Swetcha Madhapur - Hyderabad

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Swetcha is a reliable school helping students to follow their own path. This School enables students to become intellectuals and eminent personalities.
It is a best institution, delivering quality education to students. When you compare the value you get out of your money, I think this school stands at the top. Your child gets holistic education here.
Most of the other so called prestigious schools have turned out to be money minting machines only.
My take: Go for Swetcha_The Complete School without any hesitation for affordable fee and quality education.


My kid is studying in V class who is doing exceptionally well. One of the schools who is providing Daycere for months baby and academics till highschool. The best school any kid can join for affordable fee.


As i have not noticed such things,but i have very good  personal experience towards my  kids who are already there.good place to be.


The worst school in madhapur. Treat students very badly. Definitely go for this school only if it is the last option.


one of the worst schools in madhapur they are very bad towards kids


defnitely the top school in madhapur. not at all commercial




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