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Terrible management. The principal has no much say, because his wife only takes over. Not a pleasant lady to deal with. Overall teachers are not so qualified. You can get similar quality for cheaper fees with old and standard schools. Manthan is nothing special.


Hi Parents.. I have heard laurels about Manthan Intl School located at Tellapur/Gachibowli.. Perhaps it seemed to be a decent school & enquired for admission to my lad into Upper KG(PP2), sole reason is to shift from CBSE to Cambridge curriculum. This curriculum is very young in terms of adoption in India, though Realistic & Activity based learning was eminent for ages in the western.

Followed the procedure for admission & indeed my lad had an interaction with a respected student leader/mentor. Just imagine a 4 year old kid when entering a location which he is never accustomed to, trying to understand the vicinity, people & me as a parent trying to assess the ergonomics of Manthan staff, it was expected by the school for the kid to be independent & mingle over with new faces & environment. Added to this it was informed by the respected mentor that since his Phoenix (English Word Forms), the way kid spells or learns the Alphabets is not up to the mark, admission was rejected.. Indeed more humiliating is the advice which the so called mentor gave was to seek admission into LKG again in the next academic year just to learn Phoenix & to understand mingling with strangers for the first time.. I pitty Manthan Management in recruiting & relying on such capable staff who incessantly take decisions on the caliber of the kid & inform parents who are better judge on the capability & IQ of the kid.. Just to mention he is a topper in CBSE curriculum in his class & guys who are reading this stuff must be in a position to assess Manthan's strategy for admissions & ludicrous criteria being followed without a logic. MY QUESTION TO ALL - DID THE STAFF ASSESSING A KID'S CALIBER(4 YEAR OLD) & JUDGING HIS ACADEMIC CAPABILITIES PURSUE CAMBRIDGE CURRICULUM & PHOENIX MASTERY SINCE THEIR CHILDHOOD, This school seems to be running with few insane & absurd staff, not commenting on the academic staff & students(i am sure must be talented) but need to learn how to evaluate kids of different ages.. I had a very scintillating(negative sense) experience with the school w.r.t admission process.. Better judge properly the staff especially the front desk & the support staff before even opting this school for your kids education.. Good Luck.


Good school with good teaching and management

There is a balanced review of the school on this thread. Posting it here for the sole benefit of information seeking parents. 


