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lucks 2018-08-08 18:34:33


Thanks  sanjub22 and KolCb. Have been reading up a lot about ASD
Kolkcb you are right about labeling.I try my best not to think of him that way.That is why wonder whether I should be more strict with him for studies since the problem is only when writing.

Pr84 2018-08-09 01:24:55


@lucks ma'am I would suggest not to emphasize too much on writing, please focus on his speech, concentation and play skills, for finger grasp you can give him small crayons or triangular crayons for drawing

lucks 2018-08-09 07:14:32


Thanks Pr84 . However, He can grasp though not very well.My concern is about him NOT wanting to do it.Takes an hour to get him to write 1-50 or A-Z though he knows it all.No concentration at all ! He looks here there everywhere except his book

Pr84 2018-08-09 08:04:39


@lucks this is common problem, I guess he must be writing very light and not putting pressure on pencil, that's why I said small crayons , u can also try pencil supporter, putty playdough with small beads in it and ask him to take out beads from that, it will strengthen his grasp and shoulder, also for concentration u can try lacing beads activity. you can also put him in swimming it will release out extra energy.

lucks 2018-08-09 10:34:50


Pr84 Thanks for your inputs. Will try it out immediately.Wonderful forum this.So glad I found it

 Former member 2018-08-10 17:09:27



My son is almost 5 yrs . He has mild autism. Can anybody here give me their experience on the Blooming Dale school at Kalikapur?

CB73 2018-08-10 17:26:30



My son is almost 5 yrs . He has mild autism. Can anybody here give me their experience on the Blooming Dale school at Kalikapur? Also is Julien Day Bhowanipur an integrated school?

lucks 2018-08-11 09:45:30


Pr84 please share the therapists you visit and few details if possible?

KolCB 2018-08-11 11:38:18


There is a Telegram App Group "ASD Awareness Group" where ASD parents (including doctor parents) and rehabilitation professionals across India are having quality discussion. In addition, especially who are interested in popular therapies may get reviews and contacts. You have to first install "telegram" app in mobile and then the group link is below to join. The beauty of telegram app over whatsapp is that you after joining the group, can see also the previous conversations before you joined and may find useful information. 


lucks 2018-08-11 13:49:08


KolCb thanks so much. Will definitely take your advice!

Hmaz 2018-08-12 01:11:44


Hi Kol CB, My 2 year 23 days son, facing with similar issue, he don't respond even by his name, 2-3 months back he was responding 1-2 times out of 5-6 times,but from last one month he is not responding, very poor eye contact. Only speak few repetetive words pa-pa, ma-ma, aa-aa, sha-sha.. used to play alone. From last 3 months, he is going to kidzee playgroup.. but no improvement.. Today Visited Dr abhijit sarkar.. he written cbc blood test and hearing assessment test.. and he also refered to visit Dr anjan Bhattacharya.. so i visited him today only in Apollo, but without any assessment, he have told us to join the parent training course on this monday and Tuesday which cost Rs20000/-, and if i dont do on these dates, they told that next date will be on dec-Jan'19. When i enquires with other patients parents, they were telling that after this course, treatment will start which will cost around 5-6 lakh if i continued the treatment for 5-6 month. So i left there, and going to do his hearing assessment test tomorrow, as suggested by Dr Abijit sarkar. As cant afford so costly treatment with Dr Anjan. We are very confused, what to do. I stay near Vip road(haldiram). Pls suggest what to do.. I was going through your reply, pls suggest me where should we take my son for behaviour & speech therapy for his improvement.

Hmaz 2018-08-12 13:43:37


Thanks KolCB@ Really appreciatable. Hearing assessment done today by Dr Kalpana garg. She writes the observation- Most hearing responses were localized with an eye blink and a consistent head turn. Responses were repeatable and reliable. 24 months with normal hearing, delayed speech and no parental concern for poor responses to name calling and other speech sounds. She told that the responses he had made against this audio test is good so Bera test is not required as of now. Now as you told to take up with speech therapist Mr Shantanu Mukherjee. As want to know whether there is some other good therapist near VIP road/Airport, as there will be frequent visits. If not, pls confirm then will plan to Mr Shantanu only. Thanks for your commendable support.

sanjub22 2018-08-15 18:39:14


First of all , A Very Happy Independence to everybody and lots of love to our little angels .

