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I am so glad to have admitted my child in Sancta Maria International School. He is always happy to go to school and has learnt so much in the exemplary environment that the school has to offer. They have got an excellent infrastructure to support the all-round development of the child and dedicated teachers who make every effort to help children in every way possible. The management is understanding, responsive and supportive. If you are looking for the best of everything for your child. Sancta Maria is the school to choose. 


My children are in this school and I am happy they introduced a special reading program. My boys like the Guided Reading Program and they come home and tell me stories. They are improving with their communication skills. I am happy with the new theirs the school introduces every year.


In simple terms, here it is:
     Sancta is ok for PP years. It is mediocre for early grades. It is pathetic for older grades. 

See my post here for my comprehensive review.


This school is truly incredible in every sense. My child has been studying in this school for 2 years now and I can see for myself how she has developed an all round personality. The curriculum truly address the developmental needs of my child as there is a differential learning pattern that is followed and a lot of flexibility and freedom for my child to learn in a fun filled environment. The school has recently started a structured sports program which is truly wonderful. 


Again this school says international. It definitely shows stds only in infrastructure. All the teachers whether comfortable or not come in uniform and only their only skill is speaking good english. Principal or teachers think whatever they are doing is right. If you want your toddler or preschooler check if they really have international knowledge of understanding the child. I visited the school and didn't find it and they are only concerned with the admissions and parents. This school is not giving the right education in all ways to the child. Think and understand what the child really requires to be holistic and if the school is running on the research based methods and then take your child to the school. I really say that if you join your toddler into this he will not be growing correctly as this is not running on research based methods in any corner.


I would also like to give my Thumbs Up to Sancta Maria. My worries have been taken up by this school. Only thing; these days; I feel happy is about my son who is so much ready to go to school and look up to prepare himself for tomorrow’s school. Not only that he is enjoying his time there, we can see the change in his attitude towards his studies and there is a great improvement. Daily he tell his experience about the school which really makes us feel proud and we are really satisfied to select Sancta Maria for our little one. Thanks & Regards Indu



Sancta Maria International school lives up to its motto - In Omnia Excellentia or excellence in everything. The focus is on making the entire learning process enjoyable. There is equal emphasis on play, extra curricular activities and academics. Apart from a highly impressive infrastructure, an enviable outdoor play area and the big tree house which is the centre of attraction, the uniqueness of the school is that its staff is driven towards achieving intellectual excellence through practical teaching. For example, the children were encouraged to plant seeds of various common crops and learnt through practical experience to differentiate plants of various vegetables and how long it takes for each crop to grow, etc. The school is vibrant with colourful displays, most of which are made by the children. The children have a corner of their own in each classroom for them to showcase their talent. I am sure that the world class displays create a sense of ownership and belonging in the children. It is the first school in Hyderabad to come up with so many events on a regular basis (check its page on Facebook for updates). They have held music concerts, story telling evenings and celebrated world book day, road safety weeks, and Hindi diwas to speak of a few. One of their talked of event was the 10 day summer camp that they organized. Unlike usual activities such as painting or singing, they had a theme called ‘Around the world’. The children had their ‘passports’ stamped for a new country everyday and learnt about the country, its cuisine, its flag, its culture and heritage. Not only were the chidren actively involved in the process of learning but also gained knowledge beyond the regular curriculum through pretend pay. By visiting the school even an outsider can tell that the children love the place and this affects the way they learn what they are supposed to learn. In fine, I think Sancta Maria is a wonderful place for a child to study.


Sancta Maria International School is one of its kind. It focuses on letting a child be a child, while motivating him to grow. I've watched the teachers treat their children with such tender care that it makes me wonder why there weren't many more schools as these. As parents we tend to forget that topping the class or scoring the highest aren't the only focus. Children should love what they do and that's when they excel. Sancta Maria makes learning so much fun, that children don't want to get back home.




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