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Overall rating is Good! I’m giving rating 3. Reason for removing 2 stars 
My kid is studying in this school and I’m happy with her academic performance ( only in studies). 1) Some might ask what else u need when the teaching is good! Will u believe a school campus with over 10 acres hardly allows students to play. It came to me by surprise ! After seeing their weekly schedule initially I went into an assumption they are balancing studies and activities during weekdays . Its not true , it’s just to collect more fee showcasing campus. when I went for a parents teachers meeting to school. My kid asked me to allow to play for sometime as they won’t be allowed to use the ground during school hours . Also After school hours they won’t have chance to play becoz, management won’t allow without parents & second reason is school bus will start soon after final bell. during weekends or holidays, student need to pay extra amount to play in their school ... Too commercial!!! It’s not a blame , may be it’s the same case with other schools - I don’t know. 

2) Tution fee which is reasonably ok compared to other schools of same segment. But don’t immediately come to an assumption it’s offering good teaching with this fee. Dress and books (15k+ Too much ) and lunch (18+) mandatory every year, which looks like another way of pulling money. You are supposed to pay complete fee before Dec of every year ( mandate) - deadline is Nov only. You will be charged extra if u don’t  pay ontime.

So who don’t care much about extra curricular activities and money, Think of this school. It’s worthy for sure with good standards in teaching compared to others.  


Pros Education seems to be good. Good play ground and facilities. Bus timings and maintenance is good. In most buses there will be two helpers to help the kids. Food served is good. They take care of kids who have any food allergy. Classrooms are spacious and well designed.. so less distractions to kids. 20 to 25 kids per class. Cons Location is not easily accessible but not a big deal. Price for books and uniform seems to be high (20k). Even then we are required to send paint brushes, some print outs etc. Swimming pool class is ther only on alternate weeks. On some documents they mentioned swimming wouldn't be taught during school hours. So if ur assuming that ur kid will learn swimming during school hours that may not happen. Some other points which are common in most other private schools like less tranaperancy. To know fee structure u have to pay 1000 rs. Even after paying they took back the fee structure slip immediately. I don't know y some schools protect their fee structure like trade secret. To teach childrens good values they have to follow them first. Other points: Lunch and evening are mandatory and there is additional cost for that 18k Tuition fee 70k+ Ac bus 30 to 40k Non ac classroom ( i prefer that). Home work given regularly, during holiday season too. No projectors in classroom. Good or bad..upto u to decide. They have school app which is not functional but another app for bus tracking which is useful. Overall school is good and I am satisfied.


The access road to reach Tatva school is really pathetic (Mud road with lot of pits.). Accidents are common for 2 wheelers here. So far 2 kids hospitalized in accidents. And this is called world class Tatva International Scool.


the first milestone reached and a new pinnacle achieved. We are proud of the 2018-19 batch of Grade-X students who pioneered this key milestone of 100% pass with distinction.

All of us at Tatva Global School would like to take this opportunity to congratulate every student and their parents for collating their efforts and making this dream come true.

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As a parent, I am taking this opportunity to share my child's school grade 10 result



Tatva's first batch (2018-19) of 10th graders passed with flying colors (100% pass with distinction). 

Congrats to student, parents and Tatva teaching staff on this remarkable achievement.



Congratulations to the 10th students and Tatva management for their unabbreviated success(100% pass with distinction of 2018-2019 batch).
   It gives a sense of sanguineness and ray of hope for all aspirants as the school is colossal ocean liner of opportunities.
   It gives me immense pride and honour that my child is a part of Tatva Global School.
     Once again my heartfelt congratulations.


I was a Teacher at Tatva. Unfortunately I couldn't continue in the school owing to personal reasons.  However I have decided to let my daughter study at Tatva. She travels more than 12km to go to school.
            As a teacher and parent, I want to say the current world doesn't consider distances for quality. And education is an investment for me and not a cost. I am making the right investment for my daughter by sending her to Tatva. And I know there are many parents who are like me, forward looking and want to give the best to their children.



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