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In Pebble Creek Life School children learn without any stress or pressure of performing in exams. What they learn is for Life. This school follows the activity based learning model proposed by Dr. Maria Montessori about 100 years ago and which has been tried, tested and appreciated around the world for a century now! Most modern activity based learning methods are actually based on the Montessori method. Every concept in Maths, Languages and sciences are learnt through practical Montesori aids.
Children learn all the concepts and topics which are covered in any CBSC curriculum along with exploring everything that they learn in a practical activity based learning environment. The focus of the school is in bringing up loving, sensitive and wise individuals who not only have information and knowledge but know when, where and how to apply such information/knowledge. However parents who prefer to compare their children with other children all the time will not understand the value of this method of teaching. Only those who have a lot of confidence and faith in themselves and their children will be able to appreciate the beauty of a Montessori environment. (Montessori primary: Nursery to UKG and Montessori elementary classes 1-6). They get into the normal CBSC curriculum right from class 1 so the problem of adjusting later does not arise. However, along with the CBSC curriculum, the Montessori method is used to teach till the elementary level. i.e. class 6.
There is no pressure on the children to perform and yet they perform better than any other child of their age studying in other schools. 
In early years it is difficult to understand what the child is actually learning because parents don't get to know everything that is being done in school. There are monthly reports but exactly how much learning has taken place is not clear. However within one and half years of studying in this school the child starts showing competence and maturity in thinking in various areas the most significant being confidently speaking in  public and showing knowledge and understanding of varied subjects. 
For example, at 3 years age my daughter could tell names of all the continents of the world, count till 100 and speak in good English (even though we don't speak English at home) apart from many other things she knew. Also during a function in our society, when she was 3 years old, she confidently went up to the stage took the microphone and started reciting all the songs she had learnt in school. People in the community were taken aback and wondered how she got the confidence to perform so well at 3 years! These are moments of pride for parents whose children go to Pebble Creek Life School. 
Each child is allowed to explore knowledge in their own unique way. Social skills are developed as a result of working in an environment which fosters natural interaction and group work for all learning concepts. 
Parents whose focus is on the joy of learning, who would like their children to see the world through a "new" pair of eyes and who would want their children to be exceptional in their professional as well as personal life would not think twice about sending them to Pebble Creek.
after all "the real magic of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes"!
Those living in and around Secunderabad area (Marredpally, Thirumalgiri, Sainikpuri, Yapral, ECIL, Maula Ali and also as far as Bolarum, Thumkunta, Shamirpet etc. could definitely think of this school as an excellent option for your child!
The fees is around 50k (15,500 in three terms and one time admission fee of 15,000). The school is till class 10 and follows CBSC curriculum. The infrastructure is humble but the school is expanding in a big way. It has good extracurricular activities (sports, music, dance and painting) but no swimming. The main school building is being expanded to include a sports complex, modern and well equipped laboratories and a good library. The Montessori environments (till class 8) are very big and spacious with huge windows, lots of air and sunshine.

The only issues are Thumkunta is a little far from the city(8 km from Sainikpuri), though the school has excellent transport facility and the route to the school is traffic free and full of greenery. Its like a picnic ride. Secondly, its a new school and its first batch of class 10 students are yet to pass out. many parents don't feel confident as they want to go with a 'safe option'. However the advantage is there are no hassles for admission and all children are welcomed with a loving heart by an extremely dedicated team of teachers for whom each child is like a flower which they would help bloom to the fullest. Children love to go to school and vehemently object to changing their school when parents ask them. One boy's parents changed his school from Pebble Creek to HPS Begumpet but even after 8 months he wanted to go back to Pebble Creek! So the parents had to move him from HPS again!
Montessori is the most beautiful thing that parents can give their children. There are very few schools in our country which follow the Montessori system and have provision to continue in the same school till Class 10. 
Pebble Creek has happy children and happy parents!




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