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Recently I have seen a post on social media that a teacher asking other student to hit a kid... It reminded me why we didn't took an action against useless teacher by name NEHA , who insulted my son(6 yrs old) in front of the other kids as Pakistani. We use to live in a reputed gated community MY Home Vihanga , never expected a corporate school and a teacher of such low grade attitude and thought towards a small kid . It happened with us just before corona and we also left the school , we approached to school the principal and head teacher , with no action taken from them they were apologizing. We regret now why we didn't took a police action towards such school , who trains such a cheap teachers but r very in fancy in nature ( posh English) but of no education. Dear other parents, it's not abt high fees but I should say waste of time and career for kids who r joining here... Rgds MJR


I would like to give 1star to school ...They are really money minded ..even don't have gud syllabus... my kids final examination date and course yet not come but they send fee structure with last day of fee submission date special As they are charging 2lakh plus fee but there is only football activity or cricket no indoor outdoor games son is studying in first grade .for computer lab practice he waited one hour in queue aa all computer in a lab were not working only two computers were working... Never recommend this school No gud syllabus No activity Only money money .


So, let me first set things in perspective. We relocated from a different city to Hyderabad and this is my child's second school in Hyderabad. My child is in grade 5. After experiencing an excellent school in my previous city, I realized the supreme truth. It takes only passion (apart from funds) to run an excellent education system. Sadly, almost all schools lack that. We can beat our chests and shout from rooftops about what SHOULD BE, but the reality is very different. Almost all schools, including Phoenix Greens, function purely for monetary profits. I don't hold a grudge against that because they know they have consumers and hence they charge exorbitantly, (although lesser compared to schools for expats/US returned kids).Phoenix Greens is just an average school with a large playground. Don't expect teachers to regularly check notebooks or diaries or even daily homework. They do the bare minimum teaching and if you care about your kid, you need to build on top of that. With ever-increasing sections, (soon they may become like an excel spreadsheet where after Z you have AA) the teachers are probably overworked, and talking to a few of the teachers, I got an impression that they also lack the passion, and enthusiasm to make a difference. The principal is very curt, indifferent, and an expert marketing professional. Some teachers play the dual role of marketers when you approach them for admission. They show you the wonderful cafetaria, but they don't tell you that should your kid not opt for school food, he/she will be made to sit in the basement and eat with lots of flies for company. They regularly send information about various national level contests and events but that's where it stops. Not only will they not assist your child with any preparation, they don't even bother to acknowledge any results. Why am I not taking my child out of Phoenix given that I am clearly unhappy? the reason is: I have given up on the education system in Hyderabad. I hope my child gets into a Kendriya Vidyalaya or a military school where there's zero fanciness of a field trip or a breakfast-with-dad/ grandparents day etc. But I am acutely aware that it is a Utopian dream. I have accepted the hopelessness of the situation that governs our edcuation and so I bear with it taking each day to mould and shape my child on my own.Go for it if the distance and the scholl fees suit you. Do not expect anything spectacular or magical. To summarize, a very average school with lots of focus on money-making enterprise.


My kid was joined with PG a couple of years ago at Gachibowli campus. We have seen a tremendous growth in his communication skills and he loves to go to school everyday. Its definitely a positive sign for a kid and especially the teachers are very friendly to him and I clearly see that bond i his eyes.

At that time, the fee was affordable for PP1, they charged a 35K as a donation fee (total is 75K, 35K at the time of PP1 joining time and the rest 40K at the time when the kid moves to Kokapet campus). But recently they made a crucial decision about the fee and I feel it went up a toss.

Now the donation is out of their records (probably for the sake of Govt. rules) and the increment in the fee is from 84K to 115K (almost 35% hike) and they market it as very cleverly by advertising 'affordable' by reducing the old 'donation' from the new fee.

If you pay the remaining donation and the a nominal increment (around 10% for every year) you gonna save a lot at the time of your kid reaches +12. And the management is so brilliant hence the administration department too. Now they want more & more money and try to 'educate' parents by simply saying 'you need to pay extra if you need quality' and 'Quality deserves some best price', etc. And when people questioned what is the benchmark for the quality (of course they show the medals, participation certificates, etc) and what justifies that increment, I don't see a convincing answer.