Re-posting contents from another thread --------------------------------------- Dear Parents & Friends, We understand that Manthan and its management is going through a churn and few parents have expressed concerns. We request those parents to look at the whole dynamics objectively and comparatively as to some of the other schools in the vicinity. All schools will have some problems or other but think how many schools are their wherein you can meet the principal / promoters with such an ease and vent your anger publically. Try doing this with some of the large brands and you will agree that it’s a different world altogether wherein parents are interviewed for hours, kids have to pass written exams, face rejections and then cough up high capitation fee to get the wards admitted. If you complaint publically, you will receive an immediate citation and possible warning on termination of your ward. We returned to India in Sep 2010 seeking mid-year admission for my son in 4th grade and my daughter in KG. While I got busy with work from day one, my wife travelled in autos and taxis making trips to all possible big schools in near vicinity only to face rejection (seats are genuinely limited) and we were disappointed. It is then we started to explore other options and we visited several schools, including Manthan. It was relatively 1/20 or 1/30 the size of some other schools, few grades had single section with 1 or 2 students in each class and I met an outgoing principal (served earlier as principal of a large school) who warned us against getting our ward in this school. Irrespective there were several positive and I got personally attracted and got my wife to visit and witness for self. The school was well planned and very clean, classes were well equipped and invested into, cafeteria was neat and workable and they had a small but practical play area. We were in L&T Serene County at Madhapur and at that time there were only 2-3 kids going to Manthan, we spoke to them, got positive feedback. I got a friend of our (who was promoter of another school in Jubilee Hills, where my son earlier studied) and she was truly delighted having looked at curriculum, library and teaching aids. I then had a chance to speak with Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy and was impressed with his understanding of the educational system in the country and where we were going good and where all we need to do better. We finally got our kids admitted and were nothing but full of praise. We also had some similar complaints now and then but objectively having looked at it realized that these were minor things in light of larger interest of the kids. When we returned back to US in Sep 2011, there were 15+ students from our residential community going to Manthan by that time. Our daughter loved her school and specifically her teachers so much that she cried for several days and wanted us to take along Manthan with her (wherever we went). Our son picked up spoken and written Hindi in less than a year (had an excellent teacher name Vani or named similar) and aced in most of his tests. Post school hours, he was busy with home-work for almost all the subjects but we never found him kind of pressurized or anything. Mathematics and specifically science was being taught in truly international mode (lots of practical experiments and outdoor visits). Our daughter loved her teachers, the playtime, arts, music, reading, writing, dance and many other activities. Both the kids loved the food, which was tasty and nutritious. Have seen some parents complaint about kids meals – think what we had as kids – everything that mom cooked. We don’t need special meals for kids – we need balance and nutrition and think not all schools actually have a facility wherein freshly cooked, warm food is served for breakfast, lunch and then some snacks. All the text books and material, stationery and aids were provided by school and we had no additional expenses other than the agreed fee (which definitely got increased within a year). Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy is a visionary and Shalini is truly gifted (just spend some time to understand how and what effort she has placed along with her team to get the curriculum defined, text books printed, bounded and made available for distribution at start of the academic year). They seem truly committed to this charter and look at educational holistically wherein they along with parents have invested time and energy in some of the government run and special need schools – just find out about those from parents and teachers. Focus on the thought and commitment of the school administration and teachers and not on the attitude of individuals which can get hazy because of our EGOS on both sides. Let us not be in a rat race to get our kids in BIG BRANDS and see how we can act differently and as parents participate in growth of a school which we and our kids will be proud of now and in future. Though we have moved out of the country and our kids are no more in Manthan, we have nothing but good words for success and growth of this incredible institution. We are confident that under increased ownership and control of Mr. Reddy, this institution will grow and prosper rapidly. Last but not the least, this is not a post from school management and we are not paid to write this. If you are an anticipating parent or a prospective teacher and wish to seek a non-prejudiced and balanced score-card on school and its promoters, please write to us or call us (we are in PST hours). You can seek our contact details from Manthan. Cheers, Seema & Atul Gupta


We have two kids in Manthan. We returned from US 2 years back. We are very pleased with the school. One of them is in the 4th grade and the second one is in the 2nd grade. As you can probably imagine, both of them have adjusted differently. My older one does not like the food - but then he stubbornly refuses to eat any Indian food. My second one loves the food and raves about the sambar. My older one refused to acknowledge the existence of other languages besides English - The special attention paid by his Hindi teacher(s) has enabled him to read and write Hindi. My younger one can even sing Hindi songs. I am also very impressed with the social awareness imparted in the school. My kids are more aware of the environment and the social needs of the society at large. They both now donate their old toys and clothes to an orphanage or kids at traffic lights. I am very proud of them. Like any other large sample size - statistically not evey one can be happy. It is simply impossible to please every one. I can only speak for my experience and we continue to recommend Manthan very strongly. We are very happy with the experience so far. The only issue I have with Manthan is the Capris for boys. Well it is a personal choice, I just do not think boys should wear capris (its a US Vs. Europe thing). Luckily Kids do grow tall fast and the Capris do become shorts as the year progresses. Please feel free to send us a note if you have any questions and we would be more than happy to provide answers. They do have orientation sessions for parents in a collective environment in the beginning of the year. We are more than free to express our opinions. Our email address is Satish


