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Surprised to see so many positive reviews on same day, i am sure most of those from faculty to prop up ratings before admissions. 

Now here are facts. My ward is in higher grade with board exams around the corner. But school is only concerned about the dance practice for more than 2 weeks and no classes happening all these days. No additional weekly tests or conducting exam reviews apart from the 4 PAs and 2 SAs which are bare minimum for any CBSE school. I was wondering if a KV or any government school would have been better as at least they would not rob the time of higher grade students like this. Mind you school is charging 2000 -1500 rs amount just for rented costumes which need to be returned,
meaning they want to conduct their annual day at student expense. I wish I didn’t pay it but too late now. 

I got to know from my neighbours in JCC gated community that the situation is no better either for lower grades as some frustrated teachers shout and yell at the toddlers in PP2, PP3 grades..just imagine some of the students can’t even convey this nonsense to their parents buy my neighbour daughter is a bright kid and passed on it her parents who could then reach out to other parents in a WhatsApp group of their grade and confirm it’s happened for real.

I could find just one genuine review from a parent as it mentioned about a school trip to ISRO which happened for a fact but like the review mentioned it was conducted just to satisfy CBSE requirements. Like I said if CBSE doesn’t require any more weekly tests or mock tests for public exams then you can be sure school won’t bother about conducting those.


Good Morning !! This is to highly appreciate all the teachers and especially Principal ma'am for the wonderful, memorable and meaningful experiences that this ISRO trip has created for one and all. It was wonderful that each teacher especially Ishaan sharma group teacher (Shayree maam) provided regular and timely updates all through the trip to keep us updated on the well being and status of our wards. Thank you all involved and we really appreciate the efforts taken and for taking a big group with minimal issues. Thank you maam and kindly convey our regards to all  concerned. Have a wonderful day!


Hi mam, it’s a wonderful and big success trip thank you so much for the support


I would like to thank all the teachers for managing the trip very nicely and for making  it very memorable for the children. The way you people have managed this trip is really commendable


Thanks for sharing the pictures, appreciate your hard work and dedication towards the students.


Thank you mam for your support and help. I am sure kids would have enjoyed the whole trip.. thanks to all the teachers and management for everything


1. Money minded management 2. Poor Management 3. Very much unprofessionalism 4. They change teachers on very regular basis, when I enquired, they don't pay much to the teachers but they will give lot of work to the teachers 5. All teachers are not qualified as per CBSE norms. Below are recent experiences: 1. They orgaanised an educational trip to Bangalore and Trivendrum by telling that the transportation would be by 3rd class AC and they charged the amount accordingly. Though it's an educational trip, it was not organised properly and the communication to the parents is very poor. The teachers left the students at the museum's and no one was there to explain to the students about anything in the museum. Even in Trivendrum, they boarded the train in the last moment while train about to start. It shows how unorganised the trip was. Just for the sake of CBSE norms, they conducted the tour with a help of unprofessional tour operator. 2. The maths teacher Mr. Gopalakrishna was made to go out. Most of the students like this maths teacher as he connects well with the students and we observed the students were active in his sessions and learnt good maths. Now the new teacher Prasoona is not upto the mark. Though she is skillful, she's not teaching properly to students. The students motivation has gone down with her improper way of teaching. Not sure if the management knows about it. The important thing is, it doesn't matter how talented you are unless you are not connected with students and you don't teach well and you don't motivate the students. Almost all students are complaining the same about Prasoona teacher. 3. Also most of the teachers never focus on the poor students. The basic role of teacher is to bring the poor students to the next level. Not sure when the management will focus on learning aspects of the students


Hello we are happy to have chosen right school that is kairos global school for our kids as we have seen a remarkable improvement over the years in every aspect of the school we are highly satisfied by the staff and management of the school Kairos is a child centered school which focuses on the overall development of the child in a playway and friendly way hope our children rise in education with kairos n family




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