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Not happy with the school.. academics are very bad.. more of commercial..


Now a days school is not much focussing on education. It is very hard to contact management. They  have mobile app to get notifications and home work. but application won't load most of the time. School will focus on activities and which is good part. But actual subject they will dump on the student for the sake of completing and throw on parents as home work.

I am not  happy with transportation as well.
Earlier schools was good, but now they have more students and I feel that they still finding ways to handle it properly.


I was in search of a good school and was looking for a school with good ambiance and education. I never wanted digitized schools. My search ended up with sanskriti. A school with good education, values and ambiance. Wonderful student-teacher relationship. Innovative teaching and learning practices elevated my child's hidden knowledge and talent. Apart from education, the over all growth of the child is also focused which is the best part of this school....


When I was looking for a good school for my kids in and around Kondapur, like all parents, we went through lot of reviews of every school. There were lot of international schools which many of our acquaintances had suggested. But, in my honest opinion, wasn't too keen for such schools. Apart from the ultra modern setups, insanely high fees and donation, quality of education mattered a lot. Teacher -student interaction mattered a lot to my wife and me. That's when we chanced upon this school. Though it appeared a nondescript in the beginning when we went there (also adding to the fact the old reviews mentioned in this forum added more to the confusion whether to for this school) but the quality of response that we got from the school when we went really made a difference. We got lot of good positive feedback too from others about this school. Though it doesn't have the "international" tag but it is really an upcoming school. Both my kids are enjoying their time in school and they actually look forward to going to school everyday. As a parent, what more can you wish. My only sincere suggestion is just don't by any reviews in any forums. Personally go and visit the schools of your choice to understand before deciding upon. I am really happy in securing admission for my kids in this school.


Its been one year wit the school.My son is studying PP-1 now.I dont like the school.
They said four activities for nursery. but practically it is only 3 acitivites. there is no music teacher only. 2015 - there is no annual day . but they have collected the fess from us. About syllabus. they did not complete the book. few work sheets are left blank.
About food, My son doesnt like the food.


My daughter also studies in Sanskriti school. I am happy with the school. My child was introvert initially but after joinig Sanskriti she lost many inhibhitions and most important she loves her teachers and her school. She is in 3rd std. As for the activities are concerned she has shown me many dance moves taught in her school and is able to play chess with me (not like a pro but still I am happy).


Hi, My son is also going to Sanskriti. The school is pretty good...I wouldn't say excellent though! The teachers don't seem to be very well educated for the lower classes. They don't communicate pro-actively with the parents and all information provided is in the last minute. Parents can't be expected to get the required work done (e.g. posters, charts, H.W etc.) by informing us a at the nth moment. Its is especially difficult when both the parents are working. I'm not very sure about the extra curricular activities either for the kids....Chess, keyboard etc. I don't see my son learning much out of it. Would appreciate if the management is open to communicating more with the parents and uses parents feedback to work more efficiently and effectively. In fact i'm seriously considering changing the school in the next academic year.


sanskriti has helped my children in all aspects.i'm very thankful for the management and staff for providing great environment for the,students are taught the moral values which most schools are lagging behind.


excellent school with lot of activities and food hear is very nutritious for kids .



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