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In 22-23 academic year I joined my ward for PP2 in Ganges valley school, Nizampet. Previously I enquired so many schools about his education. Ganges had good reviews and most of the knowing parents suggest me join that school. That PP2 especially his class teacher is very patience and very cool. From day 1 he enjoying her companion. The way she is showing more care about children was amazing. I never had seen in remaining schools, but here there a good rapo they are maintaining. Especially upto grade 4 need communication with particular class teacher. Because parents can't understand what kids are doing at school. Most of the time they are spending at school only. I'm very happy with teachers and mentors. Everyday we will get msg from his class teacher about daily activities and home work


We recently moved back to India from USA and live around Miyapur. We personally visited many schools near by and didn’t like any of them. All other schools are lacking at least one of our expectations like large open area, cool ambiance, hygiene but as soon as We visited this school we liked it very much. Kids didn’t find much difference in terms of school ambiance from US to here. We joined our 2 boys here. We really liked the teachers of both kids taking special care of our kids since kids are not used to schools in India and are lacking second language skills. We really like to appreciate PPII A class teacher Hima bindu mam. She is very skilled in taking care of younger kids and train them to pickup in academic as well as social skills. My son doesn’t like to miss school even during holidays. Also he developed beautiful handwriting because of her. Also we would like to appreciate Pooja mam of class 5D. She listens to our concerns very patiently and makes sure she addresses all of them. She also gives genuine feedback of our kids performance in academics. Overall we have a great experience with this school so far and hoping for the same in future.


Our journey with Ganges started since 8 years .Ganges have provided my daughters a safe and comfortable environments to learn,grow and develop.We were apprehensive about the transition from online to offline classes for our younger kid who was direct entry to PP II.  Many thanks to  Ms.Himabindu Mam for the kind and friendly nature by which my daughter had a smooth transition. We are  pretty happy the way things are taught in the class.Teachers and other co-staffs  are very warm and support the children in any regards.Management is good in arranging events  and classroom activities.Thank you  Ganges for giving  kids a wonderfully learning environment. 


No proper planning. All sudden shocks to parents. sudden holidays and everything are sudden, worst school, waste principal. no value for money. not care parent complaints. 


I recently shifted to Hyderabad from Bhubaneswar and was searching for a good school around Nizampet where the children get an all-round education including Indian culture and heritage with modern learning. I have visited almost 6-7 schools in and around Kukatpally-Nizampet – Bachupally. Every school has its own advantages and disadvantages & is distinct than others and no single school caters to all my requirements.   I found Ganges Valley somewhat fitting to my bill. I am planning to admit my 2 children in Ganges Valley this academic year.   


My kids are also with Ganges since 2014. When we took admission it was good. Now the quality of education is worst. Teachers are not at all capable. The management focus is always in making money. They are literally looting parent by forcing with mandatory school lunch and snacks. The quality of food is not good and nobody will be monitoring kids, whether they are having luch or not. Parents please don't fall into that trap by looking the infrastructure of school. As many parents described below most of the good teachers left the school. Finally one thing to say this school is not worth at all. The preference will be given to teachers kids. We are planning to change school for kids as well.


As a parent working in a government transferable job, I have always faced this issue of finding a good school for my son, every time we move to a new city. And trust me, it’s not easy. With all the recommendations coming from your colleagues and near and dear ones, it becomes a task of sorts. At Ganges, initially I was a little apprehensive about whether the principal and the staff would be able to deliver on their promises. It’s been almost 3 years that my son is studying at Ganges and now I can confidently vouch and recommend the school to all parents who want to witness first hand the growth in their kids as they spend time at Ganges


