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The admin and management team don't pay heed to the parents feedback at all. The school is ruthlessly increasing the timings beyond 2:30pm despite govt instructions. What kind of education are you imparting to the students in this pandemic time. How can someone be so heartless and randomly at their own whims and fancies try to enforce academics only on the students. Are you even checking their mental health? Rather than deleting feedback it will be well appreciated if you can try and mend your ways and try to implement parent feedback. It's our humble request.


My 2 kids are going there for some years and here is the first hand experience.  We are going to shift out in 2020 as my children are in  lower grades.  We tried to raise these issues in PTM and wrote in comments but they just ignore any feedback.  Shal*** is a very arrogant person and she starts shouting rather than listening.  I have many neighbors whose children go to Manthan school and many are not happy with this school.

1) The school runs like a family business.  The principal's wife (Shal$$$) literally runs all the affairs and keeps shouting at kids and parents all the time.  She is very unprofessional in her behavior. 
2) Teachers suffer from too much partiality towards their favorite students.  Recently in my child's class the teacher refused to start a new lesson because her favorite student didn't come to school.
3) They give a lot of homework and there is no coordination among teachers.  Every teacher is encouraged to give maximum homework and there is no estimate of how much time student has to spend on each homework.  You will find your child doing work all the time but their concepts would be very weak as it is rut learning.  Most of the students can't complete all the homework everyday.

4) Teachers easily develop opinions and their treatment of students is based on that till they pass 10th.  I heard from a parent that in 2019 10th class batch, the teachers used to do witch hunt of a boy for no reason and gave him low marks in CBSE internals.  The boy did extremely well in CBSE externals and doing very well in intermediate.
5) The quality of new teaching staff  is horrible.  My neighbor's son is in 9th grade and his physics teacher (name Asi^^^)  doesn't even know the basics of physics.  We both were laughing when we saw  the kid's term paper correction


Admin is insensitive to feedback. Teachers are also very biased and not upto the standard. Increasing fee on yearly basis but decreasing the clubs and activities. There is no point in doing so. Overall not upto the mark.


One of the best school in Hyderabad. The staff, management and the curriculum is the best. I would proudly tell that I am very happy to be associated with Manthan as a parent.


Very bad n inefficient staff


academic team ok but admin team was very inferior, they won't respond to parent concerns through mail or phone


I have awful experience with manthan school tellapur branch

last year we got admission for my child n it was good. but this year we have terrible experience in teaching, food, transport and hygiene

we attend parent teacher meeting in september month and confer with couple of staff.  one of teacher express probably 50 teachers r left in April 2016 still enlistment is going on n  Inherently lot of operational lacks.  there is no english, physics, math teachers yet.

we met support team they r impotent to speak english. we wonder how school staffing such kind of people in such an international school.

we met food manager n express abt horrible food. my child agonize with stomach pain 3-4 days in week n habitually food contain insects thread n stones. food manager agreed n she said 'i don't have similar experience i'm learner'. but few teachers brings home food.

we met transport manager he is impolite person n does not understand simple english. bus never comes correct time and transport manager do not respond when parent call back abt delay.  we request bus stop other place in our society which is convenient for all kids. in his word he said 'no give stop' with shouting.  this was staff english

no one respond from support team abt parent concerns 

we came to conclusion to quit form manthan international school


My kid goes to Manthan and I have mixed feelings for the school.

1* for the fee - they claim that they do keep in mind the burden, but its all wrong. They conveniently increase the fee, just like many other schools in Hyd do. This time however, they have shown on the website that the tuition fee is just 16k per term? Are they kidding us?! Last academic year it was more and now they claim they have reduced it (only the tuition fee) and have balanced it out in some other component.
Transport fee is the highest and the same for all the students  whether you live next door or in old city :)
Isn't this ridiculous? Ofcourse, they accept one-way trips - which I am not sure of other schools in the vicinity. My aim here is not to compare with other schools, but when we claim we are the best, I think we need to justify in overall performance (management and academics).
2* for the management - i feel just like many other parents - there is absolutely no point in speaking to the principal - for any of the issues. I am confident, he will only compare and make alternate solutions in his favour, but none in favor of parents..,This is a very serious gap and lack in the management.
3* for food - the food they provide is not too good (in terms of health and nutrition), lot of masala, which can be avoided (only if the management agrees and pays heed to parents feedback). Some days the dal just smells and I have even heard the same complaint from many other kids (and their parents) and some teachers too.
2.5* for activity clubs - earlier they had more number of activities ( I guess), now it is just one club (can increase to more) and sports is mandatory (which is fine). One class per week for any club - wonder what will the kid learn at the end of the term. 
3.5* for the curriculum - they have a very good curriculum and I am quite impressed with it. But, not very happy with the teachers - they are okay. I could have rated a 4 or a 5 *, but this year onwards, they have included text books for social sciences (and still claim of best content (for study material, when they have actually replaced it with text books) :)




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