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I am sending my daughter to Blossoms Play School Madinaguda branch for last 2 years and i am so satisfied that i want to continue for next year too.Blossom is taking care of 360 degree development of the kid. Blossom is very reasonable in all ways. Blossom is not showy like most schools these days , it focuses on real development of kid. Blossom is not biased ,it treats all kids equally. Blossom's management is very good, teachers are well trained , facilities are good. What more to say : "BLOSSOM IS REALLY AWESOME" 


Hi ,
 I am sending my kid to Blossoms Madinaguda for last 3 yrs and i have seen a lot of progress in him.He is in PP2 now and talks very fluently in English.He is learning so many new concepts and enjoying art,craft,dance in the school.I am quite satisfied with the school.Next year he is going to Grade1 to their CBSE school which is in Chandanagar.I am so happy that they opened a CBSE school also.


My Son has been to Blossoms Play School for last 4 years and as a parent I have been extremely happy that way he has evolved in the last 4 years.  The best thing I like about the school is the morning assembly where he has learnt many patriotic songs and which he also enjoys the most.  In Nursery I had few concerns as the teacher was new and he would not eat at times and cry going to school but after I spoke to the management most of the issues were addressed.  I am very happy with the teacher in the last 2 years.  He speaks very well in English and in fact corrects me often. He was a shy kid and would never open at the age of 3 but now with the help of the teacher he has overcome stage fear and participates in most of the competitions.  Overall I would rate it as a very good pre-school with Excellent Management. And now my younger one goes there.



I joined my kid at blossoms play school Chandanagar.No complaints about school.We see lot of improvement in my child Jaashmika's english. she enjoys going to school.She is happy with teacher.Thanks a lot excellent job by blossoms.


My daughter has been going to Blossoms play school Madinaguda for past 2.5 years.
It is indeed a good school. Infact one of the major reason for me selecting the school was the bright and sunny classrooms they have. Healthy environment for the kids.
Teaching is good full of activities and development of practical knowledge.
I mean small things like what is junk food and what is healthy food is being taught in school and kids actually refuse to eat junk. School starts with exercise in the morning 9 with prayers. Kids are taught etiquette.
I expect only so much for a kid in play school. This school delivers it.
I plan to my son as well in same school.

Thumbs up,


Hi, I had gone to Blossoms a couple of months back to examine the playschool as an option for my 22 months old boy. Unfortunately, my personal experience was not a very pleasant one. This is a playschool that also offers day care facility. I reached when the school was just getting over and children were leaving the school premises. I visited the class which were located on the first floor. They seemed a little dingy and not at all well lit. There was a small kid sleeping on the floor on a mattress in one of the rooms. When I enquired, I was told that it was the child of one of the teachers and that they had ac rooms downstairs which got converted into daycare after school got over. Overall,this place did not project itself as a very professional institution and I took it out of my shortlist soon thereafter.


this is my personal opinion about this school




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