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I like the way the teaching is done at Meru. The teachers give individual attention and teach well. My son is in Grade 8 and has been at Meru since 3 years. I have seen that he now speaks confidently, studies well. Teachers encourage him to participate in assembly as well.


Speaking with confidence matters a lot. I am so happy that at Meru, my child is encouraged to speak. In class assembly they give a chance to every child in the class. My chlild is in Grade 8 and they are asked to make group presentation on topics they have been taught. At first my child was hesistant to speak in front of many people but with these speaking activities at school he has started getting confidence. I am very happy.


I feel Meru International school is the right place where I joined my kid. I am really happy with the individual attention when it comes to teaching. Their M-CLAP program has bought a lot of change in my kid's behavior. He has started taking things in a positive way. He enjoys the activities at school a lot.


We have recently moved to India. I was worried about my daughter's studies and how she will adjust especially with the languages. But the teachers at Meru International School helped my daughter to slowly and comfortably adjust at school. She now enjoys the learning at Meru. She is interested in football and was happy to see football sport being taught at school.


The unique way to teaching kids about leadership in life values is done so beautifully in Meru International School. Thanks to the M-CLAP program my child is now learning moral and ethical values of existence in a fun way.


I am extremely happy with the personalized attention given to my child with respect to academics and extra curriculars. Meru International School truly is the best international school.


The biggest challenge we face as a parent is trusting a stranger with our toddler, and every parent has to go through this experience. However all our worries came to an end after we got our daughter enrolled in Meru International School. The personal attention and care given by the teachers is beyond expectations. Everyone are extremely cooperative and easily approachable.


I have been working with Meru International School for the last 3 years. It has been an absolute pleasure to work in such a supportive and encouraging environment. We are given the freedom to express our thoughts and the management is really open to suggestions. I have always felt the ease to explore my talents here. The best thing that I like is the Continuous Professional Development Qualification program for the employees that help us be up to date with technology and dynamic teaching practices.


We are very happy with MERU International school. My child is in… grade 3 and is very happy to attend school, both physical and digital school. We have seen a lot of transformation in my child in the last one year as virtual school helped us understand more about the teachers, and the teaching methodologies. The M-CLAP program introduced this year to instil leadership skills in children is a very good program that focusses on creating well rounded individuals. Overall, we am very happy with the school and its dedication to provide uninterrupted learning to my child in these promising times.


Meru International School is the school I have been looking for. We took admission for our lid for this year and it has been amazing how the school has taken up the challenge of online classes for little kids. My kid really enjoys the activities and interacting with teachers and classmates.


Heard so much about this school from my sister and her kids that I had to check it out and get my kids to join the school. 1 of the best schools in recent times,that i have come across. Good work meru


Meru International is a decent school with good standards of education.The infrastructure is also great. It has both CBSE and Cambridge curriculums which helps kids to have a international standard based learning. I am happy that the school imparts a well rounded curriculum for kids. On top of that the teachers are great in handling kids.


Fantastic learning place! A well rounded & holistic development focused  school. I can this is one of the Best International Schools in Hyderabad. Good balance between academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Great facilities for students. Both CBSE and Cambridge curriculums are available. Right student-teacher ratio to enable right level of attention given to students. 


My Son goes to Meru international school and he is in kindergarten. I am happy with his overall academic progress. All classes have two teachers and they pay attention to every child where they carefully assess their day to day progress. I would like to call out the team of special Instructions unit where they have one on one with every child to identify any weakness like writing or sitting tolerance and help them to overcome the disability. Also, The premises is clean and hygiene is well maintained. I am sure my child is in safe hands.


Its a very good Cambridge and CBSE school in Madinaguda area. My child is happy going to the school.


Worst !!


My son studying school, but transport wise they are not giving option to parent, parents has to drop and pick up the students thier decided points it may 1 to 2 kms from the droping point.Tansport department not response parent concerns.




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