Kangaroo Kids Miyapur - Hyderabad

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Visited this School a few weeks ago...though the Class rooms look neat and clean, I was happy initially but later realized the neatness was because of the Grante flooring but the Stairs and the entire layout was dangerous and the Area pretty small for a Kid like mine as he jumps around a lot and need good amount of space. They managed to show some outer Play Area but it was too dusty as the School is on a Busy Main Road and observed all the children were more often inside and not getting to Play much...Same with the School Next Door (Sesame Street)...I really liked Blossoms International Play School near Kalki Heights...this has Huge Play Area, Verry Bright and spacious Classes...When I visited, the Kids were preparing for some Sports Day and were Marching to the Park in the Colony..it was being handled very professionally and I was surprised to see such young kids Speaking in excellent English..all of them..This School is inside a Colony, they have 2 Villas side by side and I was very happy with the entire ambience...Thumbs Up to Blossoms..




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