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Dear Parents. I had my child admitted here in April 2022 and were forced to take out my four-year-old kid in June. Reason: My child was falling ill facing neglect, dirty toilets, dirty water dispenser and untrained aayahs who caused grievous injury to my child. As parents you would be stonewalled to meet the Principal or Vice Principal and you will encounter a rude and highhanded school management. This is a politician's school and they do not care if anything happens to your child. Especially be wary of Ms. Chandni. One of the school counsellor and the rudest person we came across. On approaching her for giving feedbacks about difficulties being faced by my child, also another girl's parent from same class complaining of UTI infection owing to dirty toilets, Chandni called us 'uncultured'. They feel politically protected and you may not have peace of mind even after paying in full.  I am writing this review as we got fooled looking at their expansive campus and then realised that they poorly pay all staff, which leads to neglect of children. I hope this helps you to take informed decision about your child's well being and avoid the trap of this School.
soumikdey @ gmail . com


The school don't follow hygiene in rest room they have lot mosquitoes and too too much smelly in the toilet. They don't give much experience teachers to the students for teaching in the class they space for play
 If we give complaint they don't take it as serious


Long way to go as of now.. despite being from the Vignan stable there are many shortfalls, Found wanting on academics by a long way. One star for a good infrastructure  and locale but again but not ably supported by good support staff. Good hardware but not so good software . .:(


 Greenery, Playgrounds and outdoor sports. (One Star for that)
Hmm is it a school. No Pros related to studies.
Wastage of quality resources. Low qualified/Inexperienced teachers, irresponsible Management. No concept. No proper Library Books. No Overall Development for Students.
If you just need any school, then fine. 
You want to know the standards of the school, don't go their as parents go for joining as a teacher.(A graduate is enough). Are teachers interested in teaching or they come for their pocket money.
Senior Management should take it seriously or else its reputation will be eroded.
Fee: 90+Admission


I found the environment to be a pleasant one for the kids to develop in the aspects they like. Looks like a resort and not like school with vast area to play. Teachers are also good. And more over it is from Vignan Group, which is in educational field from 36yrs.

Go & Check for yourself.




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