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My kid studied in first class in Chirec Gachibowli and i am sorry to say I had a very bad experience. The management is extremely, supremely arrogant. I don't think even Harvard or Stanford will treat you so badly. They treat parents almost like servants. They rudely and curtly put down genuine concerns and requests of parents. They are extremely defensive about every small thing they do. If you question anything they do they are like "How dare you question us ? We are the best school in the world" attitude. Teachers are incompetent and arrogant(with a few honorable exceptions). It is not at all an equal opportunity school. Teachers focus only on top 2-3 kids while the rest have to fend for themselves. my kid's class teacher could not really talk two correct sentences in English. However I would have been ok with that if she genuinely cared and showed interest in my kids welfare. Instead we got curt and tangential replies when we asked about our kid's progress. imagine that after paying upwards of 3 lakhs fees! There is very little knowledge imparting. At such a small age they have a lot of useless competitions even for kids as small as grade 1 and the same 2-3 teacher's favorite kids end up winning all the time. Teachers don't give a damn if the rest of the students' confidence is dented due to this in such a tender age. They say in their orientation that they have zero tolerance to bullying and teasing. But instead I found they have zero botheration about these things. Multiple complaints to teachers on bullying in my kid's class ended up of deaf ears.
Overall they do a great job at marketing their school and showing grand presentations and collecting hefty fees. But when it comes to fundamental values needed for a school not one of them is followed in spirit. Its an out and out commercial enterprise. And did I forget to mention ? arrogance is the hallmark of Chirec




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