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SamPra 2018-08-17 15:36:17


@ KolCB
Is North Point Day School (Dum Dum) affilieated to CBSE?  I do not see the name in CBSE website.Do you know any parent whos kid is going there by any chance. I took the appointment on 21st Aug there. And you are right SMAJ school is not the list of affilleated schools.


Sanchita20 2018-08-17 16:05:35


Do anyone heard Dr. Devang J. Sutarwala at Kalighat? senior homeopathic doctor for adhd/asd. My therapist told to consult for hyperactivity and referring many of her patients have been benefited.


Sanchita20 2018-08-17 16:06:37


I have seen my kid regress after every flu/fever. Is this because of antibiotics or paracetamol?

ABB2018 2018-08-17 17:26:21


@ Sanchita20 Pls mention the therapist name who has refered the same

lucks 2018-08-18 07:17:34


Has anyone experienced medication for increasing concentration? Am a little wary about it as it may slow him down altogether?

lucks 2018-08-18 15:08:06


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dev2018 2018-08-23 10:46:09


@Shourja. Did you found any special Educator in Damdam area. If so kindly refer me. I stay at Newtown. Near CC2

TBasu 2018-09-06 08:36:03


Hello Everybody, I am new to this group. After seeing all posts it really helped me to get so many information. Can you please help me about below query. But before that I would like to state some information about my son. My son was diagnosed with mild autism with Cars-2 score 29.5 . My son is doing speech therapy under " Mr. Mainak Santra". He has just completed 5 yrs & can speak all his need based sentences wity meaningful 5-6 sentences .He can write capital letter, cursive small ,small words, pre math concepts but handwriting is poor. He did not take any medicine for ASD till yet. But Recently My son is doing very high volume of Delayed echolalia almost every time at every place. So we are not able to continue specch therapy practice prescribed by Mr. Mainak Santra in home because during study, writing or speech therapy practice he is continuing very high volume of delayed echolalia. Even when Someone is asking him something ,instead of interacting he is doing delayed echolalia. So Mr. Mainak Santra has referred us to consult with Dr. Jai Ranjan Ram wheather any medicine is required to improve his attention because due to lack of attention is speech development is not progressing. I can see many parents in this group consulting Mr. Mainak Santra for speech therapy. Mr. Santra is continuing the Story telling stretegy since last 8 months with my son.But it is not working out for my son due to his lack of attention & interest to practice Story Telling speech therapy in home. I am not sure wheather Delayed Echolalia ,attention deficiency can be cured by medicine or not. we shall consult with Dr. Jai Ranjan Ram in Next October. So can anyone suggest whether they have faced same experience or what I can do in this scenario. Extremely sorry for the long post.

arundhati85 2018-09-06 09:54:05


TBasu I'm facing the same with my child, who is 4 years and 2 months now, but continuing therapies with Mr. Santra. Echolalia is a positive sign of picking up language. Do not worry, just keep providing him with more informations, as much as you can, even if he doesnt responds. The time frame of each kid to pick up language would be different. Mr. Santra, suggested on the voice recording process of story telling. I've tried that and also narrating stories while showing him pictures and videos. While recording your voice and  narrating a story, make it interesting with props and voice modulation, it helps.I've tried giving Sizodon at very small doses as prescribed by Dr. Ram at very small doses, for a week at a stretch and then stop. But what I feel is keeping my child engaged with various kinds of activities and a lot of outdoor play and exposure helps much better than medicines. And yes, I've also been giving him Cognicare since past 4 months and have seen him pick up and imprve on language. Also there would be phases & stagnancy at times during the journey with your kid, do not worry on that though i know it might be frustrating at time. Just keep being consistent and I'm sure he'll bloom one day!


TBasu 2018-09-06 10:39:18


@Arundati85 : :: Thank you very much for your suggestions. Can you please suggest what is cognicare?? Actually My son is showing agreession like pushing, kicking to other people & children in school ,park,road. In last PTM teachers told somedays he becomes very restless in class throwing objects, small plastic chairs ,push,pull hairs, to friends.. Recentlu he bocomes extrem inattentive & does high volume of delayed echolalia during study & speech therapy practice .Voice recording also Mr. santra suggested me. But My son is not at all responding & lost all interest to any story telling strategies. So Mr. Santra suggested me to consult Dr. Ram. Wheather any medication can calm down agrresive behavior & improves mood , attention. Even Mr. Santra suggeated when we are asking any thing to my son or trying to continuing any discussion, he might be thinking something else, so instead of responding or interacting he is doing delayed echolalia as his mind is somewhere else . He marked " Attention Deficiency " in his last prescription & suggested to consult Dr. Ram for medication. Mr. Santra also told that my son has just completed 5 yrs in September 2018 ,if this story telling thing will not built up, then it will be very difficult to continue social interaction & study in school. I am planning to buy story telling puzzles ,books to continue speech therapy. But not sure how much that will work out.

sanjub22 2018-09-06 14:03:31


@TBasu ........ this is almost similar to the case of my son ( 6 yrs ) though he never hits any of his peer group in school but sometimes he hits his mother and have expressed embarrassing level of anger ( but only at home ) . He was also diagnosed with Global Development Delay and is going through various therapies . Ecolalia was also his problem but got faded out with time. But since last one year, as his other cognitive skills have started improving , there is a terrible increase in his boisterousness.  I tried every possible way to have him engaged to calm him down but nothing has worked out . Though he did well in Mr. Santra's class but it requires almost everybody in his chamber to have him seat in front of him including the guys at billing . My son was already visiting Dr. J Ram for some time and was on Risperidone for few months . But on this time he prescribed Atomoxetine ( Attntrol )  10 mg for the next 3 months and we feel situation got 40% better after taking the medicine for around 3 weeks now. I am not at all in favor of such drugs to my son but I explored every other option/suggestion mentioned in this forum and also from few other sources and then compelled to yield to Dr. Ram's prescription which is somehow working now. We didnt observed any side effect as of now neither any kind of dizziness kind of thing . But having said all these ,  I will still suggest you to try every other possible alternatives before going to Dr. Ram.

