Mount Litera Zee School Manikonda - Hyderabad

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If you pay fee late in 'Covid -19' situation. They are not allowing online classes and not providing user id details also. In this situation also they give importance to money not for student career. If you complaint anyone in the Telengana State no use. Means CM/Education Minister/DEO/Parents JAC no use.


The worst school I had ever seen... no discipline amongst the time management by the staff especially during the school’s annual day..they keep parents waiting and start the program 30 mins late


No discipline. Poor management Focus only on fee collection well in advanced else adding late fee Promised for things at time of admission but once donation amount paid they are all set. Black money: collection donation in cash only without any receipt non refundable even if you want to leave school without joining. 5000+ charges for books and that too without any list to check what included in that 5k. Every year a pack of stationary but for no use just to earn money. I'll not refer or recommend


The school campus looks lucrative, however the quality of the education is not good. They promise something and do something else. While joining they said, class strength will not be more then 25 to 30, however they didn't keep the promise. They took 3 months to identify the teacher for French, however the parents should pay the fee on time. otherwise they will make students stand outside the class and call each parent to inform them that your kid is standing outside, if you are not coming and paying the fees we will not allow them to the class.Now they don't allow parents to pay fee through cards, fees is accepted through check or cash. So when they call, if you don't have money in your account that's it, you cannot pay the fee and the students will not be allowed inside the class. Even the English, students speak is not up the mark.


The principal doesnt make her promises what she has given to the parents. Previous principal was good. Current principal doesnt keep her promises given to parents.




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