Let me share my recent experience with Birla High Mukundapur. It has a great campus and once fully built it will  definitely challenge most of the modern days schools at Kolkata though the roads in front of the school will provide you the thrill of offroad driving.

Anyway, we have been asked to bring my kid for an assessment day before yesterday. My son , aged just 6 years , have ADHD and extremely boisterous with 60% clear lingual ability . So they have taken my son for a separate discussion with a very welcoming attitude and as i was expecting rushed back in just 5/6 minutes to ask us to follow her . He has been taken to a extremely well furnished room full with full of toys during assessment which probably triggers every possible stimulants inside him and he has toiled  their well equipped setup in minutes. Just to let you know that I already provided every details of my son's behavior to school and requested them to provide him time to settle down a bit and not to expose too many fun stuff in one go. But unfortunately they didn't realize that and the assessment process ended even before it started . Not having a single professionally qualified special educator has made their task more difficult.  They have one lady as a student counselor and doesn't really have that knowledge, patience or capability to handle restless kids.  So anyway , I was mildly reprimanded to bring such a child for assessment  :)   and  I was  suggested to go to special schools only like Mentaid Behala or any "other mental school"  as they said . Everything has happened in just 10m and by the time I was being lectured regarding my foolishness not to find an asylum first , my son got pretty settle down with some block and I knew had they been started asking him questions he would have responded properly as his initial exuberance has calm down by then.                

So after having almost similar experience from few branded schools in Kolkata who have portrayed themselves to have an inclusive educational setup, I have come under this impression they neither have enough  qualified special educators nor have a positive mindset to come out of their comfort zone to handle adverse situation especially if your kid is over the age of 5 and is not that calm. You may find your local schools have all of these quality luckily but there is no standard setup as such still exists . Please treat this as my personal experience and I would definitely like to be proved wrong from any other parentreers .

But rejuvenated by that electric mindset inculcated on us as a parent ( thanks @arundhati85 ) that "its just a bad phase and my son will be alright one day"  , i decided to take a step back and went to much heard Tulipians Primary School at Dover Lane and suddenly all of my painful and embarrassing experiences took a complete 'U' turn . Very tiny setup against those grandeur of famous school campuses but it has everything my son wanted right now. They have assessed my son almost for an hour separately and we were asked explicitly to watch the entire proceedings on CC TV and I wish I could have shown the recording to those teachers suggesting me to go to a "mental school even to an asylum"  . So far so good as of now, though I still do not have him admitted to Tulipians and few last minute discussion going on within family but I do not think I will have something better for the time being considering the present condition of my son .

Will keep you guys updated accordingly and again I would like to be proved wrong and will be desperately waiting for that.


SamPra 2018-08-15 21:00:18


Please let me know which one you are referring...

1. North Point Day School (Dum Dum)2. North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School (Baguihati/Arjunpur)

I sent email to North Point Day School (Dum Dum) and waiting for responce. The North Point Senior Secondary Boarding School (Baguihati/Arjunpur) is very near to my home so I will go there in person.

