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Hi ,
I had high expectations from T.I.M.E school as they belonged to the T.I.M.E group and had a good campus when I enrolled my children in the school, but I was quite let down.Many teachers adhere to the culture of screaming and shouting in early schools (1-4 Std.) and the bathrooms are quite messy. The case with my daughter, who was writing for the 10th grade, was even worse. Parents were only strictly contacted by teachers about their children's poor performance at preboards time. Extremely negligent teachers who just passed the buck on parents with only three months left before the boards. This is my honest assessment; you should only enroll your children in this school if you have the time to supervise and personally educate them at home, as the school teachers do not do a good job of it.My review is about the T.I.M.E school, bandlaguda jagir ,Hyderabad


My child says that he is happy to be in T.I.M.E. School, Bandlaguda. I am happy to see him participate and enjoy learning. Their infrastructure is good and I find the staff easy to approach. I have already recommended the school to my other local friends. I stay close to the campus. But, I see that they have many buses. 
I can see that the school is also doing well in its strength. My best wishes to the management and the staff. 


Physical activities are equally important for a child along with education for over all growtg. This is where TIME is ahead of other schools. Here education and physical activities are balanced for over all growth of child. I am happy with the performance of my kid in education and extra circulam activities.


The school is good with a huge ground and good facilities, there is a good improvement in academics and sports. The faculty and management takes good care and happy with the bus facility. They call the parents in regular intervals and provide inputs/feedback about the children.
Best for secondary grade (7th + class) and it is okay for kids below 6th class. I am happy.   


Its one of the waste schools, which has good infrastructure but poor management .They will tell caution deposit will be refundable but while you go for TC, they will number of terms . They will ask you to pay 1st term fee for next academic year.. which is not informed at the time of admission.They concentrate only on collecting fees and not on studies. There wont be any personal care taken. They do not have minimum courtesy to ask why you changing school.
For small kids it not at all suitable school ( less than 8th class)...
Please do not fall for ground and swimming pool where you kid will not get a chance to use it once in a year .
JFYI , We have other good schools which charge very reasonable in Bandlaguda area.. Academic Heights, Donbosco, Rishi, Army School..am not doing marketing for them but want to inform...


The following is the reasonable analysis of TIME School - Bandlaguda, Hyd after I had admitted my child and experienced the school for around 3 years.

PROS : 1. Good Marketing Team and Known Brand as Time institute which is known for providing coaching for all international and national entrance exams.
2. Good Infrastructure with Airy class rooms and large play grounds.
3. Transport facility is excellent and well connected to distant places.
4. Affordable Fees structure (Though not Cheap).


1. Focus is only on Academics teaching while other important aspects of child development is missing namely - Behavioural skills, Social skills, Hygiene etc.
2. Teacher: Student ratio is High at 1:35 - At the time of admission they tell parents that it would be limited to 25 students per class, however I have experienced that it reached to 35-37 students for Class I with many sections as addons.This lead resulted in poor classroom interactions for students,  individual attention
to a child becomes counter-productive impacting learning and leading to poor results.
3. Teachers frequently leave the school - Children particularly from Primary classes have trouble adjusting to new teachers and their teaching styles.Good Teachers are always a shortage here, Few instances I had seen that Office staff/coordinators transformed into teachers. 
4. Parents are not permitted to meet or interact directly with Teachers. They have coordinators for this job  and most of whom are not qualified to be coordinators.
5. Parents-Teachers meetings are held only on Working days and not on Weekends. - This is Pain for the working parents who miss these important meetings to take stock about their wards performances on education and other developments.
6. After school programs are missing - Though they are promised at the time of Admission, the after school programs basically are designed to develop a talent or a skill. These programs could be educational or recreational in nature widens a child's area of interests are missing at Time School.
Conclusion :
The school has high enrollments because of its known brand value and a strong marketing team, However, there are also many Parents whom I had personally known who had discontinued their wards schooling after experiencing the reality. 
TIME School is suitable for grown up students from 7th class onwards where the students are already groomed and mature. It is not suitable for Primary classes as the school currently lacks good teachers and skills necessary for grooming them.
The School is another (ordinary) school  in the neighborhood. The school needs to improve on its weak areas as Education is not only about Academic studies.


Just another school, nothing great about it.
Before inception, the marketing guy said teacher-student ratio will be 1:23 but there were 26 in class.
Next year, that changed to 1:30 and now there are 36 in class. And there are 3 sections for class 2.
In the picture, they show lot of greenery and a football ground, but its a simple open playground with dust all over.
Extra curricular activities is not given importance as proclaimed on website. 
Swimming pool is yet to be functional, even when it becomes functional can't see it being an asset as they can't accommodate more than once a month per each student.
Though it may look like less fee for the promises, but lot of gaps in fulfilling them.
Don't fall for marketing/sales brochures/presentations, visit and compare before deciding.


good school, excellent campus




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