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RMRL 2010-01-13 21:40:22


 How is the focus on academics in DPS Kolkata?

SSBM 2011-02-17 14:44:56


That is a very obvious question before anyone put his/her ward into a school. In case of DPS Ruby park this has become an universal question for every parent becuase school administration is absolutely worthless. School may have good collection of teachers but the process is not strong enough to support a good academic environment. Moreover, the process implementors are not really carrying out their jobs. For example, regarding CBSE 10th standard examination school is neither keeping parents informed nor making it clear thorugh any discussion, open house or any other forums. We observed lots of gaps and lacuna with school administration like- common lesson planning  accross all sections, standardizing teaching methodology across all sections within a standard, no control mechanism for book lifting specially before exams. We parents are kept in dark in lot of administrative, academic matters and all these things make us impatient and frustrated.   


smileandgrow 2011-07-07 19:03:50


I agree completely with the views on the administration.  They are not organised nor have a vision on how to make this school better.  This year class timetables have changed numerous times in one term.  Why?   I wonder - why no proper planning? 

Children in certain classes have nothing to do!  Senior school starts at 7.30am - children spend 5 hours or more in school.  12 or more classes in one section.  Each class containing 40 children.  No problems in this - but spending tution fees in excess of Rs6000 you expect the quality to be same across all classes.

Do the teachers really have time to invest in the development of all children!  This is where the administration need to understand the workload as well as the professional attitude of all teachers.

Personal, I know that all schools are businesses, but the focus should be how to make a child have a rounded and holistic education in all forms. 

Many parents have plenty of experience in all walks of life, maybe a forum where parents can actually participate in the development of the school for the betterment would be appreciated. 

Let this school be number one - but as the principal says we are all a part of the team - let the team not be one sided!






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