school for autistic child

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KolCB 2017-11-14 00:05:29


Inclusive schooling and rehabilitation services should run parallel for high functioning kids. Play schools are not trained to deal our kids. Children with Echolalia usually get into high language track if proper speech stimulation and techniques availed. Speech development takes acceleration after 4-4.5 years only, so hold your patience! Hyperactive children may have behavioral issues or sensory issues or sometimes both. They look similar as outcome. A Behavioral or Occupation Therapist will not reveal real cause to you and insist continuing his/her discipline of service for money. Please evaluate improvements for every 3 months and change therapist or line of treatment if no improvement seen in 4-6 months. Any Montessori or International School has better infrastructure than regular schools for special children. I heard Boomdale follows quite Montessori patterns, stress-free environments and encourage all round development! 

1810 2017-11-14 17:27:53


Thanks a lot. His special educator suggested sensory integration so we plan to start that week..will also call Bloomingdale. Is it ok to pursue ot for a month or so and then restart speech therapy..he's not progressing a lot where speech is concerned ..maybe the ot sessions will lessen his hyperactive behavior and he will be able to focus better..what would you suggest?


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