Would also like to mention couple of more steps though I am not sure whether any one of these are playing the primary role or its a combination of everything . So if you are not already aware of , you can try Tulipian Pre Schools ( main branch at Dover Lane )  which has already created an extremely positive impression to my son after just two weeks of schooling and we never heard any bad feedback of my son especially on the hyper activity . They got a great team of few passionate special educators/teachers and who are taking real care of my son and report us the daily progress very diligently sometimes with photographs taken in class room.  I now can see my son is taking active part in group activities without being too resrtless. They have a specific methodology for the kids with special needs which seems to be working with my son though it is too early of a stage to come to a final conclusion. But the progress is hopeful enough to begin with.

Second things is the usage of essence oil and you should find great details in some recent posts in this thread only . 

But stay positive , these are just bad phases which will definitely get faded away with time and our little champ will rock soon . 


TBasu 2018-09-06 15:41:22


@Kolcb & Sanjub22 : Thank you very much for your such detailed level explanation. I called Mr. Mainak Santra once again and asked whether I shall go to Dr. Debanjan Pan or Dr. Ram. Mr. Santra suggested to check with Dr. Debanjan Pan . @Kolcb : Which doctor prescribed for Cognicare medicine ?? Is this medicine worked for Delayed echolalia in your case ?? Have you also experienced Delayed Echolalia??

TBasu 2018-09-06 19:06:06


@Kolcb : Thank you very much for your detail information. It is really helpful.

arundhati85 2018-09-12 18:09:36



Mkonar1 2018-10-06 13:04:35


Hello all
       I need your suggession. We are staying in Ukraine for last two years. My daughter will be 3 by this november. Let me explain her natures
1. Good in eye contact
2. Responses to her name
3. Can follow instructions like bring this or keep it there etc.
4. Very good in recognizing colours, shapes, numbers and alphabets
5. Can eat and dress by herself
6. Has no speech delay. Can experss herself in 2-3 words sentences. But still struggles in conversations and complex sentences. Speech is clear.
7. Can understand facial expression
    Now let me tell about her negative parts
1.. not social. Only comfortable with parents and grand parents.
2. Does not like strengers touch. Even not comfortable staying near them.
3. She started going to a playschool here where no one speaks in english and at home we use bengali. She still not understand the difference between home and school.
4. Can not recall what she did in school or in park. 
5. She likes to play indivisual. She does not run away from them but play parallely alone. Does not share.
6. Still not cleared with concepts like yes and bo or night and day.
7. Becomes very clingy with mother if anyone visits home.
8. Still not pee and potty trained.
          I am very much confused with her behaviour. This month i am shifting to india for her betterment. Please tell me if she needs any medial help.. 

Pr84 2018-10-07 06:37:34


she may have social anxiety and also she is confused between 3 languages, does she point by finger? or it could be asperger syndrome also. u need to take advice from a dev pediatrician

Pr84 2018-10-07 07:28:57


also does she speaks in bengali? russian is a tough language, for someone to socialize with peer he or she should understand what they are saying.

lucks 2018-10-07 11:02:39


Mkonar1      Best to take professional opinion if you have doubts

Mkonar1 2018-10-11 12:12:34


You are right PR8. She speaks in bengali and can well understand. Initially she was struggling to make sentences. But as of now she is able to make sentences with 3-4 words. But yes she is not talkative. She points all objects by her fingers and can identify objects with i point by my finger. She is still not fully potty trained but whenever she soil her pant she runs to me and tell me €œmommy i did potty€. Nowadays she started recalling what she ate in lunch ir breakfast but ofcourse not every time. I keep on asking her questions. She can understand facial expressions. Now i have shifted to kolkata gor her betterment. Still she us shy to mingle with other kids and strangers. 

rituparno 2018-11-25 17:19:36


The school opposite to Diamond Plaza is Aditya Academy and not Aditya Birla Academy

Mkonar1 2018-11-26 22:58:46


She is doing much much better after shifting to kolkata. She loves being around her grand parents. Her speech has improved a lot. She goes to a local play school. I spoke to her pediac and doctor just denied she has any problem as her eye contact and speech are good. My daughter now loves going to school and recall her friends name. Still she is not 100% potty trained. 

Sriyam 2018-12-08 15:36:48


I have same situation like you.My Son is also 3 yrs and 4months old and detected as global development delay but his educational pick up is not far below from a normal child.He has a hyperactivity and attention deficit problems. Now I am searching for a integrated school for him in Kolkata pls suggest me some schools for him. If you give your contact number so that I can communicate with you in details regarding the situation.

Sriyam 2018-12-09 23:30:01


@sanjub22 Its a extremely helpful forum,I have got so much information regarding the inclusive school in kolkata. My son is also a hyperactive child.I am very interested in tulip Ian's school and I want to know about the admission procedure because I have planned to transfer my job location in Kolkata for special needs of my 3.5 yrs old child. I have gone through the website of school but information is not sufficient Is there any contact no of school ?


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