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Hi All,
I would rate the school between average and below average as far as academics are concerned. English communication skills are pretty bad as teachers themselves talk with many grammatical errors and kids tend to learn the same. Books are good. Some teachers explain well but lower classes teachers are not well trained to teach younger kids. Many kids even in 5th standard cannot form a decent sentence without grammatical errors. They introduce 3rd language in 3rd grade. We chose Hindi. They taught basics for 1.5 months and jumped to actual 3rd grade hindi text book with lessons, poems, question answers, meanings and grammar. Ultimatum is they expect the child to write answers in their own for questions that are given from the middle of the lesson. When they don’t know basics as 2 letter and 3 letter words and meanings, how can they form a sentence?
At the time of admission, they promised to proved english communication classes every week and also train for olympiads. Let alone the training part, they will inform exam dates 2 days prior, whether you want to or can prepare the child for exam is your head ache. 
They have a good campus, well ventilated and spacious classes and good open auditorium. My child is in this school for the past 4years and they never had annual day celebrations. 
Principal Mrs. Padmaja is a disaster. She doesn’t respond to parents queries and quite arrogant. 
They never conduct competitions like debates, elocutions, essay writing which improves a child’s communication skills. 
I personally will not recommend this school to anybody who are looking for an all round development in a child.
Also I am planning to change school. Any suggestions on best schools near Chandanagar?
Kindly let me know.


Good curriculum,good explanation,happy with them.Teaching is good and completing course within time happy with the school.


They are Excellent. Students are enjoying very much.In this pandemic situation also they are taking care such as sanitizing and following strict rules.Thanking Principal mam and all teachers for this effort and taking care of students.


I really feel elated about the management by the way it takes out time, out of the busy schedule, to explore and implement the countless activities taken up by the school. I would like to quote the words of_Amelia Earhart. " The more one does and sees and feels, the more one is able to do ". These words imply to the management who is able to implement such fruitful activities to the students for their overall development. The activities like Happiness Curriculum, Sloka chanting, Storytelling are so selective that they are implemented according to the age groups. Infact the school has taken up the sweet duty of the parents of intellectual development of their children. I really feel proud to be a part of the esteemed Institution. Especially for the events that are being conducted on various occasions like Teachers day,Hindi Diwas, Ganesh chaturthi,Movie day, above all this Art and Drawing, Bhajan, Fancy dress competition, Sloka recitation Story telling. All these activities help the child to nourish himself/ herself in all the aspects of life. A child who completes his education in the school can lead his life in any of the field/ profession he chooses in a successful manner.


The introduction of magazine is an awesome idea. Feeling very glad to witness a platform to showcase the talent of the children and to ensure the children in the better utilisation of the time and their skills. I must thank the management, who has thought about this wonderful initiation. Expecting to see such creative initiations further which enhance and exhibit the children potential.


We are the parents of student P. Vineeth Varma, class 8 A4. I would like to share some positive feedback about a few initiations taken by the school management in this year. The school management and staff have done a wonderful job of creating and implementing them. Those are -

Water Call: Teachers remind the students to drink water in time intervals This makes the children realize their levels of hydration and makes a habit for students.

Journal writing: It helps the students to recollect daily activities, from which he/she is trying to schedule his activities by himself like homework/projects/Enjoyment time and specifically for my kid’s Karate practice. Through this my son is trying to balance and rate himself by analyzing all his activities.

E-Magazine: Helped the students a lot in extracting and to show their hidden talents like writing poems/articles/stories/drawing etc.

Happiness curriculum: This is a very good method of improving the concentration of the student and helps in keeping the mind relaxed. In this, Meditation is the one of the best initiations. Meditation helps improve concentration and focus of the student on any of the work they want to do. Yoga also helps us in increasing the muscle memory and makes the bones and muscles flexible. Eating Snacks together with all their classmates is also one of the best initiations, the students are enjoying potluck.

Life hacks: From this every student can learn some tricks which makes their life easier like my son is trying to keep his books properly and make his notes ready before class starts, he is trying to make a note on sticky notes about the pending works as a reminder.

And lastly, I want to share about My Body My Pride Act. This is very helpful for all the teenagers. Really want to appreciate all the staff and doctors who took responsibility by taking time to explain about puberty, hormonal changes at this age and about good and bad touch, which is being a parent couldn’t. This also helps the student how to behave with his/her opposite gender classmates.


We are much honored to be a part of VIGNAN and thankful to all the staff and the school management for the great education and support.


