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extra curricular activities are good in school. Academic-wise also good, Teachers and other staff takes care of students, they provide good food  in school. students gets chance to develop their skills in every field.  


My kids are studying in this school currently. i felt the school is good all over. Teachers are well qualified and experienced. They use to take  care of students. Supportive and helping staff.
CCA activities takes place every week, sports activities are  well enough. students get chance to overcome their stage fear. Holistic development of child can be seen.
i prefer the school.


Currently my kid is studying in this school and writing review to give awareness to every parents about school.
most of teachers are north indians and i can say entire kondapur school is more of supportive to north indians only, so much partiality and politics. Every chance for events, awards or selection will be given to North Indian kids, hardly given to locals or others.
always they will talk in Hindi, nobody talks in English or Telugu.
** Stationary fee is very high and we have to buy every year complete set - shoes, bag, uniform.
*** Surprisingly, Principle is very Fascinated to tale photos fose and showcasing.
Lot of internal politics- groups among teachers.

Not really recommended school.

School Management, 
please review yourself on school and do the changes


i agree Kondapur heritage is pathetic but not sure how to rate other schools in comparision to this school.
My child is in this school and i happened to be there in the school to know his score and got to know that he has got A+ and i felt proud but soon realised that the class average is A+. Later got to know that there is some technical glitch. 
It shows poor administration and management. But the same question remains a question for other schools as well. How much they are fair on their assessment about the students is a big question and a debate as well.


Not at all recommendable..... No responsibility and I had very tough times which they created for my kid and myself. They don't understand other people situation caused by them.... No value for huge money which i have paid...


If you are planning to join your child in JHCS Kondapur then please drop the idea. Trust me!!! I have done this mistake by joining my child in this school. They are not responsible and they change the words according to the situation. My child is in Grade - I and half the year passed and she didn't receive her ID card till now. When I ask them they are making some stories. So after 5-6 attempts I left. Another situation has happened yesterday with book issue in charge. He didnot issued the cursive writing book to my kid and arguing that she has lost it. when we went to ask about that he is talking recklessly and rashly telling its not my fault and vendor said same thing.... He is talking and behaving like a road side gunda.... After all their staff and principle were watching and not taking any action against him.... I finally want to say the money which you are paying as tuition fee is not at all worth. Also, the quality of education which they provide is waste....


I am a parent with Jain Heritage a Cambridge School and very happy with the progress of my girl child. She has shown improvement in all spheres of growth not only academic but in other fields too. I can proudly say that Jain Heritage School takes care of the holistic development of the children.


A requuest to all parents ....never even think of putting your child in Jain heritage-kondapur.. they r big liars...NO HYGENE,NO TOYS, NO FREE PLAY AREA, NO AREA FOR KIDS TO PERFORM....




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