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Trained and experienced teachers, Excellent infrastructure. Secure campus and transport facilities are the few characteristics of T.I.M.E. School, Kandlakoya for continuation of my child for the last 3years.


Good school with good infrastructure. Excellent support from the teachers. Good teaching methodologies. Good school to recommend.


Good school. Good infrastructure. With the brand of TIME backing them, this school will grow big in the near future. All the best!


My kid is studying at T.I.M.E. school Kandlakoya Campus. I'm very happy about this school because of the following reasons. 

1) Excellent Principal Madam:- Principal Madam (Vijaya Sudhakar) is Very energetic, down-to-earth, responsible, responsive, approachable to parents. 
It seems Children (including my kid and her friends) like Vijaya Sudhakar madam a lot. My child praises her a lot. Vijaya Sudhakar madam strives hard to 
achieve good results. I think it is very rare to come across such a good 
principal, and Vijaya Sudhakar madam is an exemplary academician. Thank you so 
much madam for all the support which you have given to our child and to all 
other children studying at T.I.M.E. school Kandlakoya Campus.

2) School Management is not money minded:- In this era, many schools are trying to mint money in various forms (I heard that some schools insist 
parents to purchase school text books, notebooks, uniforms etc. from them 
only, at exorbitant prices). Fortunately, T.I.M.E. school is staying away from 
such practices. T.I.M.E. school follows CBSE syllabus strictly, and guides 
parents to purchase prescribed books at any book store. Even school Uniforms, 
Shoes etc. are available at stores like Chermas, at affordable prices.
School tuition fee is affordable, considering the overall quality of education and other extra curricular activities offered to students.

3) Good academics:Academically T.I.M.E. school does commendable job. Teachers at T.I.M.E. school Kandlakoya Campus are highly experienced. They teach well.

Apart from regular academics, following aspects are worth mentioning.
a) In higher grades, I heard that integrated IIT coaching is offered for interested students, for 3 periods on every school day.
b) T.I.M.E. School encourages children to appear for various Olympiad exams organized by SOF (Such as NSO, IMO, IEO etc.)
c) T.I.M.E. School is a registered examination center for conducting GESE examinations organized by Trinity College London. Those who are not aware of 
it's importance, please refer https://www.trinitycollege.com/site/?id=368 .
d) Every year, T.I.M.E. School conducts annual science fair (Galaxy event). 
T.I.M.E. School Kandlakoya Campus organizes miscellaneous events such as the recent Robotics workshop by IIT Bombay.

Having said that, I think parents also need to spend some amount of time with children to ensure that they regularly revise the topics that are taught at 

4) Decent School Transport:The T.I.M.E. school bus used by our child, is a new one and it is in good condition. Every T.I.M.E. school bus has a female attender (aayamma) who helps 
children while boarding and getting down the school bus.  

5) Some extra curricular activities to promote health and all-round-development:-
Extra curricular activities like Yoga, Music, Dance, Club Activities (based on house-system), Taekwando, Art and Craft, and games like Basketball are offered 
to children. Every Friday is a sports day. Children are taken out for various field trips at regular intervals.
6) Good security measures for avoiding untoward incidents (especially important for girl children):-
School campus is protected with barbed wire-fence. CCTVs are installed inside the campus. Even parents can't directly go towards the classrooms 
on a regular school working day. 
7) Good Infrastructure along with playground:-TIME school infrastructure is good. It has good ventilated classrooms. I like the fact that there is a huge indoor/roofed assembly area, so that children 
don't need to stand in the outside hot sunny weather during daily morning 
assembly time (This factor is especially significant in summer). It has a 
sickbay as well, to take care of any children who get sick during the school 

8) Pollution free school campus area:-Given that children spend significant amount of time at school, I feel parents need to ensure that the school of their children is in a air pollution free 
zone. T.I.M.E. school Kandlakoya campus is air pollution free.

9) Good school teachers and Administration/Admissions staff:Class teachers are very approachable. During a Parent-Teacher meeting, parents can not only talk to the respective class teacher, but also can talk with each 
and every subject teacher to know the academic progress in that subject. 
In some other schools, I came to know that parents are allowed to talk only 
with the class teacher, but not with any subject teacher during PTMs. 

Concerns raised by parents are heard by teachers and taken care of.
Even Administration/Admissions staff are polite.


Good if you are looking for only education. Like other school, force the kids to finish lot of homework everyday. Big campus but less activities. Overall okay okay school.


good school


You can opt for Time school, it is a good school with strong academic back ground. They are from the group of Time institute who give s coaching for all international and national entrance exams. they have four branches in Hyderabad( Jubilee Hills, bandlaguda, Vikrampuri and Kandlakoya). You can visit there website for further info: www.timeschools.com

In that case you can opt for kompally branch. I have admitted my son in Time school Kandlakoya(near to Kompally). They have innovative methods to teach students. Its a inclusion of all extracurricular and co curricular activities. They have good transportation also. I stay at Begumpet and it takes hardly 45 mins to reach school. My son is enjoying his studies. I am satisfied with Time school





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