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My child is studying in Vista. This is relatively new school.  What i think about the school....

 Good part

1. Fee structure as of now is lower than other so called international schools compared to good infrastructure it has.

2. Academic activities are fine


1. Easier as of now, may get tight as it expands.

2. No exam for admissions, which is good. 


Sports facilities

1. They are making a big new playground, overall infrastructure is good. 

2. They have 2 buildings now. They are well designed and adequate lighting.


Experience from my kid eye

He has not complained of anything specific. He is happy and goes to school dadily. The school bus is comfortable and driver looks like a good person. Sometime he complains of sports teacher not allowing him to play etc , i tried checking but not been able to do anything abt it.


Experience from my eye

Area of improvement

1. Modern day schooling administration: The kind of things we are used to now a days is missing. It still runs like old school system, leaving a lot  to be desired for we software people, who are used to some well defined processes & systems.

2. Communication system between teachers and parents:  This is a big area where school lacks. Parents are upfront not told how they can contact the teacher. Later i realized that i need to book appointments on working days, so even if you have small query, you need to book appointment and go.

3. Teacher pro activeness and child care: Teachers are not responsive to your queries raised through dairies, many time i also noticed that kid was not well but teacher didn't inform the parent. Many parent I know, have complained of similar situations. They have raised the same with admin but not much improvement

4. The fee structure:  Transport fee was raised without any information / circular, till date i don


A growing school which stood in the top 19th position amongst the CBSE schools in the state and top 100th school in the country.
It has a great support of its curriculum from KG to Grd VII with well experienced and qualified staff.
A welcoming and eco-friendly environment is its strength. Communication skills and life skills are its focus.
Leadership qualities in the students is its vision.



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