Worst school i have seen. My son is studying in this school from past 4 years. We are decided to change the school for next academic year. No teacher is ready to listen any parent here, no teacher is capable we found in the school. They give 5 to 10 minutes time for PTM. I requested many times about improvement of studies. Parents suggestions, complaints really a joke. They even not care about it. They just need people to pay for their infrastructure not for studies. Please don't join in this school. Spending money on child education not a issue, this is they are encashing. Apart from buildings i don't see anything positive about school. They sell Samosa's, Other junk food in meetings they conduct through students only, that is the school standard. They even don't know how to conduct any kind of meetings or functions. Poor management, they just leave parents in cold for school annual day celebrations. It's really worst event the way they conduct. Very disappointed really. Don't spoil your children future by joining here.


worst school and  waste principal (bhavani),  we didn't had any  intro session of her and academic is near completing. She extremely failed in conducting Melotsav the flop show till date, purely commercial  and worstly organised.  and teachers here doesn't teach anything all are given as homeworks . English teacher is very poor at English and worst till date. Don't waste ur money in this school. 


Good infrastructure. Good quality school buses but arrogant transportation department. Polite staff. Inexperienced teachers. Some of the teachers dont even speak good english. Unorganized management. Money oriented and money minded. Pathetic mandatory Lunch and mandatory snack. Feedback is never taken positively. Expensive for the quality they deliver. They never act on their promises. PTM's are mere waste and an eye washer. When a complaint is made they start pointing at the childs capabilities but never put efforts to understand what is wrong on their side. This school is neither good at academic teaching nor extra curricular activities. They always try to save money with low quality and improper service.


Junk food provided as school food and home food is not allowed. Getting bad reviews of teaching too from many parents. Their entire menu is junk. Only infrastructure is good.


Hi ,

Iam a parent of PP1 kid in Ganges Valley , and till now compromising on many things that they are  doing . but this is an issue which is literally disturbing. 

Recently we got a dairy note that we need to send some food items for a party at school as they are in end of the academic year.. Seriously????? for ur parties do we really have to sponsor.. This is also ok we have been paying / sending a lot,  a part from fee ,what that  really annoying is.....

Teachers are asking directly to send JUNK food like
1) Lays (big packets)
2) Samosa - when we need to buy these ? the before day and send in the next mng tat means food will not be fresh
3)Thumbs UP(2 litr) --- Are u kidding me?
4)Sprite small bottles(20)
5)Pastries - Each pastry costs 60 rupees 
7) Popcorn
8)Paper plates
9)Glasses etc etc

JUNK JUNK JUNK... and you are encouraging kids to have all these junk at this age, and who gave you permission to introduce these kind of party culture for PP1 kid????

Oh please... stop demanding from Parents. If You want to have  a party at school do with your money not with the innocent  kids and their parents money..

Ganges Valley school need to take action against this and try to implement some good things apart from doing such things


We had to move to Hyderabad for work and both my kids joined the school half way through the school year and we were extremely nervous in the beginning. But within few days / weeks both my kids settled very well. Both of them are grown-ups and I have to tell you , they both can't wait to go to school everyday. 

Last week my 14 year old told me that " Dad I never thought school can be this fun but still you get to learn a lot ".

We love  the academics, the extra curricular activities and the whole concept of zero period

To the management, Keep up all the good work and you have another family added to your fan club.


My daughter completed pp1 in this school. I am very happy for her progress. She has picked up grammar and communication skills very quickly. Activities in school are so interesting that kids feel happy going school. Teachers are very approachable and supportive. 


My child has been in this school for 2 years. We slowly started to feel this school is a very oridinary School. Teachers dont care who is picking up and who is lagging behind. If your kid is lagging behind something then the teachers have no capabilities to understand what is wrong and they have no techniques to adopt to improve on the child. Parents feedback is not taken serious. I have realized that having good infrastructre does not mean it  is good school. The school management and teachers should have passion to excel in their duties and stive towards the success of the child. I will be moving my child if I dont see any improvement this year. My perspective is that there are a far better schools in this area and agree this is a very ordinary school charging very high fees.


Our child has been with this school from the past 2 years, he has been exposed to different activities be it Art / Sports or Academics..

We as Parents observed good changes in the child's attitude to learning and how he faces challenges with ease ..

At GVS  Academics and activities go hand in hand and it's a good experience.


