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Hello everyone,my ward study in Global Indian International School. I would like to speak about the school, after the covid-19 pandemic situation also the school has created a warm and safe learning environment for the student in the home itself. And foremost important thing is that students are given activities which are more likely to be done with parents and family members,because of this activities the bond between the child and family member is increasing day by day. The curricular activities like classical dance, Western dance, art and Abacus are commendable for the students. The lecturers in between the classes make the child to do some exercises like eye exercises and hand exercises which are important for the child during the classes. And some lecturers are very interactive with the student as a friend so that student feel good by this gesture and feel free to express their views to the teacher easily. Thanks a lot for the lovely environment that you have created it for the each and every student of Global Indian International School from Vansh Goel (4f) mother.


Global Indian international school very unprofessional school. This is not an international school. This is purely LOCAL school. Admission staff is rude and the principal is very unprofessional.


This is the worst school. I have withdrawn my kid from this school. it's been 1,5 years now, they did not return my caution deposit. Education is nill, cash is full with this school. even if the fee is delayed by 1 day , they will ask your kid to stand on the road.
I will never suggest this school to any other parent.


Worst school


Best CBSE School for people who are looking for the holistic development and child centric.


Its worst school ever , not bothered about kids only bothered about money.
Fee structure includes additional 10k  yearly for extra curricular activities but nothing will be provided.
They have doubled the fee structure when my kid moved from UKG to 1st standard , structure of fees what they have promised during admission is completely changed.
We applied for TC but then we sent kid to school for the term end which we already paid.
But they made kid to sit in separate room and doesn't even let her to eat breakfast and lunch instead they called multiple times asking to take the kid home.
Please think before you join your kids in GIIS school.


Worst school. Only facilities are good. Academics are worst. My daughter is in III std.  Teachers are not at all good. They put blame on the kid only. If your kid is intelligent he will be good, but what is the use of the international school then. Even exam time table they change few times, why? This happens every time. No proper planning. We are removing our kid this year. And are searching for a good school in Boduppal area. Do not ever join your kid in this school. All tamasha only,  no stuff. Worst teachers, worst head of the dept and worst management.


Both my kids are in GIIS Uppal from last 2 years. We are having very bad experience with GIIS. I choose GIIS because it's less than a KM from our house. They hardly teach anything and put entire burden on parents. Couple of times they kept textbook/class book at school and announced test for next day, when we complained about it, they said its our daughter's fault as she didn't ask for the books. She is in 2nd grade.

For couple of months I wasn't there in india, this December 10th was due date for term fee. I was trying to make payment online and school's website was constantly throwing an error that my account was blocked, I called school to find out what the issue was, they said my account was blocked as I cancelled transport couple of months ago. But no clear explanation. My wife also couldn't do much due to demonetisation. When I came back, I visited the school. even then they didn't collect the fee and said that my accounts where blocked as I cancelled transport without prior notice of 1 month, for which I had to pay 1 month extra transport fee as fine. And they never ever bothered to inform us that we need to pay that. I would have paid it right away if I knew about it. And they humiliated my daughter for this. I am just waiting for this academic year to end and we are out of here.

I would suggest DPS, fee is also same. Only donation might differ.


My Two kids are studying in this school. I am surprising by seeing their skills development and their progress and started attending PTM to know what really happening. kids attitude is becoming -ve day to day instead of learning actual things.

In 7 months time kid does not earn one single letter at school where as he learned how to write any letter if we show once in a week at home. when questioned teacher and principal answers were very surprising, answer was we cannot focus on each and every kid. If they can not focus on each kid, why they are admitting many kids in same class? instead of trying to identify the problem with kid and try to bridge the gap in next six months they suggested me to join him in same class even next year, which means they wont do anything even in next six months. I took decision to save my kids valuable next six months today and preparing the plan.

Never get fall in to sales strategy which they use. They say many things swimming, skating, music, instruments but in reality nothing will happen in regular passion. When there are PTMs they make all shows.

Especially we should talk about their principal at Patancheru who doesnot have patience and can not digest and willing to answer parents. he always try to keep blame on parents. If kid is doing superb that is his credit else it is parents fault.

Think twice before you admit your kids here.







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