I am also planning to visit Tulipfoundation based on sanjub22 feedback.


arundhati85 2018-08-16 15:37:03


@sanjub22 @ KolCB
I can very well understand what both of you must be going through. I went through the worst phase of my life during the admission tenure last year. Felt as if there is no hope. There were inclusive schools like Gems Academia and others who rejected the child right away without even an assessment and the kind of advises I was offered would not even want to mention them on this forum. Apparently another quite famous inclusive school asked me to get a letter from any of the influential political leaders for them to consider my child's admission.
I do not know what the future holds for me and my child, but DPS Joka has been extremely co-operative till now. Every staff member is genuinely sensitized and the principal is always there to guide. They do not have special educators but two counsellors who come on regular checks at classroom for special children like mine. My kid too has started to make friends and loving school. That extra attention during school and regular contact with his class teacher is really helping him improve. That's true inclusiveness according to me.

pheonix 2018-08-16 17:19:43


@sanjub22 I apologize for your most unpleasant experience in BHMS, Mukundapur. You tried that school because of my post. I don't know who assessed the kid, but the "other mental school" comment was totally uncalled for. I'm really happy that you found a more accommodating setup at Tulipian. I wish you & your son didn't have to go through this ordeal. 

paromita1810 2018-08-16 18:15:53


My son Diptanshu joined Tulips in March this year. He is almost 5years old( will complete 5 next month).He was assessed with mild ASD. Since he has joined this school there's been significant improvement. He recites nursery rhymes on his own and is also keen to learn new things. His speech has also improved most probably due to interaction with the other kids. Slow & steady progress can definitely be seen. Making him sit & write is still an issue but hopefully things will get better at a later stage..the best part is he has started giving appropriate responses to situations. Whether this is due to the school, OT under Mr Jahir Abbas expert guidance or his language therapy once a month with Mr Mainak Santra at Speechplus I can't say but I am satisfied with his progress.

arundhati85 2018-08-16 19:26:31


Paromita, so happy to hear about Diptanshu's progress. I'm sure he will exceed your expectations soon :)

sanjub22 2018-08-16 19:26:41


@pheonix..... what are saying sir .... you just tried to help others which somehow didnt click to me but will obviously help few of us. Every situation is so different that we cant predict the reality in advance. In fact you should feel good that it inculcates another scenario which probably made me able to find a new avenue that might suit my son best. After all we all are divided by situations but united by a common destiny. So please dont feel bad. There are lots of parents who regularly go by this wonderful thread silently and I am pretty sure somebody will definitely have a distinct clue to proceed forward by your post.

@KolCB , like lots of others , I value you more than these so called professional medical practitioners around Kolkata. And this specific comments from you on Tulipian has made me feel more exuberant and positive.

@Paromita ...... appreciate your feedback as well and we definitely cross pretty soon . I have completed my son's admission today in Tulipian and he is going to start from 3rd Sep.

@Arundhati ..... Thanks for your kind words and nice to see that there are exceptions still exists among the lucrative business around inclusiveness but these schools are too feeble to deviate us from our ultimate moksha. But at the same time, may God bless all the staffs of DPS Joka for this excellent gesture and support and its just a matter of a small time before your little prince starts excelling full fledged.

SamPra 2018-08-16 20:47:13



My daughter goes to Mr Chandan, referred by Dr. Praveen Kumar. He & her wife provides speech and language therapy near Nagerbazer.   


Pr84 2018-08-17 06:34:47


@Sanjub22 it's really sad to know that u had to go through this bad experience, but to comment on child's future on the basis of a small assessment is utterly disgusting and the asylum comment is definitely not acceptable, I wonder what kind of special educator they are and what kind of inclusive schools they are if they can't understand that every child is unique . And I am glad that u have find the suitable inclusive school, a loving and understanding atmosphere is more important for a child to develop and our kids have so much hidden potential, if given proper support and direction they can do wonders in their life.

sanjub22 2018-08-17 13:31:43


@Pr84 .... thanks for your kind words ..... but I was mentally prepared for all these. So have ignored gleefully . Admitted him to Tulipians now and I am initially convinced by their setup and system. Lets see how it goes . I will keep on sharing intermittent updates .

@Arundhati ...... it was a nice little surprise .... I was thinking for some time to get in touch with fellow group members more collaboratively and closely but didn't expect my wife will make that happen so quickly. By the way , thanks again for few more extremely valuable advise and suggestion . 

lucks 2018-08-17 14:19:40


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