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We are Shyam/Radhika parennts of Reyansh (Sproutz, nusery class). This is quick feedback on the Sprotuz school.

After checking couple of pre-schools and day care, I happened to put up my son to Sproutz school, because its on the way of our office and the most important reason is the cleaninness of the school that struck the right cord in us and we just enrolled him, because till this point as I write we just dont know how the teachers and other staffs are.  We were impressed by looking at the higenic condition of the entire school including the classrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen where the delcious foods for the kids are prepared and finally after discussing with Manjusha we enrolled him, and seriously I have no regrets in doing so. My son (now he is 3 and 1/2 years old) started with his pre-school/day care and now nursery/day care.

Each and every person of the school be it school management led by Manjusha and the team of teachers and most importantly the aunties who take care of the kids do a wonderful and fabulous job and they basically know how to do their jobs and manage the kids.

The food provided in the school is also very tasty and I have personally tasted couple of time. For sometime lets forget about my taste, the point that my son likes the food prepared in the school and he eats everything cooked in the school, which he doesn't eat at home and now he has started everything.

Coming to the academic part, I do see a lot of change in my son from past 1 year and the way they teach the kids is something that I love. He is always excited to go to the school and he does come and shares what all he has learnt in the school.

The school premises is mainatained properly under very good higenic conditions which is a very important and intregal part of any school and importantly the school is not centrally AC, and sufficient fresh air comes into the classroom and the entire school is adequately ventilated.

Along with this not to mention the least, the kids that are already part of the school are "kinda kewl" in my language and they really bond very well and these childhood friends are the ones who remain along with you through out your life, as is the case for most of our parents.

And finally I wish Manjusha all the good luck in taking the school along with her wonderful and hardworking team, and also sinceryly wish that in future she expands the school not only in terms of grades, along with the campus as well which is proportional as the school grows.   Generally most of us tend to shift our kids from nursery to bigger reputed schools from PP1 onwards because getting admission to those school in higher class becomes a challenge as in PP1 stage, kids get in without admission and higer the class you need to write examinations as far as my knowledge goes. However in my case I would continue to send my son to this school till class 2, as this is the max class in the school as of today and in future if Manjusha thinks of expanding, it would be really great and I am all with her and if it doesnt will move on to a new school, and I am 100% sure that my son would be in a position to clear the exams that generally schools conduct for admissions into higher class.

Keep up the good work Sproutz Team and I can clearly see in my son, that you have laid the foundation stone for becoming a good human being, which is imporant for any kid to growup in life.

Love you all people.

Thanks and Regards


You Will leave Worries Home at Home when you join your Precious here. Irrespective of School/Day Care, its awesome here. Assessment on Practicality, None Bookish. My Precious Loves here a Lot. One who never showed interest on Learning , and shows much more on Extra activities. Now, he neither lost his Interest and is much into Learning. He Learns on his Own. Anything he observes, he just tries to work through it. And Learn it. 
I Bet my Better Half Took best Decision. 
Thank YOU SPROUTZ for the special Care. 




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