Dear All, I would like you all to consider this as just another data point while you form an opinion about Manthan International School. This is not intended as a refutation, challenge, or an argument for or against the positive, or negative, observations others have posted here. As the parent of a child who has been studying in this school since its inception, my husband and I've been only impressed and pleased so far with the school's management, the curriculum they follow, the cultural activities they do, the social awareness aspects the school children are exposed to, and the guest speakers they invite to the school. We like the teaching methodology. My son has been learning and retaining everything he is supposed to for his grade level, which tells me that the quality of the teachers and the teaching style is at least at, or exceeds, our expectations. I can honestly say that my son wouldn't have gotten some of the wonderful opportunities Manthan has given him, had he continued his schooling in his previous school. I am also a parent who has been through fairly good middle and high schools with my older child, and I use this experience while monitoring/comparing Manthan. I would also like to mention here that we had given at least three suggestions which the management has actually implemented successfully. Again, for us, it has only been a wonderful experience from the day of orientation till now. I think these websites provide an excellent mechanism of exchanging honest observations, concerns, and perceptions people have regarding their children's schools. Parents, feel free to email me if you need any more feedback on Manthan.


I would recommend Manthan to anyone looking for a good school which puts children at the forefront, has good values and imparts the same to the pupils. I have 2 boys in this school and my concern while returning from US was about them getting adjusted in the school, especially my older one was in 6th then. The kids took only 2 days to get used to the school and love it since then. Love this school for its simple outlook catering towards children and not just a business like some other schools. Mr Reddy is a very down to earth person with clear goals and open to all feedback from parents with an honest acceptance. Though it does not have a large space and lot of amenities like some other schools but they have noble child centric intentions which would take them places am sure. Being a new school it has earned a lot of goodwill without any marketing which speaks a lot in itself.


If schools would like to know what is the best way to run a school they need to visit Manthan. To give some background to what may sound like a grandiose statement, allow us to provide some history. Our two children, schooled at Singapore where we lived. They absolutely LOVED going to school. When we made the decision to return to India our BIGGEST concern was that the children continued to love going to school. So we decided we would live in any city where we found such a school. South India was a preference given we had spent most of our lives here – we evaluated schools in Chennai, Bangalore and quite by chance at Hyderabad. And found Manthan. Today we live in Hyderabad because of Manthan. Our children made a smooth transition to India primarily because Manthan gave them an outstanding school experience. A few key points on why this is such a different school. Leadership that is committed to the child and giving her a different kind of learning and caring experience. Ramakrishna Reddy and his wife Shalini give Manthan a different foundation simply because of their convictions and beliefs. In fact when evaluating schools we visited another good school- much better facilities than Manthan and much larger. The Principal too was an excellent education driven person. But a quick meeting with the founder/Managing Director and his commercial agenda was evident. At Manthan, it is the children that are the focus. That unfolds in everything the school does and plans. A committed and caring team. Because Ramakrishna and Shalini are driven by this vision , they hire people who believe in that vision. So the teachers are also committed to the children and genuinely care for them. That makes such a difference to the child’s learning. As we often tell teachers that we talk to “ A child doesn’t care how much you know, until she knows how much you care” A listening culture. The team at Manthan is very open to feedback. There is no hide and seek on anything. My brother’s kid at Chennai studies at aschool where the parents are not allowed through the gate. At Manthan, the parents are treated as part of the Manthan family. We have a free reign and most parents are responsible therefore in valuing that freedom and not abusing its boundaries. The team is honest in acknolwdgeing mistakes and open to hearing and IMPORTANTLY acting on sincere and genuine feedback. A balanced approach. One grievance I’ve heard from parents about one type of schools is that they are all about academics and nothing else. Rank generating assembly lines. The other type is the schools that are so laid back that the children are not academically stretched at all. Manthan balances staying away from an academic paranoia with a focus on genuine learning so the methodology, the investments in content people – all are directed at providing the children a different and deeper learning experience. So Manthan does not have yet the best 'hardware' - the school ground is not massive, the size is still small but on the 'software' front - convictions, skills, a great team and true caring for the children Manthan scores beyond par. Why this glowing tribute from us? We have no stake in Manthan other than as parents. But we are so sick of seeing the mess that children are put through in most schools, the commercial motivation with which many schools are run that suddenly when a real conviction driven school comes up we’d hate to see it lost in the clutter. It is a breath of fresh air that we must recognize and wish that more and more schools emulate. Our names are Teresa and Leo Fernandez- our email id is Our children have been in Manthan since July 2011.


