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Our kid went to school after 2 years of covid. No2, we are thinking of changing school because many of school children freely use "fcuk" in speaking to other students. Sometimes, the write "fcuk" on paper and keep it the pocket of my kid from 3rd class. Even, some kid wrote "fcuk (name of my child )" on the class note book. Last yeae, when I went to school to collect uniform my school, I heard children (1 girl and 2 boys) from higher standards are able to utter "fcuk" as fashion.

Initially, I was shocked to hear this from higher class students, now I see this happening with 3rd grade student. Even though my kid does not speak such inappropriate language in school, the children freely use it even in the school bus.


We hear about kind of schools only in movies, education is a business for them.. No matter you score 0 marks in all the exams still you will be promoted to the next class.. They are least bothered about children's education and to help them in understanding the basics and concepts.. If they have any problem/complaints about children teachers wouldn't work with child to help them overcome it instead they wanted the parents to do that for them.. I would want to give 0 rating but as it is not available I'm giving 1 rating


Classrooms made of wooden partitions with little noise cancellation between classes. Walkways with no shade from sun for students walking between the two building blocks. Looks like the school administration wants to extract the maximum fees out of students with little regard to the infrastructure - no wonder the fees is one of the highest in the area.


My daughter was in meridian for 3 years. She used to come crying home everyday saying that some people talked bad about her and the teachers were not that bad either. My kiddo had a hard time making friends there but she had a few. I didn't see any great improvement in an educational level but she tried! Anyway I would give this school a 3.5 star rating. 




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