Good schools in Garia, Sonarpur.

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tumpachatterjee 2012-04-23 11:29:05


 I am looking for class II admission for my daughter. Can someone please suggest good schools in Garia,  Sonarpur area? Thanks for the help.


SapientMaven 2012-04-23 15:25:08


You may try AG school in Tollygunj area or Future Foundation


piuz 2014-04-06 15:08:51


@sapient how is future foundation school u have any idea regarding fee structure..interview and all

kidpa 2014-04-06 23:53:19


Hi Piuz,

Although the question is directed to SapientMaven, I am sharing here an anecdote for you.

At Future Foundation, few years earlier, admission procedure was written test followed by interview for parents. I am not sure if they have done away with this now or are still following the same.

Then parents were asked to be seated separately but were given same set of question paper on the interview day. Say, sample question was "How do you feed your child and manage his/her food habit?" both had to write the answer to this question but couldn't consult themselves as they were seated at a distance. When answers were evaluated, if the answers for same question were found to be divergent from both parents, their child's candidature for admission was diminished. Expectation was their view should be same on a topic about their ward.



piuz 2014-04-07 13:40:40


Oh thank you so much @kidpa.I have been asking for long about future foundation school. Academic wise future foundation is good na?? The school is very near to my house and heard interview and admission is difficult..any more information regarding the school will be highly appreciated..


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