Plus , Prince Anwar shah road and got an appointment with Sonmath through a MR agent. Is Mainak Santra still associated with Specch Plus ?  Did you continue the therapies only with Somnath ? or discontinued  and went to Abhsikek ? Do they all sit at the same centre ? You didn't find any improvement either with Somnath , Abhishek , Maintar ? I don't have any clue on all these as I am new to this whole thing.

I was planning to meet Santanu & Zahir Abbas as well .


rpadp 2022-04-20 13:14:45


Hi @neha1090
Please see a doctor first (specialized in child psychology), let them put him into a development plan and then choose a therapist. It may take a while to confirm on suitable therapists. However its very important that your son is happy with the working of the therapist irrespective of how renowned he or she may be and its regular at least in the initial phases of intervention. My experience is also similar to that of @1810. 

neha1090 2022-04-20 13:36:18



Thnks for your advise.
Does the psychologist do the assessment for any disorder and upon diagnosis then recommend for therapy plan ? I just want to understand this whole process. How does this work ?


textgeol 2022-04-20 14:16:30


@neha 1090, For a developmental paeditrician you can see Dr. Mary Acharya at Genesis. She is a good doctor and would guide you regarding speech/OT etc. You may call +91 99036 30927 to make an appointment.

textgeol 2022-04-20 14:20:08


@neha 1090, We visited Dr. Anindita Chatterjee for psychological assessment. She is attached with Peerless and also with a school Julien Day New Mission at Bhawanipur.

1810 2022-04-20 14:45:29


@neha1090: Somnath does not do any therapy himself. He will recommend other therapists. I have discontinued therapy with Mainak. As I said, the waiting time is too long and my son used to get restless simply waiting to go for the session. But, he's a good therapist.

neha1090 2022-04-20 15:30:44


Thnks @textgeol & @1810 for your responses.

@KolCB Thnks for explanation of this whole process. I finally understood now. I am sure this will help many newbies like me. In my case , Dr. Pulak Kole associated with Bhagirathi Neotia was our regular Pediatrician. On our recent visit for a vaccine , we raised this concern of late talking as per current age. To which he provided contact of a MR who in turn fixed an appointment with Somnath at Speech Plus.  

However , we were not expecting this primafacie case of borderline autism by Somnath. Therefore , we felt the need to dig in more and landed at this forum.



rpadp 2022-04-20 15:38:25


@neha1090, what @KolCB has written above gives the gist of the entire ecosystem. Its a bit complex set of development therapies and given that this "disorder" (though I would like to say "difference from the normal")  has a large spectrum what (therapy) or who (therapist) or combination of both will suit your child is of maximum importance. An interview based assessment called CARS is done by the Child Psychiatrist/Development Pediatrician after your child completes 3 years valid for a year. Sometimes starting from a therapist may skew the pyramid to that particular therapy which is not desirable. To top it of Child Psychiatrist/Development Pediatrician will not do any therapy him/ her self but review it along with the parents whether all therapies are happening in a proper direction and if something needs to be added or should be focused more.

neha1090 2022-04-20 16:07:48



Reference to...after your child completes 3 years valid for a year. Sometimes starting from a therapist may skew the pyramid to that particular therapy which is not desirable.

1. My child current age is 2 yrs 8.5 months . Does that mean CARS assessment can't be done before 3 ?
2. If starting from a therapist might distort this sequence ....what is advisable as of now ? Should we wait till he completes 3 yrs i.e another 3 months.



rpadp 2022-04-20 16:38:05


1. CARS assessment will happen after the child completes 3 years. But that doesn't mean you cannot see a Child Psychiatrist/Development Pediatrician before that. Early intervention is important.
2. Its happens with many. No, don't wait. See a Child Psychiatrist/Development Pediatrician as soon as possible. Since there's a issue with speech as well try some speech therapists in parallel and see who suits the best. Your development pediatrician may suggest one but that doesn't mean he/ she is always best for the child. Also please understand that the caregivers (parents, grandparents, nanny, etc) need to spend consider time the following way the development plan is chalked out. 

textgeol 2022-04-20 17:09:07


@neha 1090 I fully agree with @rpadp advice. Once you see a child psychologist, she/he would guide you better and would suggest a speech therapist and other therapies as and when required. It is not an "one size fits all" treatment. Be careful with some doctors with a package system as some of them work with a particular set of therapists and often insist you to join their program. Avoid them. When we consulted Anindita Chatterjee for our son, she did not suggest any OT. We started with speech (Mainak) and with a special educator (Samita and later Sukanya). After 8 months or so, I came to know about Dr. Mary who is a developmental paediatrician and she suggested OT with Anand Pathak. With OT, we have seen considerable improvements. Often you will get various advice even from the specialists, but with time, you will come to know which one is giving result. Anindia did the CARS assessment twice with a gap of 8-9 months. Speech plus also offers same service.

neha1090 2022-04-20 17:41:50


@rpadp This makes sense.

Yes. I was suspicious of this Package system thing in Medical profession. After all healthcare has become a moneymaking industry these days. I think I have understood the whole process and can proceed with actions now. It is more about what actually works for the child.

Thnx to all.


SibBhatt 2022-04-21 00:33:55


Anyone having feedback about the special education provided by Indus Valley World School?

sayan78 2022-06-14 12:20:56


Hi All, My son is 6 years old and recently diagnosed with mild autism. He was going to a normal school till now and also getting very much difficulties in his studies and he always refused to go to the school. I saw here about the inclusive schools and wanted to know about the details about them. Can I admit my son in any inclusive school in Kolkata in the middle of a session? Please help me!

PM91 2022-06-22 16:33:49


Hi, Recently my daughter has diagnosed with autism..she is now 2.10year old..In Kolkata one of the psychologist and another renowned neurologist told us that she has ADHD but I was not convinced with the assessment so I came in Mumbai and consulted with a developmental paediatrician.She confirmed that my daughter has autism..but she is verbal..I need your guidance..I have seen all of your earlier post.I stay at chinarpark please let me know who all(therapist) will be best person for my daughter..I will be highly obliged if I can talk to you over phone. Will be waiting for your replyŸ™


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