Delhi Public School DPS Nacharam - Hyderabad

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I call it sports school. More than academics management inclined to sports education. Very good infrastructure. Less fee structure compared to DPS Hyderabad.


Totally dissatified


As a Grand parent and a regular visitor to the school I am totally satisfied with the security in the school for our kids as also the extra curricular activities.  As regards the teaching, its to my satisfaction, with the teachers being very helpful in all aspects.  I suggest improvement in athletics, specifically in field and track events.    


This is the place that gave us a foundation to our Kids personality


My daughter is studying CAIE curriculum in DPS Nacharam, we had a lot of doubts about the outcomes as it was newly implemented in DPS as far as we know, but after seeing her progress daily after these many months we are really happy. We appreciate the efforts of the management and teachers


Pls read my review before admitting your ward in to this school. First of all don't get impressed by looks of the school. In reality it is a total contrast to the fake looks. The teachers or not well qualified to the impression they provide us. Second: they don't care about give any importance to parents during admission I have seen a parent wait from 12:00 to 4:30pm Outside the VP's office. Even I had to wait two hours plus to meet the principal. Honestly it is very annoying. Because the school ain't worth that much.


Please don't get impress by seeing the school, this school is over crowded they are not able to maintain the classes. My daughter is studying first standard in the school,intially they ask to buy skating shoes and swim suits. school has started already 4months back , literally she had only 2 to 3 classes in 4 months and remaining time they just doing show and diverting the students to other activities which is not useful and also they are recruiting the freshers as a class teacher,people doesn't have command on students and not the active communicator.But this is very commercial school.apart from fee everymonth they show some activities and ask us to pay money.they have tie up with private people for uniform, branded shoes,books. Every thing they make business . I don't know why they can't change the dress code even upper class students also skirts till knees. I joined my daughter all because of some reviews posted by some people but I am experiencing the pinch of that. I never encourage to anyone to join in this commercial school.


One of the best schools in Hyderabad. Huge campus with multiple swimming pools.


Dear Parents, 
Please do not get carried away by the looks of the school.
It is one of the worst schools we have come across.
My son studies in 2nd standard.
The first term he had a teacher who was irregular.
2nd term he got a new class teacher who slaps kids because they are talketive.
I have enrolled him in butterfly fields which is supposed to give classes every week.
He has just had 4 classes for 5 months.
He has had 8 classes for swimming for the 5 months from the beginning of the academic year where he has just been standing in the baby pool.
He has nor had any skating class till date.
I am very disappointed with the school.
Recently they have charged 600 rs towards sports meet from each child.
Please dont consider admitting your child in this institution thinking that your child will be exposed to many extracurricular activities.




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