Parents Of Vineeth VIII A4

Deepthi & Rama Krishna




My ward is always having a great time & enjoying all the activities with lots of fun. Children are supported in their learning & are able to fulfil their capabilities. Thank you so much for the wonderful system of education…


Hai all, I was looking for the best CBSE Schools in and around Nizampet and one of my friends told me about Vignan Bo tree school. I went to the school. It was a big campus with a very big playground, basketball court, skating ring etc. I talked with the vice principal and was impressed with their academic curriculum as well which I think helps in the all round development of my son. The school has great infrastructure and well maintained class rooms with Dg boards and CC Cameras. I took admission for my son for 3rd class. I think it's a good choices indeed.


It was an immense pleasure to see my son participating in SFA Competitions. Arrangements were really good and atmosphere was highly motivating for the kids. Best part was the coordination among teachers, students and other supporters. Thankyou very much for the Vignan Institution.


Big school well-managed. campus is very clean.we fill the form and they called us for written test. The school staff was very good and showed us the campus. classrooms are students friendly with Digi boards, nice benches, cctv cameras, etc. their teaching methodology is also very impressive my thumbs up for this CBSE school.


Hi ,I am looking for an admission into the best CBSC school .I heard vignan is the best.Can anyone help me in knowing about vignan.


I want to thank all the teachers of Vignan Bo Tree School, for the hardwork they have put in for the online sessions, explaining everything in a detailed manner each day. Lots of thanks to the Management and the Staff.


Hi All,

Kindly don't join in this school and do not waste your kid future.
It is really worst school and My kids is studying from last 2years here.

Why it's worst and how these management is cheating trusted parents 
1. They only show and tell us through (hoardings & advertising) that our school is sports based and we will train a lot for students it's big lie.
Because in a week only 2days they will give time to play and in that two days they give chance for 1hour in a day
2. Teaching staff and education is very average and I can give 2/10 marks for it
3. Management are like bosses. If we go for any problem they wont give proper information. If we go one person then they will tell us other person name and if we go that person then they will tell different name.
4. Fee: in the initial time when my kid was joined they gave one fee broacher and later they changed the structure for their benefit and collected fee.

My request to all the parents try to select best school and don't look the school building and ground.

Note: My friends told us that don't join in Vignan Nijampet school as the education is very poor. I ignored their words and joined my kid in the same school for sake of sports, but sports also cheating here.

Rating is Total Rating for school is 1/10


the  school  is  becoming worst year by year. Won't  expect  positive  response  from school  management for  the  concern raised  by  parents. They  say we maintain 35 students in each section.... but in reality they  maintains  45  students in each section. 
There is good  infrastructure in school... but  it is  not  utilized for  school student.  It is there  only  for  show  case.


The school had all these years charged a very nominal hike from 3% to 15% and even the maximum bus fee used to be 11K. Only this year the school has revised the fee structure and that too with a promise that it won't happen for next 7 years. also, the school is very transparent and has shown all the heads under which it plans to make the investment for this hike. No other school would take so much pain to clarify and convince the parents. This is the only school which values it's parents so much. I also raised the concern but when I met the Principal and Vice Chairperson I realised that the school is also correct at their part and it's time for us as parents to support them. 


The school was good but now a days its become to commercial. My both the kids are studying in this school. For the academic year 2016-2017 they have increased the fees about 22% and for the academic year they again increased about 35% which is not acceptable by anybody... Apart from that they have increased the transportation charges. Books fees and Uniform also..

If the management has not taken right decision intime, then Vignan will be collapsed soon..


I have two children studying in Vignan Bo Tree. Elder one has been studying for a long time now. I am very happy with the activities and the academics of my child. My elder son has some trouble in maths so they even take extra classes during school hours for no extra cost or mention. My son is also encouraged to take parts in sports. I am happy that my children are studying in a school which reminds me of my own school. Nice playgrounds, and a humble environment is what i wanted and Vignan is giving me that. 


Hi! Recently my child was taken to trip to Vizag for 4 days.
My child enjoyed alot and felt very happy. She didn't feel home sick
because of teachers(second parent) have taken care that much. Our School Management arranged good accomodation, food & facilities.
Hospitality is very good nd they served healthy and tasty food.
I am proud to b a vignan parent. I thank all the X - teachers who made this trip succeessful.


Hello people..WARNING - VIGNAN is a bad business minded group.. Vignan is not the best group for sure and in the recent past has become even worse..Be assured of your wards not getting developed overall..The ground,the volleyball & badminton courts are a mere show off..It is zero in the physical aspect of development with no proper trainers and the children are never encouraged to take up any sports..And the communication skills are also not taken care of and most subjects are taught in the regional languages because the faculty themself cannot speak proper English..


it has well equipped physics and chemistry lab which is very useful to the students to do various experiments and e-class also very useful for the students to understand the concepts clearly.


Like the school. Has vast ground for physical development of children and is good academically as well. PROUD of my selection




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