I had been hunting for good schools from the past 3 years and kept changing schools for my child and finally found Ganges valley school and took admission for my child. I started liking the way the Team at Ganges work as my child did not settle down immediately. The teachers worked on my child / attention was given to the child ..they worked with the learning area disability and truly supported from all angles..Now my child is settled well and we are very happy with the school  - Parent of Gr-3


Ordinary school.  Not worth spending so much on  fees for what they offer. Teachers do not care what child is learning. They just want to complete the portion with no care. Infrastucture is good and looks like the fees are to cover up their infrastructure costs. Poor Quality of education. Poor Quality of teachers. Teachers have no accountability on the progress of the child. I dont recomend this school to anyone.


My daughter completed PP-1 last year, she did extremely well and the teachers are really great. My son completed PP-1 4 years ago, it was a drastic positive change in last four years, Teaching has significantly improved. Infrastructure is great, school premises and classes are very well maintained. 
I understand Quality comes at a cost, but only thing I feel negative about school is the transport and tuition fee are a bit higher. 


Great infrastructure. Great team at the front desk who speak good english and will convince you to join your kid. But not so good at quality of education. You will not realize until 6 months or an year that your child is not learning anything at school. I dont recomend.


Worst school. Teachers do not care for children. Teachers have no patience. When a parent complaints to the management then they point at the drawbacks in the child. No point in joining such a school with this kind of attitude. When you complain to the principal then teachers always try to take revenge by trouble kids for unnecessary things and demotivates your child.I have never seen the teachers doing a science experiment to make kids understand the concepts. They do not check if the child is understanding the subject but expects parents to work hard in getting their home work complete. What we have observed it they dont learn anything at school. They are money minded. Better join in Govt school instead of joining this school


School is worst in taking care of children. They want customers to pay fee for their building and They make children to wait under power cables and heavy pollution roads for bus and if we ask about it they say bus transport is just facility by school as if they are providing it for free. They charge too high for transport even if its small distance. School has least concern about students health and safety.


Absolutely money-oriented.  A drastic increase in fee every year.  My kid used to study in this school.  And we were happy about the education in the school.  We do not have any complaints about the way they teach.  But to tolerate their fee increase is too much for normal parents.  BOTTOM LINE: If you can afford, please join in Ganges Valley.  If you are a middle-class or upper-middle class parent, kindly DO NOT JOIN you kid here.


Completely money oriented, education is not up to the mark compared with other schools. No focus on kids, need to do multiple followups, but you will not get proper response. definitely not worth for money. 


Too much money oriented now. Teachers are good but management is more focussed on money. Good infrastructure but not worth the money. Too steep fee increments. Transport is an issue as no concrete information is being provided till the start of session.


Very Happy with Ganges Valley School. 1 of the best school in Nizampet area.


I completely agree with the below review.Completely money minded.Education is not up to the mark.Management is least bothered about parents feedback


Education is not upto the mark and not of the level when compared with the fee which is being charged. Also transport is a big problem. The incharge never listens to u and will do whatever he wants to. Fee increase is also high. This year it was 15%. Food is made compulsory. Teachers are good but the money is not worth they ask for.


Very happy about selecting Ganges school for my kid.  They made transformation so so easy such that my kid did not fell that she is going to school. She loved the school from day one and still after a yr.
I'm extremely happy with Ganges school.


This school has a different approach towards managing ambition through education. I have been associated with this school as a parent, from the day one. Since then I have seen growth and transformation - a very rare achievement - in the way the school is evolving. Facilities are good and improving. Learning environment is healthy.Also what attracted me was the location - far from the hustle and bustle of population, loads of free space, cricket ground - with nets, indoor sports arrangements, field for athletics etc etc. Unique events like open houses for parents - over coffee, are encouraging free flow of information among parents - so I come to know what all other parents know. Curriculum is fantastic and teachers very co operative. The fee structure may be a bit questionable BUT I feel it is reasonable given the quality of infrastructure and providing a feel good factor to the parents. 




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