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My son is studying in grade 4 in Keystone school and he absolutely loves it. What I like about the school is the positive response and experience you have once you visit the campus. They treat you with respect, you can see students wishing you with 'namaste' which I really liked. Interacting with the counselor, we loved the concepts like social emotional learning, project approach and many such programs in academics, extra activities and also in arts.


I have been through the reviews here, but my opinion about this school is different from few parents. 
My son is studying in class 7 now, he joined Keystone in grade 3. I have seen tremendous change in him clearly. He was never a bookworm, he always would be doing some random activity. I was always worried how would he compete at school? 
I came to know of Keystone from a friend, we decided to give it a shot. He loves the projects work there. The teachers are very friendly, they have always attended to our queries and concerns in a polite way. 
The school gives equal emphasis on the practical projects, curriculum, sports and others. They have unique and innovative approaches in all subjects. 
My son is a very confident speaker, reader and writer now, he is no more an introvert who wouldn't talk to anyone. All thanks to Keystone for giving him his space and learning at his pace. 
There were few issues, first the construction sites around that worried me initially thinking of the dust the kids might be exposed to. But I still went ahead with the school because the pros were more than cons. Though there is construction around, I never had safety issues with my son. I would recommend this school. Also sometimes communicating with the transport team is difficult but now they are really good and responsive.


One of the worst school in Gachibowli, Hyderbad. Another one of those US returned parent who were sold on big promises by a school which is good at marketing and impressing people with gimmicks. There is no substance and the teachers are highly untrained. While your kid goes to school, you dont realize the difference but during Covid, it became increasingly clear that their approach to education is worst when i observed for a year as to what they teach. I am not here to market other school so wont say where i put my kid next, but she is very very happy now. Our daughter also initially was like i love the school. Guess what they know what kids like and thats what they focus om and hence you will have good feedback from kids. However when we compared the development difference between the kids of same age in keystone vs other school, we were shocked and immediately decided to take her out of school. If anyone wants to know more about them, please send me a note and i am more than happy to walk you through the shortcomings of this school and what i went through. Lets care for our children and give them the right education and send them anywhere based on fancy english, brochures and marketing gimmicks. Only one suggestion, if you still decide to admit your kid, please make sure you interact with the class teacher and support teachers and understand them and their background and not the marketing folks, or course coordinator(another marketing title) etc.


My daughter has attended keystone school for three years now. She absolutely loves the school and the staff. Her teachers are a great encouragement and the academic program is great and unique with programs like bibiliothon, guided reading, project based methodology and recently they are encouraging all the kids to explore and play in the basketball academy to observe and encourage their talents or interests.
 I as parent would recommend this school if you are looking for a project based school. .

The management is open minded and think outside the box to make keystone a successful educational experience for the students. The ideology and methodology are matchless. They teach values through social emotional learning sessions.
Education for my child has been a very positive experience to her and for our family.


We moved to India in 2018 and toured many schools to provide a US like atmosphere and smooth transition for our 5 yr old. We liked the vision and Project Based Learning concept of the KeyStone school and felt like low teacher to students ratio will also be an added advantage. My kid attended the school for about an year and a half before we moved him out and here are our observations:
1) The school has very under trained and over burdened staff, the teachers are overburdened and the stress  percolates down to the students
2) Most of the teachers are unexperienced spouses of IT professionals just looking for a launchpad to get back to jobs. The attrition rate of teachers is also v high.
3) The school never handed out any books or reference materials and the print outs are very very low quality, sometimes my kid used to struggle to even read the question well. 4) The quality of field trips, and projects right from primary grades to higher grades is 3/10 - like in the name of project based learning the kids were made to mug up facts abt Hyderabad.
4) The school fees is a rip off and admission fee/caution deposit is all based on how well you haggle with the school, some parents paid 50K in admission fee, for us it was waived off but many parents were also offered 10-15% discount on the fee

This is more of a mom n pop kind of a school with high promises, vision and mission laid out but fails to deliver at the execution level. The school is ultimately run by a couple who moved back from US, have good articulation skills to resonate with the wishes of NRI parents but the core intent ultimately is profitability. Which is still OK if  they were able to find a suitable team of Academic experts and experienced teachers to execute it. 


We all strive to join our children in a good school which has best teachers and of course within the budget constraints.

We started our school hunting journey when our kid was 2 years! Be it looking at the reviews on parent tree and asking friends and family to give us a checklist on what to look out and preparing for all sorts of school interview questions and how to answer to them.

Also, we had our specifics on what we wanted for our child in the early stages of learning in a school - quality learning, less crowded, good environment and best teachers and peers.

We did visit schools like Oakridge and Rockwell but after visiting Keystone which perfectly fits the bill, we decided to enroll our kid in PP1 there.

As soon as you enter the school premises, you get really good vibes. Counselor gave us a tour of the school. It is surrounded by greenery. School campus is small compared to the other international schools around but classrooms are well-ventilated and are all air-conditioned.

We got to meet the director of the school Mrs. Sri Lakshmi Reddy and this was the turning point to decide on the school. She started the conversation asking what we were looking in a school. The best part was when spoke about the focus on teachers training and how important the teachers are for school. She insisted on having an interaction with our kid, which went well.

And we know it is not just our decision to choose the school but vice versa too. Our kid got adjusted to school without much of a problem. On school's orientation day we got the glimpse of the overall ideology of Keystone and got to meet the team.

Mr. Pushkin Reddy, the backbone and the pillar of Keystone who was invisible all through the admission process spoke on orientation day and we were in awe for the passion and ambition he had for the schooling overall. As parents, we can only hope that they continue bettering the learning experience for kids and make them stronger to make the world better.

Our experience so far:
- We love the way our kid started using fingers and hand movements while talking to us
- Teachers are very friendly to kids and initially when required kids interaction was in the mother tongue rather than forcing them to speak in English. My child picked English and is conversing in English with us at home. We had a problem when teacher was replaced with another. My kid took long time to get used to the new teacher but transition was not that bad.
- Shekhar sir, P.T sir is heartthrob of every keystone student. He makes sure all kids get good playtime outdoors and much needed exercises.
- Food is from school and is alright. Our kid is a fussy eater but is getting better in eating variety of foods.
- Transport is one thing that we have a problem with. At least the driver we are assigned is very rude and my kid comes back saying driver said 'sigguleda' and 'buddileda' while asking to sit down on the assigned seats. We are planning to raise this in the next PT meeting
- Fees is on the higher side and they promise hike will not be more than 5-6%.

-They still need to figure out certain things to get to the International standards. For instance, they promised GPS tracking for transport and is pending for months now.
- PT meeting first quarter, we never received any notice and wonder if they forgot to tell only us. 

We hope they don't loose out their focus after few years and become just like any other school.

Our overall experience has been wonderful and we just hope we are part of their journey to become what they aim to become. We have no regrets in choosing this school for our child.


Its a good stepping stone for kids to train them to travel several such miles in their career and reach the destinations succesfully. Good atmosphere, good teachers, well trained and skilled. I am happy sending my kid over therr.


Excellent  campus ., nice place for kids to learn and play. wonderful learning approach. 




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