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My niece has been going to this school for the last four years. The changes I have noticed in her are just amazing! Prior to Abhaya, she used to go to DPS-Hyderabad. While at DPS, she was not doing well in her studies, lacked confidence, energy and just hated going to school. After she joined Abhaya, there has been a complete turn around in her. She now has lot of energy and is very very confident now. On top of all this my niece now loves going to school. We are also seeing more and more of her creative talents. When a school can do such magic to a kid, they deserve my respect and appreciation. I salute Abhaya for the wonderful turnaround of my niece. It is truly an amazing school if it can bring about such changes in its students.


Hi, my children have been going to this school now for 3 years and we are very satisfied with their learning and development. Abhaya is a very different school than the normal schools, one has to be first and foremost convinced from within about their philosophy and learning methodology to appreciate the great job the dedicated teachers do with children. Sorry to say this but if you are not ok with children learning at their natural pace and are some one who will compare your childs learning with that of your neighbhors periodically than this is definitely not the school for you. Children may be learning alphabet in class 1 but they would have grown beautifully with a balance of physical activity, emotional and artistic development. The teachers are fully dedicated to the cause and thats how this system works. The physical infra is basic, technology is avoided while the learning and sporting infra is quite good. The one negative I can think of is if you are in a transferable job it might become very difficult to find such a school in other cities and your child might find it difficult to adjust to other schools where the stress is on learning more things the wrong way especially in the early years. However if you are going to be in Hyderabad and if you have the maturity to understand their philosophy this is the best gift you can give your child. The fee is quite affordable and the only reason for it is because neither the management nor teachers are looking for financial returns, I think.


I must say we were lucky to have been referred to Abhaya by a friend who does not even stay in hyderabad.Abhaya follows the Waldorf method of education and it is such a stress free method.We had our own doubts before we decided to admit our daughter here.But one visit to the school and talking to the teachers there put all our doubts to rest.The school follows the CBSE curriculum.The way in which the kids are streamlined onto the CBSE Syllabi from the 7th is so beautiful.In my so many years of dealing with kids and children,this is the first time that I notice that kids of Abhaya want to go back to school even on Sundays.The teachers are very loving and the school have a lovely and huge campus.Overall the Abhaya school is the best that can happen to today's kids.Even talking to the bigger kids in the school we got a sense that the school really believes in the wholesome development and not just on bookish knowledge.Buses are available to all parts of the city.Lunch is provided in school.At the moment school has only till 10th standard.Situated next to DRS Intl and The Apparel Park in Gundlapochampally.No hassles with admission and no harassment or lengthy interviews for the child or parent.The school is ever ready to work on the child's weaknesses if any in a very considerate manner.




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