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My child is making good progress at school, Hillside school ensures my child is well looked after. The school has helped my child to develop skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics.I would recommend this school to another parent




First of all I am totally surprised to see such poor rating to the school.We took admission to our son in this(hillside school) school after visiting so many other schools in the city.We are satisfied with my kid's performance as well as the school's.Only concern I used to have last year is about the principal as it is very difficult to get her appointment.But this year the school got a very dynamic principal Mrs.Vanaja who is totally dedicated and listens to parent's concerns.The regular updates about the school are mailed to the parents in the form of monthly news letter from the school as well as updated in the facebook page. Now I can also mail any concerns directly to the principal and I am sure they will be taken care.


Yes. I too completely agree. We have just had bitter experiences. The basic concepts are also not taught to the kids. Less to stay about the Principal, management and transport. 


Very poorly managed school with no sense of responsibility towards kids and parents plight.

Poor transporation, poor management and unresponsive principal who tries to defend the shortcomings instead of resolving them.

Primary teaches have no substitutes and any attrition means no teachers for long time, front office is totally incompetent with standard answer - I Do not Know whatever is the query.

They are finding it hard to meet the legacy of earlier principal and vice principal.


Hillside is a very good school. My children are studying in that school for past 4 years and I have seen very good growth in regards to their logical and analytical thinking. Developed their language skills and ready to go attitude. My personal experience - for my surprise being a working parent could not dedicate as much time the other parents do, but when I sat with them to teach at the time assessment they are already prepared, this relieved me from any negative thinking. They knew the concepts already in Science and Math. NO EXAM FEVER. I suggest it to be good to go school for anyone.


My kids are in School since its inception i.e.2008 and I witnessed ups and downs of the school but school is doing good in academics since the new principal took over , She is taking the school forward and making the staff responsible , she is listening to parents and taking actions wherever necessary. IB had been a disaster after the previous IB coordinator left the school almost 4 years ago, CBSE is on the right track , I have seen lot of positive changes since 1 year after the new principal took over , expecting more in the coming days.


My Child is in this School from past 4 years. This School is not as good as it was few years back. I see the quality getting degraded since last year.


Hillside rocks in whatever it does. it gives equal opportunity to all kids in a class in the field of teh child's interest. am happy to have put my child in it. i don't find anything negative in the school, as it has been projected by few parents. overall i am a satisfied parent.


It's been 5 years since my child has been with Hillside School. I've seen a lot of development in the child and am happy with the way the teachers and the management conduct themselves with the students as well as the parents.
As a parent i am happy and have no issues with the school. And have never seen my child go below the standards that are set by the teachers.


Low grade school


My Child is in this School from past 3 years. This School is not as good as it was few years back; I see the quality getting degraded year on year. Now it is good competitor to so called "Commercial schools". The reasons are: 1)Student - Teacher ratio is high (35+ in a class)2)They don't have proper facilities for students in a Class to accomdate that many children.3)Teachers are not well qualified; few teachers expect Parents to take care of Child's studies.4)Extra-curricular activities are just shown on paper; there is no real concentration shown on these.5)Tranport faciltiy is  not so good; buses are packed and Drivers are rude(in our route atleast, if not all routes).6)Fees is increasing at high phase every year.


standard so so.... definetely not worth the fee structure...they claim its an international school....but actually a C grade school..My childs standard has down a lot with in a few months of being there...I pulled her out in the mid term and home schooled her. The management is very rude...ofcourse you will see the true colours only after you pay the money.




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