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The access road to reach Tatva school is really pathetic (Mud road with lot of pits.). Accidents are common for 2 wheelers here. So far 2 kids hospitalized in accidents. And this is called world class Tatva International Scool.


the first milestone reached and a new pinnacle achieved. We are proud of the 2018-19 batch of Grade-X students who pioneered this key milestone of 100% pass with distinction.

All of us at Tatva Global School would like to take this opportunity to congratulate every student and their parents for collating their efforts and making this dream come true.

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As a parent, I am taking this opportunity to share my child's school grade 10 result



Tatva's first batch (2018-19) of 10th graders passed with flying colors (100% pass with distinction). 

Congrats to student, parents and Tatva teaching staff on this remarkable achievement.



Congratulations to the 10th students and Tatva management for their unabbreviated success(100% pass with distinction of 2018-2019 batch).
   It gives a sense of sanguineness and ray of hope for all aspirants as the school is colossal ocean liner of opportunities.
   It gives me immense pride and honour that my child is a part of Tatva Global School.
     Once again my heartfelt congratulations.


I was a Teacher at Tatva. Unfortunately I couldn't continue in the school owing to personal reasons.  However I have decided to let my daughter study at Tatva. She travels more than 12km to go to school.
            As a teacher and parent, I want to say the current world doesn't consider distances for quality. And education is an investment for me and not a cost. I am making the right investment for my daughter by sending her to Tatva. And I know there are many parents who are like me, forward looking and want to give the best to their children.



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