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After moving from abroad and staying over 12 yrs with lot of hopes i choose oakridge bachupally as school for my son. First year was okay and teacher was good to understand needs and son started looking school. However when he entered in second grade the class teacher (Mrs A****tha*) was no way close to expectation and clear seen differentiation between kids, no enough equal opportunities provided, never serious to check hone work or even guide on needs. When I brought this to school admin and escalated rather than supporting they infact tried to hide school teacher mistakes with different excuses and clearly seen even they tried to lobby showing how good school is ....Nord Angelia should seriously look into this as oakridge is using it as corporate name to make money honestly atleast my feeling is unsatisfied huge fees for not even qualifying teacher..They are more interested in show off, fansy stuff, internal lobbying and give perception as international school while forgot basic values what school should bring ...Now finally I changed school for my son likes the teacher and focus also sincerely i wish schools understand we parent keep lot of faith and trust on these system they should respect feeling to keep curious mind ignited.


My son Anand studying in grade 8 runs his own YouTube channel with videos on Robotics, Python programming and Checkpoint Science Physics. The encouragement he received from the Principal Ms.Baljeet Oberoi motivates him to work harder and make more educational videos so that learning can be fun for all the students. In the light of the current situation, online learning is introduced by the school which is far reaching and connects all the students together as if they are in a classroom learning together. The sessions are made interesting and the motto is that leaning should not stop. He enjoys the online lessons and could interact with the all the teachers as if he was really in school.  The online lessons and revisions are structured and give confidence to the students.

Anand was supported by all the teachers and the Principal to attend the Harvard MUN 2020 in Boston as the school aims to provide holistic development to the children in addition to academic excellence. He was very excited to visit MIT because of the shared learning between MIT and Nord anglia and is also looking forward to be a part of STEAM MIT.

My son won the Oak Codefest 2019 with a game ‘Guardians of the Ocean’ which raises awareness on the plastic pollution of the ocean. The school instils the importance of preservation of the planet and my son is blessed to be here with excellent peer group that helps him widen his perspective and become a global citizen. I would like to thank Baljeet Ma’am, Prasanthi Ma’am, Mohua Ma’am, Afroze Sir, Diana Ma’am, Vijaykumar Sir, Smita Ma’am, Eshieta Maam , Satheesh Sir, Sujaya Maam, Navneet Ma’am, Uday Sir and Neerja Ma’am who have been constant support and mentors to him. 


I am planning to take admission in Einstein , but the campus is very interior and we stay appox 12 kms ( gajularamaram) . So worried if my kid joining for PP2 next year will be able to travel so long. I work near Hitech city  and my parents are also worried if this is feasible to send so small kid so far and incase of any urgency , as school is interior and also no public transport. Oakridge parents please advice your opinion and experience.


My daughter Elina goes to grade 3 in einstein campus. The infrastructure of the school is the best in bachupally area. They have very good extra curricular activities which focuses on the over all development of the child. I don't have to take her additionally for any sport or hobby. Everything is taken care of in the school within the school timings. I couldn't have asked for a more holistic approach that has made Elina a confident child.


My son Susruth goes to grade 8 in Einstein campus. I am very happy with the extracurricular activities in the school which focuses on overall holistic development of the child. The school coordinators keep in touch with us through weekly reports guiding us about the happenings in school and progress report of the child. One thing I would like to mention here is that if we are delayed in making the payment of school fees, there is no impact from the management on the child regarding the same. I am very happy about this fact. Would recommend this school as one of the best in hyderabad and particularly in bachupally area with superb infrastructure.


The atmosphere of the school is warm and friendly, with strong relationships developing between staff, children and parents. The facilities are World -class with Air conditioned classrooms, State of the Art Technology Labs, very good transport facility .  The school has a wide gamut of extra curricular activities. Swimming, Foot-ball, yoga, cricket are some sports that are taught. 

Great opportunity for my son studying 2nd class to explore interests and try new things. The teachers are outstanding and I can trust them fully not only to teach my child academically, both creatively and effectively, but also to care for my child


Hi to all,
       School is good for younger children but it is worst for grown ups. I suggest not to put your child beyond class VI in this school. The gachibowli campus is different. Here the teachers are not focussed on making your ward competitive in terms of academic at all. You can see the small computer labs, the biology labs has no dissection or working platforms..one platform is shared between all in lab, just talk to their maths teacher and you will immediately know the level of depth they have. Visit the school and they will only tell you about their lunch and breakfast menus. They will show you a substandard swimming pool and boast of it. They do not know what is international level for things. If anybody has seen the international levels they will not put 3-4 lakhs for substandard things.


Hello all...
Want to share some of my best experiences in Oakridge Internatinal School Bachupally. My daughter is studying here from PP1.. Love this school. Teachers, curriculum and campus...It is the second home for my daughter... State-of-the-art facilities. Friendly and humble staff...My daughter has truly blossomed over the past two years academically and socially.. She is always eager to go to school and also have a wonderful relationship with her teachers..The staff and teachers are one of the best in this area..The care and attention they give to the students by far exceeds any of our expectations...Highly recommend this school...




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