Foster Billabong High International School Saket - Hyderabad

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Wanted to know more about this school.How is the teaching staff,management and other activities etc

Suggestion gives us more confident before making my kids joins this school. 


Best school in Hyderabad. Teaching here is individualised and pluralised. My children became more confident, creative and more focused after they joined in this school.


Absolutely a NONO to this school...I have changed the school of my child since I faced a lot of problems from the management to the van drivers...Pathetic management to the teachers except a few good was a miserable experience for me to join my child in this school...Absolutely disgusting people like primary coordinator and the vice principal.Who feel they are always right and parents are wrong.

1. Wrong commitments as per the child's needs during the time of admission.
2.. No proper introduction and communication with the teachers allowed
3.  No proper track of curriculum and the homework
4. Children get homework which they  haven't learned in school..parents need to struggle on the internet to get thier homework finished or may be send the child to a tutor
5.Teachers teach in class without even knowing if the children are understanding...On a query the teachers repeat everything in telugu (not even body may know telugu)
6. The Ayahas and drivers have every right to raise a hand on the child and on complaint every body goes against you.
7. Teachers raise their hands and hit the children with knuckles, on questioning the management, they say its ok to hit the child once in a while.
8. They always have a story against you or the child if you raise a question against them.
9. The fees increasing has no limit apart from 200-300 rupees almost every month for something or the other.
10..Many academic loopholes and drawbacks
11. They may cease the transport facility whenever they feel like or start as per their convenience..

No doubt Billabong is doing so well in other cities like Mumbai and not in Hyderabad...They will need many years to reach that normal standards per the parents and childrens needs..
Few cents for your good..


if you are planning to make your son join in the school please be aware of the below things.  If you are too rich then no problem in joining the school.  Later joining it should not be a surprise to you saying the school fees are very high.  For grade 1- V the total school fee will come across 1.2 Lakhs every year (This is excluding the food and other expenses.  And the transportation I have included is within the radius on 5-6 kms.)  If it is more, you may have to pay more.

Also, This school was initially in Sainikpuri under State Board.  Recently they moved to CBSE and ISC and they had their new campus in Saket, Nr ECIL which is a bit inside to the main road which is manageable.  The interesting part is that this school has two fee structure for old and new students.  There are filling the deficit money from new admissions and they are giving concession to old students since they are old.  The difference is almost 50% between old and new fee structure.  The same is done in Transport also.  They are collecting 40K for old and 85K for new.  Transport for Old students for 6 KM it costs 3.5K and the same for new it costs 7.5 K.  The main reason, if they don't give concession there won't any strength in the school since new admissions are very less due high fee.  I even had a discussion with Vice Principal on this and she don't have a reasonable answer to this.  Since we already made admission i have no other choice other than to continue.  After admission you may hear some of the things as mandate for your kid for which you have to pay extra money.  When we took admissions they said the food coupon cost Rs 20 and we take how many we want on every Saturday.  Now it has been increased to Rs 60 (Lunch)+ Rs 25 (Breakfast).  I don't know how many surprises we may have to see further.  But on performance i cannot comment since it is too early for me to judge my son performance in this school.  I have to wait and see how they teach the students and what their commitment will be.




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