Now coming to the fee: 115K (tuition fee) + 36K (transport) + 30K (food) = 181K or 151K without food. Thats too much for the quality they are offering. When compared to similar infrastructure, similar quality in education, I see few other charging less and provides more extra curricular activities (like swimming, cricket, etc).

MORE IMPORTANT, THE TIME OF JOINING THEY PROMISED THAT THEY WOULDN'T COLLECT ANY AMOUNT FROM PARENT FOR ANY OTHER ACTIVITIES. And they managed it very nicely till these years. But this year they are celebrating the anniversary and they started asking parents to sent 1000/- as 'incidental' charges. When compared to the fee we paid this amount is nuts, but now a days, I'm more concerned about their deceive behaviour.


My journey so far with with Phoenix Greens.


Our son has been studying in Phoenix Greens since 3 years. He is very happy going to school everyday, which in itself is a testimonial. We have seen an all-round development in our son since he joined in nursery. Academically, the school has inculcated a discipline by giving regular homework and fun assignments. At the same time, the school regularly holds cultural and social events which help build social skills and confidence in the child. An example, our son has no stage fear now and has confidently given a couple of 'show-and-tell' talks in the assembly!
The academic director and teachers are very approachable and there are regular parent-teacher meets and weekly updates. We thank Phoenix Greens for all the positive impact the teachers have had on our son.



     My kid is studying in phoenix greens and until recently I was satisfied (not strongly satisfied) with affordable fee structure and quality of education. Quality of education is good though not great.

Recently, they have announced fees for 1st class students for upcoming academic year i.e. 2016-2017 and  their "affordable" fee structure has gone for a toss.

The fee structure was "affordable" (as marketed by the school) till PP2. The current tuition fee for PP2 students is in the range of 70-76k. But, in the upcoming academic year i.e. April 2016-2017 there's a massive increase in tuition fee for 1st class and the existing students i.e. those who are studying in PP2 currently need to shell out One lakh five Thousand (105k) as tuition fee. This is an increase of ~50% for someone who is going to transition from PP2 to 1st class. If a child is going to be a new joinee in 1st class next year, their parents need to pay ~115k per annum as tuition fee alone. 

Transport fee (optional) is based on distance and ranges from 8k-10k  per term (1 term = 4 months), so for 3 terms i.e. per annum, the transportation fee is between 24k-30K.

Food (optional) 18000 per annum.

So, from next year for 1st class students the fee structure is:

Tuition fee + Transportation fee range per annum  is: 129k -145k.

Tuition fee + Transportation + Food  fee range per annum is: 147k - 163k.

I doubt if we can call this fee structure affordable as marketed/advertised by school. So, parents beware from next academic year the fee structure is changing and it's becoming at par with schools like Chirec.


we have our kid studying in phoenix for 2 years. it a good school with focus on overall development. we are happy to see my son learning a lot from school. This is surely not possible without his teachers support. we are happy with the school.


A very good school with focus on multi model learning, and all round development of the child. I have my two kids studying in this school, and very happy to see their progress.


Last year when i did my research last to admit my Daughter last year post my transfer to hyderabad. I had few criteria inmind to Judge a good international School against the selected few like I had Chirec,Phoenixs Green, Sacta Maria,Manthan, Eurokids, etc and the school which fullfilled my criterias are: A) Pedagogy: 1) Sacta Maria,2)Phoenixs Green 3) Chirec ,4) Manthan, 5) Eurokids B) Budget(Cost-Benifit Analysis): 1) Phoenix Green 2) Eurokid 3) Manthan 4) Sacta Maria 5) Chirec C) Campus: 1) Chirec 2) Sancta Maria 2) Phoenix Green 4) Manthan 5) EuroKid D) Transportation: 1) Phoenix Green 2) Sancta Maria 3) Chirec 4) Euro Kid 5) Manthan E) Extra Curricualar Activities: 1) Chirec 2) Phoenix Green 3) Manthan 4) EuroKids 5) Sancta Maria F) Student Friendly Environment : 1) Phoenix Green / EuroKid 2) Manthan 3) ChirecManthan 4) Sancta Maria. Based on Above i had choosen Phoenix Green , as they are fairly good in most of the criteria except infranstructure which they are building really fast in an around 5 acre Kokapet campus. After 1 year i am satisfy with my decision (again they dont hike money everyday like others ;) ) Rest is your decision. I would adivice ,do have a review by your self as well. All the best.


