Johnson Grammar School and Johnson IB World School - Hyderabad

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Okay i've studied in JGS too and honestly i am proud to tell that i've did my schooling there...if you seriously think about money then you are purely mistaken,it has quality education embedded in it which you dont find in most of other schools.Only a few schools teach you how to learn stuff and the rest teach you to mug up.JGS teaches you to learn stuff.


It was the best school about 2 decades ago, but gradually the standards came down and now it is completely in a detoriated state. Teachers are not upto the mark, doesn't have proper communication skills. It's infrastructure is very poor with conjusted buildings/class rooms. Over crowded, some classes even have more than 15 sections. They give a lot of homework & children are made to carry all the books on all days of the week. The facilities they provide are not on par with the fees which they collect. The management is very greedy and their main focus is in collecting admission/tution fee rather than improving the facilities. Even then it has a huge demand during admissions and all the seats are filled in December itself. There were instances when parents came during the previous night itself and waited in the que for collecting the admission form next day. This is purely due to the brand image it acquired during the initial period.


Pathetic school.. quality of teachers is wayyyyy below average . Most of the teachers cant speak decent english themselves - god knows what they teach the kids . Always fleecing money from the parents. Horrible!!




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