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My Childs currently studying in class 5th in Delhi School of Excellence in Mani Konda branch. 3 Years before, I was in search for good CBSE school for my child. When I saw very big advertisements of this school, I got very impressed and asked for more information with my husband, He was also not aware as it was new school. Finally one day, Me and my husband visited this school and spoke to the principal. This was their first academic year, They said Fees 30,000 per annum, we asked few questions and this was his answer.1. How many maximum students do you take per class.A.)The principal said We take only 20 students per class because we want every child should get the attention of the teacher and he compared with their schools where they fill up 30 to 40 students per class and said it's very bad as a teacher can't give attention to all the students.2015 Truth, These people now filled up around 35 students per class, when asked about this no reply.
 2. What are the Extra-Curriculum activities you provide in the school.A.) He said, Swimming, Dancing, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Special classes for average students.2015 Truth, Out of these nothing is available, Very Few are available out of these but not at all up to the expected level.
3.) How many fees increment per Annum, when a child goes to higher classes.A.) The maximum we will increase 2-3 percent per annum.2014 Truth, Heavy Increment in fee structure. From 30,000 they increased to 43,000 tuition fees per annum + 6000 Stationary and activity fees + 18000 Transport Fee = Total 67000 Rs per annum
Think if you have two child�


Used to be a very good school. I had my daughter join this school in 2012 in PP-1, SHe was faring well. PP-2 She was good. I thought, "This is it!!", my daughter will complete her 10th here. She moved onto 1st grade without any challenge. After that the second grade came up, then the unforeseen happened.

Her classwork notes were empty when she had to cover up for the two weeks she lost in the school. My wife and I decided to get her evaluated and yes, she turned out to be dyslexic, it did not make me unhappy or anything. I was not disturbed either neither was my wife. I spoke to the head mistress and informed her about her condition she assured us that there will be no problem and they are in touch with a child specialist. I waited and waited. Nothing happened. I reached out to them again and again and the only response I kept getting was the child specialist/therapist is yet to come to the school. I was losing out on my patience and my daughter was losing her self confidence. Getting bullied in the school and not able to express it. Was not getting individual attention. You may ask me how do I know? the fact her learning skills were on a down trend, What she should be able to answer as a 1st grade student she was not able to respond. I was surprised how she managed to get good grade. Something did not add up. Later I came to know that teacher are paid incentives to ensure the children pass the test. Some of them would even answer the papers for the children. Quality check went to dogs.

I had to take her out of the school. I knew the teachers there were not very well trained on how to handle children with dyslexia. Most of them do not know how to recognize it., even if they did they are apprehensive in sharing the information with the parents as they might consider it offensive. What they did not realize it by doing something stupid like that they are only losing out on good reputation.

I even got a call from them and I refused to pick it up, It felt more that they wanted to collect the fees than find out what is the concern with my daughter.

What I considered once as a future for my kid's education went down the drain. The institute just went from school to commercial. Imagine them promoting a two wheeler in the school premises? Handing over pamphlets to children so that they can gain some publicity.

My wife and I decided to try homeschooling, it is not easy obviously. I appreciate the effort my wife had to put in and brining her up to mark. This year I hope to enroll her into a school that will help her with her needs.

It hurts, but then they have influence, they have money and all I can see now is that they are a money minting buildings for themselves.  I still have a lot of respect for Mr. Augustin and Jasmine Ma'am but somewhere I feel they are lost in the world of prosperity and have forgotten where they started from and for what purpose. Considering they have more "important" things to do.


Hi!Both I and my wife are I.T professionals  and can spend only quality time with son.He is a student of Delhi School of Excellence near Andhra Bank at Manikonda since past two years.Both I and my wife are happy .We dont have to worry about him.His studies are going on without too much help from us.


Hello.Iam the mother of two children. Both are in D.S.E Manikonda.My children are very happy going to school.We shifted from Bangalore last year ,joined our kids in 1st and 4th.We are very happy at the way they have adjusted to the school and of the exposure being given.


Once upon a time this was best school but now this s a normal school like other and main thing is they don't have CBSE sertification They are only following syllabus am planning to change school for coming academic year. Very basic school . .




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