All schools have their own positive and negative points. We should compare positive and negative points and if positive outweigh negative then we should feel happy about the school. Positive: • I am very impressed about the education. They do not stick only with syllabus. • The teachers are great, very well managed, management is responsive, quality of education is good, lot's of activities involving both students and parents. • I have noticed that one of the attractive aspects of PG is they enable the students to participate in lots of activities like dancing, music, fitness activities. My kid is very happy there. • Very nice nursery and pre-primary classes. • Because of overall development of a child I along with my child is very happy and satisfied. My kid love to go to SCHOOL. Negative: • Only negative point I found is the infrastructure. It will take about 2 years to complete its 100 % construction. But my child is still here because of the positive points which Phoenix Green has.


Phoenix greens (PG) is a follower of DPS. DPS specifies most of the things upfront probably where as phoenix greens doesn't. In other words, it yet another "business entity". PG promises a lot but does not deliver. I have my kid in Phoenix greens and will be pulling him out at the end of this year. Here are some negatives: 1. They start by talking about all round development but in the end it's just "rote learning". PP1 kids have written homework (at least 4 days a week). After a full day of school where is the time for kids to actually do anything else? 2. Promise lot of activities but will not follow through. For example, they talked about Swimming, Dance, Martial arts, etc. when we visited them the first time. I have not seen my kid taken to Swimming on a single day. It's been nearly 7 months since school started. 3. Changed to trasport timing mid-way through the year without actually getting parents consent. Not a matter of 5 or 10 delay. It was almost 40 min delay during drop-off in our case 4. Their main campus (KOKAPET) is too far. From Gachibowli junction it's about 7 km. It doesn't have resources (CURRENTLY). They keep saying "this will come..that will come..." but progress is very slow. 5. FEES is too high for a 2 year old school. They had explicitly stated that fee will not increase for current students but they haven't kept their word. There is a 8% fee increase from last year. The concession being that if you "PAY IN FULL" then it will be the same as last year. It's just their way of increasing the fee. Including FOOD, TRANSPORT, the increase is about 14%. As you can see it's definitely in line with probably what DPS does on a yearly basis. Positives: 1. You can get admissions anytime. So it you are fine with 1L per annum and need admission, this is your best case in the Gachibowli area. 2. Prep Campus is small but it's in Gachibowli, so tiny tots don't need to travel far.


Did not like the school facilities and not enough play area. During admission they spend lot of time with parents, but, they refuse to meet after that. Almost impossible to work together with the school on the feedback given to the kids.


My son joined the school last year in the 3rd grade. He has some learning disabilities and needed a special educator. However, with active involvement of his teachers, principal along with the parents, we have seen perceptible improvement in him. Everybody from the school has shown great dedication and commitment. I am thankful to each one of them. I strongly recommend Phoenix Greens to parents looking for all round development of their child.


Phoenix Greens has almost completed it's first year, and I am so impressed by the school, the staff and the community. My son is getting an incredible education, and the teachers are involved, caring and so hard-working.They are great about communicating with the parents and making the class and learning FUN for the kids! My son loves going to school every day and is happy about staying extended hours there, which I think is such an important thing to do from the beginning- if kids love learning, then they learn so much more. And he HAS learned so much!I am so glad that we chose PG. Thanks, Proud Parent of a PG Kindergartener.


I dont like this school. I had admitted my child and was forced to withdraw my child in just 2 months.


Good school. We like it very much.




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