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smileandgrow 2015-02-09 20:02:50


I am very disappointed with Delhi Public school it is more about making money than teaching.  I teach my children and I find that the middle years class 6 to 7 some of the teachers tend to just collect their cheque rather than to teach.

Whatever undo pressure is their from management than imparting knowledge to children should be the first priority

As for the principal and the management staff they must realise if the foundation of learning is rocky with undo pressure on tests in a very, very limited short of timespan doesn't produce kids with knowledge but kids in just trying to  pass exams.

The main criteria I find with DPS is now just advertising and revenue making and us parents have to go and spend another fortune on tuition. 

So why not change, you may ask - easier if the circumstances allow you,  So parents choose another school

smileandgrow 2015-02-09 20:03:49


No proof reading - time is of the essence - but the gist is there


sankhya19 2016-09-14 13:18:33


I have ever heared that any teacher confesticated the book(physics for IIT-JEE) from school bag. If this is mobile or story book or any other electronics gadgets then it is OK. My ward has passed out this year from DPS, Ruby Park and now  he is in IIT-Bombay for Engineering. But the English Teacher(HOD) was confesticated his book(physics for IIT-JEE) from his school bag. She also told in class that she want every child was supposed to get above 90 except my ward.She also shown doudt on his grown up which was very much insulting to us. I had also written one apology letter to the teacher, that also not even touched and told that  all were  rubbish and drama. In this context, I want say one thing to that respected English Mam that my ward has got above 90 which is very rare in 2016 batch- Ithink this is very painful to you.
I know you are always prefer good looking students......but  Mam SORRY to say you that you are not at all eligible for DPS, Ruby park. 
DPS, Rubypark Principal Mam, Pl. think about this. If you want good result in English , change this HOD.


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