Ivy League Academy - Hyderabad

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This school is hardly known as the Management has not done much Marketing but it is definitely worth a visit(or two)!! At the Ivy League academy campus, birds , butterflies and beetles greet you. Sprawling across 40 -acres,it offers education that is a blend of modern teaching and down-to -earth vakues. The first impression is one of open space.Is this a resort? you ask yourself and wonder- till you see the children in their neat uniforms running about. Intake is for classes 1- 12. CBSE curriculum is followed. Most of the teachers stay on the campus( it was started primarily as a Residential school) Sports and Games are much encouraged and there are separate fields for all the major games.The wonderful thing is - the coaches for the games are specific(not one PT Master trying to handle all games) Swimming is part of the routine and all kids learn to swim. I had the opportunity to have lunch there and the food is simple and tasty. I would recommend this school highly for those in and around Secunderbad.




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