Yes, this school is catering for returning NRI parents. It is a small set up, run like a family organisation. I have admitted my child here last year but Iam finding a lot of loopholes in the management of the school. The food given to children in the school is also not very apetising for children. They don't have a menu aimed for kids. Their curriculum is very weird, they are not following any particular syllabus. They call themselves IGCSE school. They have their own books and I wonder how much of that will help the students in long run. I will give only 65% marks to this school.


I joined my kid in PP2 this year(2012 -13) and we are completely satisfied with the school. I could see good improvement in my kid and the school management is very keen in following good ethics and working towards continous improvement. I recommend this school to any one.


My son and daughter went to Manthan international and we loved the whole experience. Run by highly professional and passionate people, they deliver atmost quality education. The teachers are highly trained and they make the children look forward to coming to school.The school is kept clean and its welcoming,food served is very nutritious and tasty. I would sincerely recommend this school.


Hi, Even i am satisfied with this school.My son is studying in this school.He developed a lot after coming from USA. Planning to join my other kid too this year. Sure will recommed this to everyone


We too moved back from the US around 4 months back.My daughter is 6+.I had spent a couple of months before the move writing and calling several schools in this area.My queries on the parentree website would vouch for the fact.That said I wanted a school in the Madhapur/Kondapur area. So when we arrived I started the nerve wracking task of making the rounds of all my listed schools and following up on them.There ia gamut of international schools in this area with a lot of promises but severely lacking the infrastructure to live up to their promises.The fees demanded by them are unjustifiably exorbitant. In the midst of all these chaos Manthan came across as the silver lining we were seeking at that particular time.It is a school definitely not with facilities one could boast of but they is something about them which makes you take notice of them.For one they are extremely organised with a very clear mission statement as to what they want to impart to their students.They have a well organised content management team who are always on the task of bringing forward the best learning material for your child.The staff of the school is extremely courteous and cooperative. Third and the most imporatant thing is the constant communication from the school with the parents.You are always on the loop as to what is going on be it academics or behavioural.They take heed of every suggestion put forth by the parents and even follows up with you to find out whether things are upto your satisfaction. My daughter is in Grade 1.Every time I see her class teacher it makes me realise what a good decision I made regarding the school.The enviroment they provide is very wholesome .The transition from US to India has been without any stress as regards to my daughters school. We are extremely happy with the school and would recommend it anyone. If anybody going through a similar phase and would need some advice please feel free to get in touch with me at


Like many parents who moved from US, we went thru a difficult period picking the right school for my 2 kids, one in 4th grade and other in nursery. We were looking for a school around Jubilee hills, Madhapur area. We visited well established schools in the area and a couple of new ones. The big ones seemed too consumed with their success rate at filling up the seats that they only concentrated on the money factor. Some schools were too academic and stressfull for the child to transition. Some dint even live up to the mark in our school. We also visited Sancta Maria a new school project at Kondapur. They did not have even the building and infrastructure ready to even consider. Then we visited Manthan International school at Madhapur. Though this was a new school, we found the management very well educated & knowledgeable with very clear thoughts about how they place themselves different from the other international schools. The school is equipped with a very good library, and all modern teaching aids. The teachers provide a very friendly learning environment for the child helping the transition from US a smooth experience. My little one is in the nursery and I am amazed at the amount of learning I have seen in him in such a short span. He already knows his phonetics and he totally enjoys his school. He knows so many rhymes. The ayaahs are so caring that he has bonded so well with the teacher and the ayaah. My girl who is in the 4th grade used to be scared of the examination system and education system in India. She had a mind block for the schools in India. Today, my daughter is very happy with her school, teachers and given a chance she wont go back to US. I guess as a parent that's all what I was looking for with respect to a smooth transition from US to India. I will strongly recommend this school to anyone.




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